Makuta Frivix

Makuta Frivix is like many of his brethren in that he sees himself as above the inhabitants of the universe and is detached from life as a whole. Where he differs from most Makuta is how he presents himself.

Frivix, “Zero Leader”

Gender: Male
Species: Makuta
Kanohi: Ponos, Great Mask of Sensory Deprivation
Pieces: 157

Frivix isn’t above working in the shadows, but he will never lie about anything. He is completely open about the Plan, and the means he is willing to take, and the lives and resources he is willing to sacrifice in order to ensure its success; whereas most Makuta would attempt to corrupt or kill their Toa Hagah teams, Frivix explained everything to his Hagah first and genuinely did not understand why some of them refused his offer.

In many ways, Frivix is a lot like Teridax, and they’ve had many a discussion about their leadership philosophy: In this game of life, you the King are the most important piece. Everyone else, no matter how powerful, can be abandoned for the right cause.


  • Frivix is inspired by Consul F from Xenoblade Chronicles 3. His moniker “Zero Leader” references F’s position as the leader of Colony 0.
  • Unbelievably, Frivix is purist apart from the mask and the visor (the Glatorian head underneath glows white in the render, but is intended to be trans-neon green).
  • Consul R, a Makuta necromancer, is horrified of Frivix, although she is too proud to fear him to his face.

looks great!


Another excellent Makuta!

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In the Orchid set.