Makuta Scairix (Brotherhood of Makuta Community MoC Project)

@Gilahu, this is for you…

This is Makuta Scairix. I actually had a lot of fun making this MoC, although, I kinda regret not making him taller…

Whithout his sword.

Back view…

Profile shot. For once, I’m actually happy with the shaping on the back…

Just to give you an idea as to how the torso’s constructed. I used an Inika chestplate but everything else is 100% custom…

As for backstory, I’m not sure what I should do. I was considering just using one of the suggestions you posted on the main project topic, since I’m really not super great at making interesting backstories… At some point he loses his leg and a couple fingers in an explosion and recieves mechanical replacements, but that’s really all I’ve got.
I also tried not to use TOO much CCBS on this (even though I really like using it XD). I hope this meets your standards for the project, and thank you for your patience all this time…
EDIT: Backstory.
Scairix was one of the Makuta tasked with creating Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe. He was very passionate about his work, but lacked discipline and his projects were frequently dangerous and poorly planned. After one such project resulted in the loss of one of his legs and several fingers, Makuta Miserix (Miserix was in charge of the Brotherhood at this point, right?) deemed him too reckless and sloppy to continue working on his own. Scairix was instructed to assist Makuta Chirox in creating crablike Rahi. Scairix was unhappy with being an assistant, and resented Chirox, who he thought “lacked vision”. They frequently butted heads in their workplace, a rivalry fueled by Scairix’s increasing frustration with Chirox, who he felt was always getting credit for things that he wouldn’t have been able to do if it weren’t for Scairix’s help.
Scairix’s most notable achievement was his role in creating the Zivon alongside Chirox. During the process, though, Chirox “accidentally” teleported Scairix into the Zone of Shadows along with the Zivon. No one ever saw him again, and he his presumed dead.
Scairix wore a Kanohi Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision, and carried a plasma sword, although he was never a particularly skilled fighter.


Here’s a couple links to MOC’s I’ve done with backstories. I basically just did the same format as the wiki and added a bit of flavor.
Fraga the Mad
Bokarda the Toa Monster
Everything else is up to the imagination.

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Looking nice!

The asymmetry in the legs actually looks pretty good and I really like that torso, too. My favorite part are the upper arms for some reason. They just really work for me. Also nice colour distribution.

As to backstory - I really don’t need much from you: What’s his mask power? What did he do? How did he die? That’s basically it.

I figure Scairix could be the one working on the Zivon alongside Chirox (see project topic), but if you have other ideas that would be fine, too.
Alternatively he kinda looks to me like a diplomat for some reason.

So, I’ll accept the MOC once there’s a working backstory.

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I like it. It maybe looks a bit too plain in some places, but I really like the legs.

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Got it. I’ll start thinking about that. I’ll just post it to the project topic once I’m done.

Yeah I like them too. Something about the way they sit inside the shoulder plates and how the contrast with the lower arms appeals to me.

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The asymmetry bothers me a bit but aside from that and some weird proportions this M.O.C seems real good

You can definitely do that, but you’ll have to add this stuff to this topic here, too. It’s easier to later find again here than in one of the 1k+ posts in the project topic :wink:

You can totally use the project topic to discuss the backstory with me, though.

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Looks very good for, what is, a fairly standard build. Good to see Meltdown’s head being used, don’t see it on many mocs

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I really like this MOC but I think my favorite parts are the shoulders. The skull army armor piece (this piece) really looks good here.

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I wouldn’t go for outright murder, that’s a little too extreme.

I’m not sure if the original discussion about “Zivon creation alongside Chirox” was held in the project topic or via private message, but if I remember correctly @E44 and I kinda agreed that Chirox “accidently” trapped his partner alongside the Zivon if the Field of Darkness where the Zivon likely killed said partner.

If you don’t want to use that, you’re free to come up with something different, but outright murder doesn’t fit here.

Everything else works fine.

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That is a way better idea. I’ll edit it right away.

You should probably put the “accidentally” in quotations marks like this, indicating that it wasn’t at all accidentally :wink:

Ok, MOC accepted, thanks a lot for participating!

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