Hagah's Nostalgia (BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard, Part 2)

Here is my humble participation in the canonization of the Toa Hagah, during this art competition.

Hagah :

To make this artwork, I relied on the stelae / media from TV commercials, as well as their power. So I recreated the famous Hagah postures, adapting it to each member of the team. The stelae are therefore more or less in good condition, that of Bomonga is broken during his jump, and that of Iruini shatters with his storm.

Their appearances have not been changed except that of Pouks regarding his spear and mask.
For the creation of the Pouks mask, I used worn parts that I assembled, then photographed before making the artwork via Photoshop.

Mask of Pouks :

So I have a Zatth version of a Pouks mask assembled with a Jutlin Noble, and a Kanohi Avohkii stopper.


Why did you participate ? Because I stayed focused on only one thing: the excitement during their televised performances. Certainly not canonical, but revealing of a power in the BIONICLE world. I hope this nostalgia will be felt in this artwork.

I wish good luck to all participants of the Matoran world.

See you soon


Very nice. The mask reminds me of the Zatth and that’s cool. It fits with the spiky shoulder armor too so that’s a big pro.


Are you doing the rest of the toa? It’s required for the contest. Awesome mask btw. Maybe in lore, both shapes were created by the same forger.

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A big thank you for the comment, it’s a pleasure !
Toa Pouks must have looked rather threatening to me given his temper. The mask must therefore be quite large and “thorny” like “its comic book version”.


For this part of the contest, you’re meant to draw all 6 of the Hagah, but that doesn’t take away from how awesome of a design this is. I really like the OG Pouks, but this is great. The mask and spear tip designs compliment each other well, he’s like a walking thorn! Also this art is gorgeous. I don’t know if this will be accepted, but best of luck regardless!


Oh my God … good bah I would have no time to do the 6 … too bad too bad, good luck for the others !!

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First of all, you need to draw all 6 Hagah to enter the contest, not just one. So, unless you plan to make a group shot, this can’t be accepted. Secondly, it’s official canon that Pouk’s mask isn’t shaped like the Mask of Emulation. Giving it to him is both against the rules and non-canon.

I really like the art, there’s just no way it can be accepted into the entries.


Don’t worry, they extend the deadline and now you have 3 weeks to do it

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oh thanks ! so I’ll get down to it!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, since they don’t wear their masks original shape, any mask used for the hagah is instantly ineligible for being the masks actual shape


I like the style, and I don’t want to be mean, but even in the rules it’s said that Puks cannot wear his Mask of Emulation in the shape of the canon Mask of Emulation, it’s against the rules and the lore. but if it’s in the shape of a Zatth, and it’s mentioned that this mask is a variant of the Zatth, you can go with it I guess

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Love the mask you could probably get away with saying its a variant of Kongu Mahris mask instead of the official mask of emulation. It looks a lot more like that mask anyways


Question: is that mask real or are you really great at realistic textures?

It would be cool if he made this art for the other 3 Hagah! The artwork gave me crazy nostalgia from the commercials

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I agree, I think the Zatth is a perfect option for Pouks.

If you make the other three and keep this pouks design you’ll have my vote. If you do make the other three would you do all different armor colors or do a split?

Very well thank you for the advise, anyway, the creation of this mask is based on the Zatth, Kanohi Avokhii and the Kanohi of Radiak. Thing that I will change during the creation of the other Hagahs that I unfortunately forgot

I created the mask using worn parts from Kongu’s Zatth, Kanohi Avokhii, and Radiak’s Mask. I assembled them and painted them. Then I added an effect via Photoshop. The process will be explained in detail when I finish the other Hagahs

This is expected and luckily I have three more weeks ^^

A big thank you, it’s nice!

@imall543 Thank you that gives me even more the courage to continue the others that I have omitted in the rules … I am starting out and these competitions are not familiar to me. I think it would be a good idea to have different colors of armor. Norik is in Pearl Light Gray, Iruini in Flat Dark Gold, Pouks in Pearl Dark Gray, Kualus in Metal BLue, Bomonga in Pearl Gold, Gaaki I don’t know for now … Maybe even Bomonga will be different. I try to find the best adjustments.
And the final rendering, I try to separate or put together it’s quite complex given the poses of the characters

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Nice can’t wait to see the rest of them. Good luck !

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe photographs of MOCs will be considered for the art contest? Considering the spirit of the rule banning the use of Studio and LDD, I wouldn’t imagine just entering a MOC for the art contest would be allowed. Also, I don’t know if this has been made clear yet, but you aren’t allowed to use this mask for Pouks. This mask specifically has been banned for Pouks.


Once I have all of my artwork, I will edit my post to clarify some points. The post I published was late, at the last moment before learning that the contest had been extended. Suddenly, some explanations are missing and others are wrong. Soon I will rectify the problems

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