History of Artakha: Prologue "The Storyteller"

This is something I’ll be working on. It’ll just be a series of stories that tell some pitches for the history of the Matoran, before the Kanohi are taken, but after the Brothers are asleep. Sorry guys, I put Tehutti in, who’s actually NOT a Ta-Matoran… How did I pick that name from nowhere? I didn’t even know what Tehutti looked like. Enjoy! Or don’t. Whatever you want to do.

(At Matoran Education Facility)
Six Matoran are in the fields, even after school hours. Three play in the sandy Kohli field, kicking up clouds of orange dust as they play. Two more look for Rahi in the grass, while the last reads a book from a distance.
“Found one!” Volki, a Le-Matoran calls.
“What kind is it?” Kido, a Ga-Matoran asks.
“I don’t know, come look!” Volki calls back. Kido races over, nearly tripping over his short legs.
“Whoa…” Kido gasps in amazement. It was a small Rahi, and it floated with a buzzing noise.
Volki laughs her high cackle, which causes Zanum, the Ko-Matoran, to look up from her book. She closes the rather large book and waddles over to the other two.
“That’s a Nui-Rama!” Zanum exclaims.
“So that’s what Ms. Amaya was telling us about! Doesn’t it live closer to the jungle?” Volki asks, confused.
“It must have wandered over here,” Zanum assumes, and then notices the Ga-Matoran. “Kido! What are you doing?!”
Kido drops the stick he was about to poke the creature with.
“Father says you shouldn’t aggravate it!” Zanum warns. Volki laughs again. The Nui-Rama buzzes away.
An adult Ta-Matoran speeds around a corner. “Hey, Mr. Nuhrii!” Kido calls. The Matoran turns to look at the youngling, tips his mask, and continues his path. Volki races to greet him, Zanum and Kido closely following.
“Ah! My three favorite students that are not actually my students! How glad am I to see you!” the proffessor says, smiling under his powerless Kaukau.
“Tell us a story, please!” Volki pleads, bouncing off the ground.
“You don’t need to hear anymore stories. You should be off writing your own!” Nuhrii tells her.
“Where do our names come from?” Kido asks.
“Well, it could come from many places, like from quests you may go on, to deeds you do in combat, or from titles you may recieve. But most likely, it comes from the past,” Nuhrii explains.
“Then will you tell us about the past?” Volki asks.
“Volki, my dear! You should be running home! Your brother Vican would be worried about you!” Nuhrii tells her.
“Vican doesn’t worry about anyone…” Volki grumbles.
“Fine then. Perhaps the boys at the Kohli Field would like to hear our story?” Nuhrii suggests.
“They don’t care about stories that don’t have to do with Nilkou in the Kohli matches…” Kido answers.
“You cheated!” is yelled by Legalle, the Po-Matoran at the field.
“No! I didn’t!” yells Torvan, the Onu-Matoran.
“Perhaps a story will ease their differences…” Nuhrii concludes as he marches towards the Kohli field…

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