Kanohi, City of Masks [Worldbuilding][Pitch]

Kanohi, known as the City of Masks, was an ancient city built on the rim of the Heart of Artakha. Using the overwhelming heat from the volcano, Kanohi Masks were infused with more than one elemental type to produce specific effects, which were then used by the Toa. Because of the unnatural existence of the element of lightning, it was excluded from the forges.

Each element was channeled into six anterior statues of the Elemental Gods (Nuva) leading into the central forge.

The production of Kanohi Masks was permanently halted when the Toa Kanohi destroyed the forges and the knowledge of mask-making, later stealing away every Kanohi Mask and sealing them underground. The city was later destroyed by unknown forces.

These Kanohi Masks were ranked based on the number of elements used to imbue them with power [yes, I did the math in excel to calculate every possible unique collection of elements, as well as build a 3D model to account for every viable combination (no two collections have the exact same elements)]. Opposing elements (Fire-Ice, Water-Stone, Air-Earth) cannot be combined without a medium to separate them, or unless certain criteria are met.

The following are the degrees of masks, as well as the combinations possible for each category. I have used the masks from G1 to illustrate how it would work. Keep in mind, I know that the TTV does not want to use most of the G1 masks, so I’m just doing this for fun:

Noble (2): lowest degree of Kanohi Mask. Usable by super-Matoran beings or Toa. Possible combinations: 12.

  • Fire+Air=Flight
  • Fire+Water=Confusion (Incomprehension)
  • Fire+Stone=X-Ray Vision
  • Fire+Earth=Night Vision
  • Air+Water=Sonar
  • Air+Stone=Speed
  • Air+Ice=Concealment
  • Water+Earth=Healing
  • Water+Ice=Telepathy
  • Stone+Earth=Strength
  • Stone+Ice=Repair
  • Earth+Ice=Scavenging

Great (3): average degree of Kanohi Mask. Usable only by Toa and higher beings. Possible combinations: 8.

  • Fire+Air+Water=Repulsion
  • Fire+Air+Stone=Spirit
  • Fire+Water+Earth=Enchantment (Conjuring)
  • Fire+Stone+Earth=Accuracy
  • Air+Water+Ice=Waterbreathing
  • Air+Stone+Ice=Silence
  • Water+Earth+Ice=Mutation
  • Stone+Earth+Ice=Hunger

Prime (4): elite degree of Kanohi Mask. Usable only by powerful Toa and higher beings. 1 pair of opposing elements must be present. Possible combinations: 12.

  • Fire+Air+Water+Stone=Telekinesis
  • Fire+Air+Water+Earth=Disruption
  • Fire+Air+Water+Ice=Intangibility
  • Fire+Air+Stone+Earth=Teleportation (Quick Travel)
  • Fire+Air+Stone+Ice=Return (Rebounding)
  • Fire+Water+Stone+Earth=Translation
  • Fire+Water+Earth+Ice=Size Shifting (Growth+Diminishment)
  • Fire+Stone+Earth+Ice=Detection (Sensory Aptitude+Detection)
  • Air+Water+Stone+Ice=Truth
  • Air+Water+Earth+Ice=Adaptation
  • Air+Stone+Earth+Ice=Stealth
  • Water+Stone+Earth+Ice=Undeath

Golden (5): the highest degree possible for a Matoran to forge. Usable only by Toa Nuva and higher beings. 2 pairs of opposing elements must be present. Possible combinations: 6.

  • Fire+Air+Water+Stone+Earth=Dimensional Gates
  • Fire+Air+Water+Stone+Ice=Illusion
  • Fire+Air+Water+Earth+Ice=Power Mimicry (Emulation+Kindred)
  • Fire+Air+Stone+Earth+Ice=Peak Fitness (Fate)
  • Fire+Water+Stone+Earth+Ice=Shielding
  • Air+Water+Stone+Earth+Ice=Psychometry

Legendary (6): a forbidden degree of Kanohi Mask. Usable only by the Three Brothers. Developed powers relating to the laws of the universe, and could generate new masks relating to their own. Unattainable by the Matoran, very few were created by the Three Brothers:

  • Mask of Alternate Futures
    *Mask of Clairvoyance
    *Mask of Possibilities
  • Mask of Control
    *Mask of Biomechanics
    *Mask of Charisma
    *Mask of Fusion
    *Mask of Gravity
    *Mask of Rahi Control
    *Mask of Reanimation
    *Mask of Summoning
  • Mask of Creation
    *Mask of Corruption
    *Mask of Life
  • Mask of Light: forged by Ekimu and Makuta using the Masks of Creation and Control.
  • Mask of Time: forged by Karzahni and Makuta using the Masks of Alternate Futures and Control.
    *Mask of Aging
    *Mask of Time Duplication

Nice pitch. Doesn’t change anything to epicly, and it seems to fit right in pretty nicely.

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Yeah…I may have edited the initial post to add something…epically changing. Granted, I was bored, but still :sweat_smile:.

@JediTimeLord824 @RAKRONDEWL: BTW, I’m trying to figure out the Toa team responsible for seizing the Kanohi Masks from the population in my future post. Could you help me come up with suitable candidates for the other Toa (I already have Vakama as Tahu)?


I was thinking the Toa Metru, plain and simple.

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Nokama is already taken, and even if she was a Toa, she would never have become the leader of Naho, and she would be hundreds of years old at the very youngest.

Matau could work, but there might be other options.

Onewa sounds too similar to Onua.

Whenua could work, but there might be other options.

In another topic, the name of Nuju is being considered to replace the king of Ihu’s name (which is currently Matoro).


Yeah, I guess they wouldn’t work very well. Hmm.

The thing is, what with the former Toa Hagah becoming the Rahkshi, the Mata/Nuva being the main characters, the Inika/Mahri are already going to be Matoran characters, and that in my pitch I already used most of the freelancers, there aren’t many left to choose from.


Has Nidhiki been used?

Nope. I was just wondering if we could use him.

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Maybe Nidhiki and Nikila (not as a Toa of Lightning, maybe Water?)

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And Orde, Toa of Earth…We’re getting there… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe Varian could be Kopaka, which just leaves Pohatu…

Most of those names are toa from random teams. However, It doesn’t have to be past toa that you use for the names. There’s nothing wrong with using a group like the Av matoran for these mask-taking toa. And yes, that would mean a toa Solek. Sometimes it’s good to change things up a bit.


Meso would have a heart attack.

And those are some good points. We might have to think outside the box a bit.


@JediTimeLord824 @UltimateMustacheX: Agreed. Let’s start with one at a time and move on once we’ve established a Toa.

Candidates for Gali?

I think the Av-matoran would work fine, which is why I used them in the example. I can’t see them coming up in any other part of the story over other matoran. I would say the Chronicler’s Company would be saved for characters in the war, and there aren’t many full teams of matoran outside of that, which haven’t been used already.

Unless the Baraki or Makuta names are used for these toa, which may be too strange.

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Gonna have to be a little more specific. For Gali, who would you choose?

Specific? There were six matoran in that wave. Gali would be Galva.

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So, you’d basically just match the Toa and Av-Matoran up based on armor color?

Sure. No need to change those around. Especially since the names would only be mentioned briefly, if at all in the story. Mixing up a color order may be too much of a change for a group that we won’t see much of, especially since the names don’t already tie to a toa counterpart in G1.

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In my hub topic, I’ve placed Vakama as Tahu. Do you think I should replace him with Radiak, or can he stay where he is?