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Does anyone have good ideas for spider legs made of mostly technic that can hook too a mechanical piece to make it move?

So, I’m needing help. For the last year I’ve been working on a moc based around a character, Nashandra from Dark Souls II. I have everything designed except the bloody torso. I even have the waist area built in LDD. Since i plan on having it go to the various conventions, I am turning to y’all for help. What I am needing is a torso that looks like it has a ribcage all around it, bony. The colors for the moc will be Black, gunmetal and gray.
Here is what I have so far. The Scythe I have designed just not pictures taken, and the skirt/dress will have vader capes covering it when all is said and done.

Ignore the torso on the first image, it was just a temporary one to get the general vibe across. I normally would not ask for help, but I just am at a roadblock. I will be purchasing parts to complete this moc, so go wild with any designs you may come up with, as long as they are in colors that exist. And yes, credit will definitely be given, as I likely would not be able to complete her without whatever help, if any, is given. I’m just lost and don’t want to abandon the project.

Here is a reference image for the character in question so that people know what I am trying to replicate with the torso.

Thank you to anyone who actually read through this all. I am desperate.


I mean if you have a bunch of exo force arms you could make a thin torso then, using a flex tube, attach like 20 exo force arms on it and use that to give it the greebly look. But on how to actually make it i cant really give any specific instructions. Hoped
it help!


Build for Axarik Umarak’s wolf


I need a body for this, it’s going to be a Pohatu revamp, I could also change the hips, but I am not going to remove the skirt nor touch anything on the legs, if any of you have any idea please tell me

wait did I explain myself? I could accept another hip design, but only if it allows me to put the skirt on


I don’t think I’ve ever posted here. Well, I think I’ve got a pretty helpful titan build I can share with everyone:

This is one of the larger MOCs I’ve made, and definitely one of the more sturdy ones. Also, I should note, the thigh design is kit bashed from Toa Mata Nui, and the rest of the legs are rather similar too. However, the rest of it’s design is original.

If you would like to use parts of the design, feel free, but please do give credit for use.


I got 7 likes, that’s cool and all but I didn’t ask for likes I asked for designs D:

I guess you could start with a glatorian neck. It works for me most of the time. Or get a double ball joint amd start with a mata hand.

There are some things you can do here for sure. Typically I start with just an axle going straight up (4-5 length depending on the size of the MOC), and work from there, although usually the end result ends up changing the connection.

For Pohatu and the amount of bulk you have, I’d recommend starting off either an axle or a Glatorian neck, and just seeing where trying to add armor takes you. That usually works for me.

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Anyone got any tutorials for custom lower arms that are as long as a CCBS bone with a pinhole in it? Maybe slightly longer?

I might have something that matches what you’re looking for. It’s too late for me to take pictures today, but I can try tomorrow if you’d like.

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Alright, thanks!

What kind of armor do you want on it?

Either something greebly, like an Inika shoulder/upper arm armor piece, or something spiky. Piston-y/mechanical greebles would be preferred though since the torso is currently the only part with that kind of texturing. the rest is all smooth and spiky CCBS.

Not sure if I can help you with something greebly,

You can use this as a base.

The way I have it set up it has smooth spiky armor though, and it doesn’t really work well with the Ikika armor pieces.


This might actually work with my MOC. I’ll see if I can make one of the arms (none of my parts are organized so it can take me a while to find certain parts). Can you take a picture of the full arm?

Multiple angles here.

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Ok, here are the instructions for my Cliff Drake MOC:

To make this as short as possible I’ll leave out some things like the legs and the tail since their build is pretty straightforward. I’ll also leave out most of the flames.





That’s it, enjoy!

@MaximusPrime here you go


holy moly look at all those ball joints, I wish I had atleast half of those, if they didn’t dissapear…


Yeah, I now :laughing: No wonder I’m out of balljoints the moment I decide to build a new MOC.

You would only need 6 balljoints, though, if you replace those special Axle connector/ball socket pieces that I used with CCBS bones - although in my opinion the whole MOC looses quite some of its G1 feel through that.

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