Indeed, Magnus reacted very quickly as he saw everything in a mere slow motion perspective as his heart was racing, hopping to get one cut in.

He then pulled back in a split second, Soulbreaker successfully wasn’t erased from existence but that one atom could not do. Magus glided his hand over it and suddenly green energy had it repaired it by turning time back.

Magnus looked at the Architect. “I was saving that a bit later in the battle but you had me do it. Haven’t you, Architect…?”

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Your 4th Dinensional tricks amuse me, mortal. I find it entertaining that you think your tricks can defeat me.

Suddenly, a large crater opened beneath and around The Architect, growing larger and wider as the Absolute Nothingness in his aura began erasing all matter around him.

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Akem yells,
“I heard it was getting bored. So, I decided to summon a god to stop a god.”

Behind Akem the dimensional walls shattered like glass as a realm of a strange orange sky and floating islands became visible.

A looming figure, who has the appearance like a black hole, steps through the temporary gateway. Null was here.

Null looks at the Architect,
I don’t know who you are, but I am nothing itself and you shall fall.

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Magnus smirked and gave off a short-lived chuckle. “Then you would be surprised what my 4th Dimensional abilities can do Architect,” Magnus said as he levitated off the ground.

“It took me a while to understand it…” He said, attaching Soulbreaker on his back again. As his hands glowed with energy, as he suddenly used all of the known cosmic energies to fill in the void that was the Absolute Nothingness, filling the place back with the matter.

“But I know how to combat it…” He declared.

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I created nothing.” The Architect boomed.
And I can just as easily destroy it.

With that, The Architect slashed wisps of…matter at Null. Pure physical, tangible matter.


This created a struggle of wills, matter pushing against nonmatter. The Architect pushed harder against Magnus with his AN.

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Lusatium is blasted back,xalnergy crackling off of him when he lands. He pulls primal energy from his shard to counter it’s effects.

Upon getting up he sees Null. Luxatium rushes forward using his light to combat the whisps of matter.

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Null easily countered them as the wisps diluted into nothing.

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The Architect would see that Magnus wasn’t as weak-willed as he thought of him to be. There was a reason as to why nobody was the true successor of the Soulbreaker Sword until Magnus as only beings with strong wills can wield it.

Magnus continued to push matter against nonmatter.

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With that, The Architect swapped the AN for Xalnergy, warping reality so that so that Magnus’ matter was destroyed completely.


The Architect was unfazed. He used The Crimson to peer inside Null’s mind and see his thoughts, desires and fears.

Magnus with the use of Soulbreaker and a magical spell he countered that by also using xalenergy and warping reality into his will by completely undoing the matter’s destruction and thus everything was filled with matter again.

He levitated of the ground before he glared at Magnus. “How’s that for an mortal.” He said as he clapped his hands and suddenly two black holes appeared from his right side and left side and in attempt began pulling at him from both sides with incredible force.

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Luxatium throws I energy at the Architect, forming a connection. Through that connection he pulls more I energy into himself. He then converts that into a focused beam of light which he fires at the Architect.

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The Architect would see nothing. Not that he couldn’t see anything but what he saw was ultimately nothing. There was no dimensions, no space, no matter, no energy, and no time. It was truly nothing.

Luxatium’s light rould be absorbed by the black holes.
The two black holes tore The Architect’s body clean in half. The two halves of his body took on individuality, becoming two copies of The Architect.
The two Architects then absorbed the black holes into themselves, and the two recombined back into one.

I weild at my fingertips the Five Energies, which comprise all existence.” The Architect proclaimed.

Suddenly, his body became an intensely bright form of golden light. To look at him would be like staring into the Sun.
Primortia Energy.
A wave of intense Primordial Energy was blasted from The Architect’s body, lashing out at everyone like a Solar flare.

Then, The Architect’s body became a bright Neon-green, and he disappeared from sight.
Ignotium Energy.” The Architect said, reappearing behind everyone, having teleported there.

Then, The Architect’s body became a deep rich neon red.
The Crimson, The Architect spoke inside everyone’s heads, as he telekinetically hurled debris and razor-sharp Crimson energy constructs and everyone.

The Architect’s body then turned vantablack, with a glowing purple aura.
Xalnergy.” he said, warping reality so that the ground beneath everyone became liquid. Then, in the blink of an eye it was resolidified, and everyone, found their lower bodies suspended inside the ground.

Finally, The Architect’s body became translucent, barely visible.
Nihil Pura.” he said, as Absolute Nothingness slowly approached everyone(who were still stuck in the ground), consuming and erasing all matter and energy in its path.

And what power do you have, mortals?

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Magnus audibly gulped at the sight of being not one but two Architects. “Ah, you’ve gotta be kidding me…” He muttered, at least he turned everything back to matter again.

Magnus’s visor widened like eyes as he saw the bright light that was the primordial energy. He took Chaosbreaker out and threw it at the solar flare absorbing it before it came back into his hands.

Charging Chaosbreaker he let out a thunderous striking primordial energy that was the exact same one as the Architects, the ax only disbursed what was taken, back.

Magnus narrowed his visor as he secretly threw a spell that was green and wrapped around his right forearm, it happened right when the Architect teleported away and behind them. Magnus quickly following his movements.

Magnus groaned when the Architect spoked inside his mind before he threw Crimson Energy Constructs at them. “Two can play that game,” Magnus said as he rose his palm and let out red lightning from his fingertips, destroying the constructs that came to him.

Magnus let out a yell of rage as his body was inside the ground till he used Xalenergy and made it so that it wasn’t. He glared at the Architect, his visor glowing. “You are not the only one with reality-warping abilities!!”

Magnus used Xalenergy to turn the Absolute Nothingness into the matter again, saving anyone who was about to die.

“It is called something you’ll never understand yet you have created it…” Magnus said. “It’s simple…it’s the HUMAN WILL!!!” He roared as he used Xalnergy to warp the reality around the Architect, attempting to make his body into flowers…

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Null states, “I am the id of nothing and to nothing all returns and from nothing all came.”

Null extends his hand stopping the AN from reaching the rest.
“You were the allies of my messenger, Akem… I’ll spare you long enough for you to see my plans realized.”

Umbrian controlled the shadows keeping many of the crimson projectiles from hitting their targets. He worked in tandem with Siansa, who was using her shadow ports to redirect the projectiles.

Xano walks snapping his fingers and lets loose the ignotium energy held inside. The swirling string-like energies wrapping around his body. He shoots the I-Energy out at high velocity at the Architect.

Void Eater feeling the disturbance came to the group seeing the battle ensue. He calls forth in a mighty voice,
“We are the id. The concepts incarnate of the universe and you will need to kill every last one of us before you can end this Multiverse!”

Unexpected and Truth also appear following the same disturbance.


Luxatium smiles and uses Ignotium energy to pull everyone out of the ground. “All of us.” He whispers.

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Then Perish.” The Architect said, a combination of all the energies blasting out from him in an explosive and unstable concoction.


The id, that I play, work together and create a shield around everyone using a combination of all of their powers.

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Magnus created a large portal above the shield that would take in all of that unstable energy and from above the Architect, there opened another portal that would send them straight back at him. Now it was the power of a God vs God himself.

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The Architect reabsorbed the energy, and using the Ignotium energy he disappeared from sight.

Omnipresent.” he said, reappearing from behind Magnus and sucker punching him. He then disappeared again.

Omniscient.” he said, reappearing and blasting Eye beams at Magnus. He then yet again disappeared.

Omnipotent.” The Architect violently force-pushed Magnus with The Crimson.

There is nothing that I cannot do. Entire solar systems, wiped in the blink of an eye.
The Architect snapped his fingers, crumbling several universes to dust in a matter of seconds with the power of the Five Energies.

I am the end of The Multiverse.

Meanwhile, Umbrian would see The Shadow King’s empty crown lying on the ground, at his feet.

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