GWP Toa Mahri

Here’s the entire Toa Mahri in GWP form, incl. @Zeg’s Matoro.

Incl. Box Art with and without Logo, in 4k Resolution, naturally.

And bonus masks (Tryna is @Zeg’s design)

Oh yes, we including mask variations.

And bonus Lesovikk, since I already have the Faxon print.

Feel free to ask me for the files… although TBF I’m too distracted to upload it into a GDrive and share it publicly, even though I should.


Everyone is looking very spot on to me. Really good job.


Looks great! Lesovikk especially, the pieces you used for the blade look like the sword he has in his set. However, I think Hewkii could have been a bit shorter, either in his legs or his torso. His set was a good deal shorter than the other Mahri except for maybe Kongu, so I would have tried to reflect that. At the same time, I think you captured the most important details of him, and the mask looks amazing on him!


TIL Hewkii Mahri is a little shorter than the rest.

The sword was recycled from my Gaaki Hagah build.

I never owned Hewkii Mahri and I don’t regret it. Hewkii went from being one of the best Inika sets to the worst mahri.

Meanwhile, I regret not getting Hahli mahri, though I am ordering her parts piecewise from overseas… yeah, I didn’t get everything at one, ouch.

Oh well, at least I need parts for my IRL GWP builds (I’m 100% done with the toa mata, almost done with the toa mahri and 2008 toa nuva, missing a few generic parts for Helryx, and not even close to finishing my toa hagah, Lesovikk & Tuyet. With the exception of 08’ Tahu & Matoro Mahri, I’m not doing any dead toa/ toa in outdated form.)

Now that I think of it, I don’t have golden armor Tahu, nor Varian, Chiara, Ziara, Orde (since they don’t have canon or fanon depictions).

Then again, iBukkey has a Ziara… hmmm….


These turned out awesome! Very nice translations


Redid Nidhiki’s volitak


You have a real knack for creating professional looking mask prints

I suggest recoloring Lesovikk’s torso to lime green as it is in the set, and making Jaller’s head shape a bit more accurate (perhaps by using curved tiles to recreate the Arthron’s “crest”), but overall these are solid


Frankly, I have no idea how to do Jaller’s head without making it look goofy.

I know I have the parts to make Lesovikk IRL with lime. No idea why I went with dark green, especially since I own a 2nd hand Lesovikk I bought in the 2020s. Still waiting for pieces to finish the arms for Lesovikk.

Oh, and the “professional looking” masks. It’s called tracing on autocad… then offsetting the curves to do shadows… unless it’s dark blue/black, then it highlights (which I haven’t done yet, cause I only collected my the printers yesterday, which is where I encountered that problem).


You mentioned Lesovikk w/ lime chest huh?


I love the parts usage for her wings. That Uruk-Hai sword piece is a perfect match for the little “barbs” at the ends of the original piece (though it would be nice if you could squeeze a third blade per wing in there).


It sure would… but how?

Here’s the build I use to achieve this.


You could make another copy of this:

… and attach it to this bar on the Aeroblade piece:


But then the angle & length would be wrong.

I could try extending it with candle pieces… but IDK, the middle blade is sitting on the wrong plane.


How does this look from the front?

Maybe you could do something with this connection:

Put Part 4697b in there and build off that?