Conduit: Race for Power

During medieval times there was a kingdom of great power in eastern Europe. It gained power through the use of the magical properties of gemstones, a power lost to time.
Throughout the time it was in power, it had many powerful and just kings. Until the end, when a king of less than great intentions gained the throne. He wished for a crown with the power to use ten different gemstones at a time, an ability that could not be duplicated with ten different Conduits, as only up to two can be active on a single person at a time.
The accounts stop after this particular part of the story, so many believe the creation of the crown led to the destruction of the kingdom. However, it is said that some of their Conduits still survive, hidden among the common jewelry without being able to be activated…

Many know this story, whether it be from a history-enthused friend, from a passing comment in history class leading to personal research, or what-have-you. However, few believe it, mostly due to the lack of other informative accounts and the fantastical idea of magic in gemstones, thoroughly disproven by scientific study.
However, one man did, and researched how to activate these ‘Conduits,’ the way to make them having been lost to time. He succeeds, and the runes engraved in the Conduit you have found in your possession starts to glow, and seems to tug you towards a strange mountain…do you follow its call?

Place of Origin: [smaller province of country(like a state), country]
Conduit Type: (Start with a necklace, bangle/bracelet, ring, or other such normal jewelry.)
Gemstone: (Please do not choose one another player has chosen, or are in the do-not-choose list. You’ll have a chance to get that type of gem later on, but I’d like everyone to start with a unique gem)
Misc: (interesting quirks, other information you might find necessary, but isn’t included in any other area)

Do not choose/taken list

Lapis Lazuli

Accepted Characters:


Our character has to be a king / royal person?
We need to choose from a country from eastern Europe?

No, any person will do. This is during modern times.

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Ohhhhh, it is something much more different then I thought. Let me make a character …

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Name: Mokuzai “Moku” Oakley
Gender: Boyo
Appearance: Dark brown hair and light bluish green eyes. He tends to wear simple t-shirts and single color jackets.
Place of Origin: UK/Japan
Conduit Type: A small wooden box with a small slot
Gemstone: A faded blue Zircon that his ancestor took from the weeb country
Personality/Bio: A foreign Artisan from Japan who moved in anticipation of the rumored law that would prevent outside travel within and out. This law would later be known as the Sakoku Policy. He eventually found his way on the other side of Europe by roaming and hitching off of people with the money he had. This man eventually had descendants and passed some sort of crystal or trade down his family. Mokuzai’s branch inherited Woodworking and the Zircon gemstone.
Misc: Skilled with working with wood.

I’m excited to make some bad choices. Also is there a chara limit?

Name: Justin
Gender: male
Appearence: pale skin, blond hair and blue eyes. Tall and skinny, but tries to stay in shape.
Conduit type: an amulet, which was a family heirloom that he had inherited.
Gemstone: aquamarine
Place of origin: a quiet beach town off the coast of cape cod in America.
Personally/bio: a young man who strives to achieve the best, Justin often feels unoticed or under appreciated, despite his accomplishments. He can be serious, but isn’t afraid to let his guard guard down and be goofy.

Name: Elizabeth Brooks
Gender: Female
Appearance: Has a slim build with pale skin, dark eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. Tends to wear casual, loose-fitting clothes.
Place of Origin: United States (midwest)
Conduit Type: Necklace with pendant
Gemstone: Opal
Personality/Bio: Elizabeth was a bright student, though college never really appealed to her. So instead she’s been working the past five years at a coffee shop. Yeah, that wasn’t quite what she wanted.
Misc: Her job has taught her to deal with all strangers like she would a customer (though she has to be really tired before she asks for your order).

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@Mctoran @jayzor17 Accepted.

@LTVmocs everything seems fine to me except the Conduit. I guess I should have clarified, but they’re made of a specific metal adorned with strange runes. So maybe, if you want the box, have some metal piece in it that the gem sits in?

EDIT: also, the only character limit is how many people you think you can adequately develop.

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Name: Rodian Oden Ek
Gender: Male
Appearance: He’s about 5’7" or 1.7018 meters. He has dark brown swept hair and generally wears plaid button up shirts with blue jeans. Every so often he wears a brown baseball cap with the words “You Inspire
Place of Origin: He is american, but from a European lineage.
Conduit Type: He has a pendant, embedded with the jewel, that is tied to his right wrist.
Gemstone: Moonstone
Personality/Bio: Rodian was a medieval fanatic at his university. After he graduated he decided to visit some of the major museums with medieval artifacts. Which led to him to where he is now.
Misc: Practices HEMA and fencing. He loves swordplay. In highschool he joined a boxing gym for exercise purposes.

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Cool. All you’re missing is the Conduit the gem is in. Other than that it looks good.

My turn!

Name: Jeffrey
Gender: Male
Appearance: Slim, average height, brown hair and eyes, with glasses. Wears a black hat and jeans, with a light grey t-■■■■■ and a dark grey zip-up hoodie. Ring on right forefinger.
Place of Origin: northwestern Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Conduit Type: Ring
Gemstone: Jade
Personality/Bio: Prone to outbursts of excitement, but otherwise quite quiet. Knowledgeable, yet quite naive.
Misc: Activated the conduits. Very perceptive. He’s a little bit of a musical nerd. Takes martial arts classes.

I was still thinking on it…and now I added it.

All good then.

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Im down. It’s your RP and realistically it would have some sort of metal piece to put in the gem.

Time to roll 4 into 1 :wink:


Here we go:

Name: Zablex? (Might change the name of this causes contention)

Gender: Male

Appearance: tall (6 feet 6 inches), slender, wiry, bright red hair with gold highlights styled in a wild and fiery way, dark hazel eyes. Wears a charcoal suit on formal occasions with a black or red tie and a black heavy coat when in cold or rainy weather. Casual clothes are a pair of blue jeans, combat boots, a grey ■■■■■, red aviator’s sunglasses with black rimming for bright days and fingerless gloves with metal at the knuckles.

Place of Origin: Stonehenge, England (I’m guessing it’s where the person is when the RP starts) His home is in NYC.

Conduit Type: silver chain necklace with a Mjolnir(?)-like design to an attached pendant.

Gemstone: Obsidian. Is in the center area of the Mjolnir(?)-like design’s hammer head.

Personality/Bio: born into a musical family, he studied a great deal about the history of music. His studies brought him to the songs that told the Conduits’ legends, the good and the bad, and he began to learn to play them on a wide variety of instruments, even so far as to train his voice to sing them as well. He was quite the music enthusiast growing up and, on his travels, he found a curious pendant/necklace (kinda changes what he calls it depending on the day or mood) with obsidian that had curious markings on it.

Behind the scenes, he found a great interest in the power of music to the minds and emotions of the listener; how it can evoke terror, joy, sorrow, peace and rage in a very short time. He found that it was this emotional power that helped music to stick around for so long and has come to admire it.

He can be joking and is oftentimes practicing his music. He is serious when he feels the need, which can be very often depending on his perception of the situation. Has a temper that he usually keeps well in control. When he does lose his temper, he isn’t exactly nice. It’s pretty rare he loses his temper to that level and it usually ends up with him yelling and ranting.

In secret, he had been desirous to find the ultimate power that this king of old wanted. He believed that the songs and tales only made this folly seem more enticing and if music had this power, what kind of power could this crown grant to its wielder? He rarely talks of this as it is often seen as idle dreaming or nonsense but he believes that it could be possible to find if this legend, and by proxy, the power; are true, what kind of power can this crown grant?

Misc: Musician and martial artist. Has an odd accent that can be described as a mixture of Scottish and Irish (I call it a “Skyrish” accent because it combines Scottish and Irish). He loses this accent when enraged or showing his darker side. Usually carries a music player with an external speaker and small instruments (like a recorder flute, guitar or simple bell) on his person.

(@Runa, too much; need me to fix/change anything?).

Crosses fingers for Obsidian’s power being sound


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(Hopes and prays that Zablex gets power over sound)

Name: Dwight “Ike” Ideruba Lilith
Gender: Mailboy
Appearance: Slightly Bleahed Blond hair with remnants of his original black hair color. He tends to wear flannel and other bottoned up shirts of the like. He then drapes various types of jackets over it but enjoys a simple black jacket
Place of Origin: He knows he came from his mother’s womb but not much else in location. Maybe a hospital.
Conduit Type: A mostly plastic tiara thay contains some metal components that he looking to replace
Gemstone: Heliotrope otherwise known as a bloodstone
Personality/Bio: Dwight is a boy who started taking therapy for his emotional troubles but personally sees that he doesn’t need it. He prefers to go by anything other then his horrible name and likes to go by Ike. Ike knows that his middle name came from an ancient ancestor but isn’t sure about it at all. He kind of assumes it’s a fairy tale passed down to him.


Unless I miscounted, there are now 10 accepted characters in this RP at the time I am writing this. That means that there are enough gems to theoretically make this dreaded forbidden crown of ultimate power because the king that commissioned it asked that it be able to channel all the powers of 10 gems

I think you miscounted. I have all accepted characters listed in the OP, and I only count 7.