Lariska Ideas discussion (canon contest)

Dark Turquoise is still rare in BIONICLE’s color palate. It only appeared in two sets from 2001, and two from slizer/throwbots. It’s appeared in other technic/system sets, but not everyone has the same access to it.

This is different from the Hagah contest where restricting their colors aren’t that big of a deal. Even with the case of Metru Brown, which was later phased out, it was still a main color for ~three years of BIONICLE. The same can’t be said with teal.

This is a slippery slope here. Some people don’t have access to Lego parts at all. Should the rules be changed to allow them to submit a K’nex model, and then you fix it in the Art Contest?

With Artakha, access to sand green parts was limited by Lego itself, by not making very many parts in the colour.

But with Lariska, Lego has created many relevant parts in dark turquoise; changing the rules because not everyone has them doesn’t really make sense to me.

To this effect, check out the 1:23:00 mark of the newest Nak and Jay:

It isn’t quite the same topic, but it gives you an idea of how they want to run colours.

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Come on, man. You know what I meant. :roll_eyes:

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No, apparently I don’t.

To me, you were saying the rules should be relaxed to allow for non-teal builds, since not everyone has teal parts.

Is that correct?


I am also confused as to what you meant

Correct. While maybe not as rare as sand-green, teal is still rare in most people’s collections.

I only found “Should the rules be changed to allow them to submit a K’nex model” to be hyperbolic. The availability of certain pieces is a fair concern to be discussed. Submitting a MoC made out megablocks or mud and sticks is not.


Just paint the pieces bro.
Or better, use

But again, how do you define “availability”? For some people, all Lego pieces are unavailable. For others, they are all completely available; just hop on Bricklink.

To me, if Lego has made the piece, and it wasn’t some kind of giveaway or prototype, then it’s available.

Let’s look at this in a more general sense:

The rules were changed for Artakha because TTV believed that the very concept of “enough sand green pieces” was unavailable because of Lego.

But I don’t see that being the case here; “enough dark turquoise” has certainly been made by Lego, as shown by the list I sent.

These are also “available”.

For what it’s worth, what I was trying to say was that the “Dark green-blue” which Greg mentioned, most certainly isn’t the color we are calling “Teal” or “Dark turquoise”. Thus, it would only make sense if recolors were allowed in the art contest, and alternate, similar colors were allowed for the MOC contest. Since the correct color Lego parts well, don’t actually exist.

Here is actual “dark Blue-green” (teal-ish) almost perfectly between the spectrum of two colors, and darkened

Now onto the three closest Lego equivalents we have:

Here is the color called “Teal” or “dark turquoise” (actually called “Bright Blueish Green”)

Screenshot 2020-11-22 154324

Here is “Metru blue”

eath blue

and here is “Dark Green”

Screenshot 2020-11-22 154114

Take these results as you will, but to me “Earth blue” looks a heck of a lot closer to actual, overly perfect dark green blue then the so called “teal” parts in lego we have (Actually turquoise) as I previously mentioned.


Given TTV’s hardline stance on grey-green being exclusively sand green and what’s been said by them earlier, I’m pretty sure blue and green will be replaced in the artwork if a moc with those colors happens to win. Nothing came out of overthinking the “grey-green” description of Artakha, and I’m certain that won’t change for Lariska.

Most likely people will vote for the moc that doesn’t need to be painted. If a sand green titan can win the Artakha contest, when there are barely enough useful parts in sand green, a shorter dark turquoise moc with greater accessibility to useful parts in its respective color will probably win. TTV didn’t enforce a certain hex code during the art contest for Artakha and they won’t do that for Lariska either.


Well Earth blue would have to be wrong because he said green-blue and theres no green in earth-blue or metru blue. Its just blue. Now having it as a strong accent color or an equal split of teal and metru blue would work perfectly fine-but it can absolutely NOT be the solo color because there’s literally no green in just blue.

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Earth Blue IS wrong, I’m just saying that visually, out of all the available Lego parts earth blue looks closest to a homogenous “Dark blue green”. So I think Mocs should be allowed to use it. Plus, if the art contest is gonna ask for recolors anyways, I don’t see why “solo blue” should be disallowed

(Also, Earth Blue actually is about a third green funny enough, so I figure that’s why it looks fairly simular to dark green-blue)


Thank you for concisely summing up my entire issue with the “Teal” debate. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the same metric that “Earth Blue” isn’t “Dark Blue-Green” because there is not enough “green”, “Bright Bluish Green” isn’t “Dark Blue-Green” because there is not enough “dark”.
(I know that was confusing, you can read it a few times over because it does actually make sense. :stuck_out_tongue:)

When Greg described Lariska’s colour, you can be pretty confident that he wasn’t talking about a specific Lego part colour. The issue here is that the colour he described doesn’t even come close to any colours Lego actually makes.

That’s why, I feel the “Teal” rule should be more relaxed for Lariska than Artakha’s “Sand Green” rule, because there’s not really an appropriate specific shade for the actual colour.

(And I also agree that on a colour spectrum, “Earth Blue” or even “Earth Green” are way closer to the colour in question than “Bright Bluish Green”, so that needs to be considered.)

tl;dr: Calm_Hawk is dead right, you should listen to them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm some very good points have been brought up. While working on my entry I have found that teal does look very bright so maybe allowing some other colours as accents would be acceptable?

Edit: as I see it there are two routes this could take:
.either teal with a slightly darker colour like mata green
Or metru blue and metru green
Teal isn’t terrible as we haven’t had any teal characters plus it would be cool if Lariska kinda pops
But on the other hand the metru colours are definitely more camouflage.

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Another option is to use dark turquoise as a secondary color, like how the winning Artakha was mainly gunmetal then sand green.

If the winning model does use teal, though, I suspect Lariska will have to be that shade in the artwork — like how Artakha couldn’t be recolored into another grey-green.


I agree.

I’m not sure if I understand what mean by this.

Artakha is described as grey-green in the story, which is interpreted as sand-green in LEGO’s color palate.

Just as there are different shades, tones, and tints of red, one could draw Artakha as a desaturated green that doesn’t match LEGO’s sand-green.

EDIT: To further clarify, let’s say the winning MoC for the Nidhiki contest is metru green. Since the art portion is based on the MoC, why recolor him into a different shade of green?

I’d stick with black alongside dark teal. It’s a solid combo and looks striking.

I think what Sharnak means is that if the winning moc already had the canon color, then there’s no point in recoloring the moc in order to add that very color.

Regardless, Lariska is far out and probably won’t happen until late spring or summer. It’s better to clarify with the TTV judges than resort to pointless arguing.


He could be, though? TTV did not enforce a specific hex code for his colous. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, to all the people saying that this is semantics and that Lariska is canonically “teal” and therefore “Bright Bluish Green” - Lariska is canonically “Dark Blue-Green”. The use of the term teal is to distinguish that colour from armour that is a mixture of dark blue and dark green - it is not referring to Lego’s specific shade of teal, as seems to be the popular perspective.

If anything, “Bright Bluish Green” actually contradicts the canon colour.


This is the sort of conversation that makes me glad I made this topic.