Krelikan (My current self-MOC, and it's history) (Updated: 04/21/23)

It took me a while to get around to posting this, long enough that the initial pictures I took became outdated. It’s been a long road figuring out what i really wanted from my self-MOC, and as you’ll see, it lead to a dramatic turn in design at one point. Without further ado, here he is.

Outdated photos and notes

He has weapon storage on his back, which also helps hold his cloak in place. There is also five points of articulation on the arms (Not counting fingers) which gives him a wide range of motion.

History, and past self-MOCs

Before I even took pictures of my MOCs, I had built a self-MOC, which was a mess to put it simply. The joints were too weak, the build itself was completely oversized, and the textures and design was all over the place. At the time I had used a black and silver color scheme, which worked, but was a little boring to look at. I wish there was lasting evidence of this MOC, as it did help teach me a lot about how to MOC. One of the techniques I ended up using on my current self-MOC, as well as another build I am really happy with.

After some time, I downsized the build by a large margin. The first iteration was probably about 10 - 11 inches tall, with the second version being a more average 7 - 8 inches. Same color scheme, same head, but everything else changed. This one turned out much simpler, once again teaching me a few new tricks to MOCing which would make it onto later builds.

More time goes by, and I realize that my self-MOC was boring. No character, no story, no powers. Naturally I went down the beaten path and decided to make a toa. Here we get the first photographed self-MOC I made.

The two most interesting parts here, is the upper arm, and the body. Everything else is just a slightly dressed up inika build, and not really done in any special way. The color scheme was still a bit bland, and there was very little personality here, but it was a toa self-MOC, and became the blueprint for the next few designs.

Jump forward 12 months, and the next MOC had been born.

Definitely a more refined model, but still falling into the same pitfalls of it’s predecessor. Bland colors, basic shape, little personality. Overall, it’s visully a big upgrade, with general consistency and design coming together in greater ways. The upper arm design is a slight evolution of that on the previous self-MOC, and the upper leg design was something new to incorporate more metru pieces.

Another skip towards the new year, and you get where the toa era of my self-MOCs saw it’s last addition.

I downsized again, dealing with a shorter build, while allowing myself a lot more freedom. More color, a more interesting design, but still captures the essence of what i had begun with. Looking at it now, there are certinly some less than perfect portions, but it’s in a good place. This MOC still exists today, and I have plans for it.

Now it’s time to go back in time, and look towards the other line of MOCs that contributed to what we have today.

Back in January of 2021, I attempted to recreate my profile picture using Lego. To do this, I had to create a vahki model specifically to occupy the image. As you can imagine, it turned out almost all black, save for the orange head, and a couple orange studs on the chest.

I made some effort to make it look good outside the image, but I think that idea failed in the end. There’s odd shaping, awkward gaps, and overall it isn’t as vahki like as it should’ve been.

Eventually I did away with this MOC in late August 2021, building other monstrosities in the hopes of landing a design I was happy with.

As you can see, things are starting to resemble my current self-MOC, but this is horrid mess that I was never happy with from the start. Somehow amidst all of this though, a good leg design came into being, almost making into the finished product unaltered.

After that build got scrapped, I began to think about what i really wanted out of a self-MOC. I had boxed myself into a toa build, because it seemed like the natural choice for a self-MOC. Everybody did a toa, so that meant I had to as well, right? Nope, after some thinking, I realized toa builds are way oversaturated as self-MOCs, and there was no chance I’d settle for something I’m not entirely happy with.

Thus, Krelikan had to be made.

I spent years going through different designs for my self-MOC, it’s been a project ever since I got into MOCing about six years ago. I ended up taking a lot of inspiration from General Grievous since he’s my favorite fictional character. The ability to hunch, the additional joint on the legs, the entirety of the arm design, and the lovely cloak. I thought about trying to do four arms, but decided against it for two reasons.
A) Making two sets of arms that connect and are fully posable in both forms is incredibly difficult on this scale.
B) I already did it on a different MOC


Love the way the cape looks on him


ah this moc looks pretty great. I quite the way you emulated the vahki mandibles as well as the cape.

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is that vahki head dark blue or black?

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Wow, this moc is great! You really captured that “general grievous” look you were going for, because even before I read that part, I was thinking he looked like general grievous. Overall excellent job.


He looks like he’d pick up a kanoka and say “Another fine addition to my collection”


As has been said, I dig those mandibles. Nice design!


I see the dark vahki pfp has turned into a beautiful moc now, well done Krelikan!

Im very glad you did not go with four arms, I dont think it would have fit very well (despite the Grevious-ness), and I like the pic with the swarm of other, line model vahki around him. I dont love the weapons too much, though they definitely arent bad, I just kinda pictured something else. Im glad you included the history/past versions though, it was cool to see how everything evolved over time.

I couldnt help but think of Grevious a bunch looking through all this, and heres some of the result:


'03 brick Grevious with the 90 degree angle on the shoulders with the cape


“Your Lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection.”


“General Kenobi, you are a bold one.”

Im not going to do all of the ones I was thinking of to avoid a super long post, but there is so much wonderful Grevious gold in there


Nice! Sneaking some dark blue in there, It adds some nice color texture if that’s a thing.

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Very fun post, and a good moc too :slight_smile:


Never leave out the cloth


Thanks, the mandibles made it a long way, so I guess the design works


Well I think you meant to say Metru blue or black, but regardless the head is black


Yeah, at first I didn’t want to go down the Grievous path, but it kept looking like him, so I just went for it. Don’t resist greatness


He does have a near limitless supply, but I don’t see any reason why wouldn’t love to find new kanokas


Thanks, it was a surprisingly quick part of the MOC, but is a great visual improvement over the standard mandibles


Thank you. I think it’s been worth the wait

Yeah, if I added them in as is, they would just disrupt the flow of the build. It’s something I wish could work, but it would require a lot of sacrifice

They’re definitely nothing special, and I spent a very minimal amount of time on them. Weapons aren’t really my strong suit, but maybe I can go back at some point to build new ones

Considering how much history there is, I knew I had to include as much as I could remember

Many of the poses were in fact based on various images of Grievous. Your guesses weren’t completely accurate, but I admire the dedication. I could go on forever emulating that character with my MOC


I knew it would be necessary considering the experience I’ve had with my older self-MOCs. It’s great since it meshes with the black while still adding depth of pallet


Thanks. Both the MOC and topic took a long time to make, but I have my own standards to fill


But can he fold into a cube?


Pretty cool. as others have said the cape is good.
The small orange highlights are nice too.

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Oh? Now I must know what ones were based on what

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Well yes, and no

It was kind of difficult considering how few small orange pieces there are, but what I did add fits in pretty well


Let’s see

This one is loosely based on an image of Grievous from an encyclopedia

The left arm is off, but this was based on when Grievous says “I was expecting someone with your reputation to be a little… older.”

Based on this image

And these two go together as well


so, I see your a Legion fan

unless you actually are?


wow really interesting selfmoc, cool to see a non-toa build, is the cape custom or from a set? because I don’t recognise it


Legion who?

Thanks, chum. The cape is 100% born of my mind and hand. I really enjoy making custom cloth elements for my MOCs.


I’d love to know how to make them, have you made many or is it your first cape?

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I’ve made about twenty cloth components, vast majority being capes/cloaks. The process will obviously vary depending on the stature of the MOC, and what kind of cloth piece you’re wanting to make. What I do isn’t very scientific, I really just start with a large piece of cloth, drape it on my MOC in a way that is roughly what I want it to be. Make cuts based on that, and then do any sewing on additional clipping necessary. You won’t always have to sew things if that’s not your cup of tea, but than you will need to be more precise.

On this MOC, I used a tactic which gives off a very closed up cloak look. Basically, take a square/rectangular piece of cloth, line it up with the middle of your MOC on their back side, fold each side over so it’s resting on the front side of the MOC. You should have excess cloth that goes over the shoulders both front and back. Fold that either all back, or onto the shoulder on top of each other, and then sew it down. If you want, you can turn it inside out at this point, and there shouldn’t be any threads sticking out.

Alternatively, you can try and do a more classic cape, which I have a tutorial on for when I did my Tuyet MOC.

If anything is unclear, or you have other questions, I would be more than glad to answer it. I always want to see more custom cloth used for Bionicle.

Edit: Tuyet topic link