Gloriana, Queen of Spherus Magna

"Such radiance! Such glory! Behold even the trees of this land bow before its queen!" ~ Diocletian

After the Reformation of Spherus Magna, Mata-Nui used the Mask of Life to alter the matoran species, allowing them to fuse with other compatible species and create offspring from these fusions. Despite his desire to see all the different species unify, hybrids between matoran and glatorian or agori were generally looked down upon as "lesser" beings, alien to both parents.

Gloriana is Takanuva's granddaughter. She carries a mixture of his Light powers and those of the old Jungle Tribe into which he married. She grew up in a world where an affliction called the Souplague all but annihilated the matoran of Spherus Magna, including her grandfather.

Weary and tired of a life where nobody would trust her or take her seriously, Gloriana sought out refuge in the city of Bazryghan, which was built around the site where the holy island of Korrothis landed hundreds of years before. At the time, Korrothis was preparing for a mission to a newly rediscovered Great Being world in the Drakus System and could not take her in.

So Gloriana joined up with the Knights of Spherus Magna, a militant organisation generally tasked with keeping the peace. She rose through the ranks relatively quickly, becoming one of its best knights. Though she and the KoSM's leader, Elithrar, would argue frequently, they respected one another and almost saw each other as sisters. Gloriana's relationship with Elithrar's brother Nilmador probably had something to do with that too.

However, rising levels of corruption within the KoSM would sully the family feeling between the three. After a particularly bad argument, Elithrar stripped Gloriana of her title and cast her out, provoking the ire of her brother in the process. The two retreated to plot Elithrar's downfall - a plan which developed into a full scale war between the forces of the KoSM and their new rebel group. The War of the Weave.

Gloriana and Nilmador gathered a group of glatorian, toa, matoran, agori, skakdi and other beings collectively named The Druids, who not only opposed the KoSM, but opposed their apparent religious authority as well. Though Nilmador officially led the Druids, Gloriana was its standard-bearer, and led many more battles than her lover did.

After many years of war, Elithrar was defeated. Nilmador declared himself Turaga-King of the Matoran Empire, with Gloriana as his queen.

Gloriana was built in 2011, though she as a character has probably existed since about 2005 or 2006 - long before I had much of a solid storyline for the Cyclic Plane

My "standard" female torso design was still new at that point. 2011 was really the time I came into my own as a Bio-MOCer, though she's definitely not as polished as my MOCs are now, and there are definitely some areas I'd want to work on further if I had her now, mainly with colour balancing and the structure of her arms.

A lot of Gloriana's build is meant to echo the more medieval feel of this part of the storyline. As a character she draws inspiration from a few historic characters, including Lady Macbeth and Queen Elizabeth I, which the name is actually a reference to.

I'm pretty sure this is the first character from the Spherus Magna portion of the Cyclic Plane's storyline I've shown to you guys here on TTV. Apologies if the description is confusing - there's a lot of story that's different to the canon one, and to be honest it's not as well cooked as the other portions of the storyline.

Also SapphireGothicLolita drew this picture of her ^^

Hip design belongs to Kai Heffernan


Nice! I love how you mixed jungle and knightly aesthetics.

Only complaint I have is that the forearms look pretty flat when viewed from the top, but like your other works this is a fantastic MOC!

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Man I really like the look of this MOC. As @Triple said it manages to pull off a knightly and jungle aesthetic well.

I remember this one!

Oddly enough I had a similar idea of 'Matoran and Agori eventually becoming compatible for reproduction' in my stories, Think I just added it in for some bridge to HF or something, IDK

Also she is nice n all

Really great build! Green and gold go surprisingly well together here.

Love is uncanon -10000/10

In all honesty, this is a pretty great MOC. It's not to sexualized,and I really like the build as a whole. The weapon looks like it doesn't have a lot of friction to it, however.


This MOC is amazing and I am going to explain why I think that. Everybody keep in mind that these are my opinions.

The Build:

I love the build for how it looks solid and perfectly captures the female form. I'd dare say the body curves just right enough to make her look legitimately like a female. I really enjoy how you implemented Knight's Kingdom Parts. I've always said they go well with Bionicle parts and that holds true with this MOC. The cloth is also a nice touch.

But If I had to nitpick, my first nitpick would be the arms. It's not the use of system as I think that is done quite well. It's just that the lower arms look a little blocky. But they still look pretty good. Another I would nitpick is... oh what I am saying, I can't think of anything else to nitpick.

The Color Scheme:

It looks amazing. It is a perfect balance between green, gold, and black. Very well done in my opinion.

The concept:

I like it. Some of it flew more over my head, but I get the general gist of it.

All in all, I feel this is a very well done MOC. My rating is a 9.5/10.

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the only thing i can complain about with this moc is maybe the upper legs. i cant put my finger on it but something seems awkward. other than that this moc is amazing i love the vines!

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Love the color blocking and the Knight's Kingdom armor.

I am always a stickler for that!

Also, I like the story concept!

Great job!

@Extra_Cups The upper legs are quite thin compared to the rest of her body. The cloth parts hide that a bit. It may also be because of the metru armour there, which I don't think really fits the texture of the rest of her armour tbh :v

Very nice!

Absolutely amazing!

This MOC looks amazing!

I got to admit this looks great.
Nice drawing by the way.

Great Moc,the way how the moc just flows so smoothly is just so elegant!
over all a solid