Help in with the Bionicle Parts, and more specifically, the lack thereof.

What with the recent resurgence of popularity for Bionicle, I thought I’d try my hand at MOCing (via for the first time in a few years. However,’s collection of Bionicle parts is rather lacking, and my attempts to find and install Bionicle parts has failed to bear fruit.

While I have been able to find a part pack via Reddit, and followed the instructions provided there, I’ve been unable to find those parts within the program itself.

Any help from the very skilled people here would be greatly appreciated, as would some advice on how to improve the scrolling within the part palette. I have repetitive strain injury, and find the slow scroll speed literally painful, forcing me to stop several times during my first foray. The scroll bar itself is arguably even more useless, given the sheer density of parts and the resulting high sensitivity.



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This is awesome. Thanks! is missing so many basic parts that it makes it very difficult to work with. This should catapult me forwards.

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The basic Bionicle parts aren’t lacking and the first link you posted has enough for you to make reasonable builds. More parts packs will be released over time, as for scrolling in the parts palette, you can select the subsection you want in the upper left and then scrolling within that section rather than from the top.

Aye, but that still doesn’t alleviate the issue of the sensitivity of the scroll bar being absurd, and the slow scrolling when using the scroll wheel. Again, I have RSI and it’s genuinely painful to find parts after a few minutes of looking.

Perhaps increase the speed of the scroll wheel on your PC, if it’s still an issue, increase the size of the right panel by dragging it out, this will decrease the size of your scene but that’s the only other thing I can think of.