Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

The book would tell of the rise of the former Union of Kena, a group of smaller tribes that united into a larger country under the rule of a set of chieftains. Over time, the state would crystallize into something more solid under an Oligarchical rule. They would develop a unique architectural style, consisting of many layers of buildings, pathways, parks and common areas, and would be responsible for much beautiful art, music, and literature. Having not been a violent expansionist, like their neighboring states, Kena kept a small army, mostly just a guard centered around the capital and cultural center, Kenasa. However, as time wore on, they became an increasingly attractive target, for their port cities so close to Gathens and their resource rich forest. As such, Marsada and Nikidia both tried to attack multiple times. However, whenever they attacked individually, Kena would be able to push them back and keep them at bay, if only barely, when they mustered their forces. However, the two states eventually agreed to a pact, where they would finally get rid of this thorn in their sides, this valuable target ripe for the taking. The rest, as they say, is history.

He set it down, and picked up the other two books and put them on shelf, he went back to the librarian’s desk again.

“Excuse me Kajlib, could you direct me to the cook books?”

Aina smiles,
“Thank you and if you’re ever in the area again feel free to drop buy and I might tell you the recipe, it’s a secret.”

Blud goes through his portion fairly quickly and taps Moenir on the shoulder,
“When you’re done your meal come outside, you need to spar.”

Moenir glances at him and continues eating his food, keeping quiet.

He smiles. “That way.” He says, pointing to a nearby couple of shelves.

Ryko and Kasie began to eat their portion of the oatmeal.

Lillan continued his work outdoors.

Sarah overhears. “If y’need a sparring mate, I’d be happy t’help.”

Haful goes to the area pointed out, and looked for books on local cuisine.

He’d see a decent selection among the shelves.

He pulls one at random.

OOC: What kind of culture is this area? French?

OOC: The culture of the immediate area was Irish, with huge amounts of English and French influence.

OOC: Okay, Haful is trying to read up on comfort food in the area.

The book he pulled out would likely be one on Nikidian cuisine, as they would be the ones to bring the most of their love for food with them. Among the more well loved dishes would be those listed as Soupe à l’oignon, a soup made with onion and beef stock, usually with melted cheese, a Cassoulet,a dish made with white beans and one of many assorted types of meat, or, for something more sweet, the Chocolate soufflé, a rich dessert dish.

He took the book, and took it to the front desk.

“May check this out?” He asked.

“Go right ahead, just so long as it doesn’t leave the city.” He tells Haful.

“I assure you Kajlib, it won’t” He says, tucking the book under his arm.

As he walked out, me might hear someone yelling orders in Nikidian in one of the nearby streets.

Blud smiles,
“The more the merrier.”

Haful gripped his staff, and went to see what the commotion was.

He would see what looked almost like military drills, with an angry and panicky looking Commander Jacques commanding the troops.

Haful decided to sit in watch, thinking the information might be useful.