HowTo: MOC Tutorials

you’re refusing to give us all a starting point because of the name, mate.

and are we to assume that this is the base?


yes but I already said I’m working with Ekorak after he sore my request

then just delete the post after he contacted you.


you literally just copy and past the URL.

the site does the rest, mate.


Step 1: take a deep breath

Step 2: repeat step 1 until calm

Step 3: Don’t freak out. Even if you don’t wanna MOC anymore, there’s no need to ban your account unless you’re really sure that’s what’s best. :slight_smile:


ok John I was at my tipping point and thinking about requesting myself a ban before I would end up saying something I would regret


I return to this topic from beyond the veil, not because of drama

but because I have an offer
a bargain

that unfortunately requires nothing from you

Every two MOCs I make, with some exceptions in case of a fragile design, I offer the possibility of allowing a choice between the two for a full tutorial.

During the next round, the list will include the loser of the previous poll, but if they do not succeed in their follow-up, their choice is permanently removed. If they DO succeed, the tutorial proceeds as per normal, and the second place MOC is moved to the next poll, and third place is removed entirely.

For this time, Agent Entropy and Silent Fire are up for offer. Please leave your votes in this Strawpoll.

The poll will be monitored for a while after, and end when votes seem to have ceased and there is no tie. Choose wisely, my friends.

MOCs in reference:
Entropy on the left, Silent Fire on the right.


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Anyone got a design for a custom head that can wear an 01 kakama? its weird shape is hard to work with, I need one cause the metru eyes don’t exist in the color I want.

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what color eyes?

If there is a Lightsaber piece in that color, you can just stuff it through the metru head.

I’m going for trans yellow.

I can, though I’m not a fan of how it ends up looking.

@AwesomeJoel27 there’s a mata eyestalk for that.

it’s Nokama’s.

just use a Mata head instead of a metru head.

Yeah Gali has one too, issue is I’m using a Kakama and the chin looks really awkward through the mask.
I might have to settle for that but the way I’m trying to attach it looks bad.

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so, a 3 long axle with a bushing and balljoint attached to the eye stalk wouldn’t work?

Okay when I put it like that it sounds dumb, I’t wont look good cause of the armor piece I used for the chest :confused: Its a Skrall armor piece so the half peg length of the top kinda gets in the way.

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I actually get where he’s coming from with this. The Mata head’s giant chin does a number on the articulation, and if you just attach a balljoint with a 2cm axle, the chin will collide with the hand connector and it won’t be able to turn its head.

The solution I’ve found with this is to situate the hand connector two modules lower. The ball cup will then be level with the normal hole the connecter would peg into if you were using the Metru head. Then put the smallest CCBS bone, the one that’s basically a ball cup with a balljoint attached, into the ball cup. You now have a piece the same size as the standard connector, but it moves on a ball so the entire neck assembly can turn, bypassing the issue with the chin. Now, obviously, you need a fair amount of space inside the chest cavity to pull this off, and you’ll need a way to secure the lower socket in place, but if you can work it out, it will look fine.

I’ll see if I can borrow a camera to post some pics later, but I make no promises.

you mean 3l/3 unit axle?

Here’s a how-to of my self MOC, Hautaka!
This is what he looks like if you recall from Hautaka’s MOCs 2.

Right Arm

Wrap a rubber band around the balljoint, twist it, then place it around the two holes.

Left Arm
The bone structure is the exact same as the other arm, but the armor(armour) is different.

That’s all I have time for today! See you next time where we look over the legs and waist! Stay tuned!


Here is some stupid matoran torso design you could use.

Also, if you want something a little more armored, you can use these 3 pieces to fix that.

But first, you will need to get rid of the blue pin.

And you are finished! You can add whatever you want to this design I don’t care(that’s why there are so many open pin holes and axels)


I was asked by @The_Hervibore how to build the Naparu from my Bohrok buster build.

That was a while ago I’m sorry I’ve taken so long