Maximus Prime's Beast Wars Moc Building Contest


  1. All mocs entered must be able to transform, from a robot, to a beast mode of some kind.

  2. With all entries, there must be a name, name of beast mode, name of faction, Maximal

Or Predacon,

And a short bio. And no pre-existing characters please.

  1. LDD is allowed.

  2. All entries must include a name…

  3. Feel free to submit your entries to this topic.

  4. If you create a separate topic for your entry, you must include “Beast Wars Moc Contest” some where in the title, and leave a link in this topic.

  5. If you decide that you want to participate, please say so in the topic.

  6. The contest ends on November 18th 9:00 pm pacific standard time. I will release a video compilation of all the entries, 1-2 days later, announcing the winner.

Please note that whoever wins, will be based on my own opinion.

Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.

Good luck, and happy mocing.


For general fans of Beast Wars, I recommend these topics.

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Wait, you said to put dinobot moc contest BTW

I might make one, probably with my hordika vakama head

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My bad. I just copied, pasted, and edited the rules. I’ll be sure to change it. So should I put you on the list?

Sure, I need more time to kill

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Great! :smile: I’ll put you up there!

Huh, sounds really neat! I will try to maybe enter…maybe…


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So is that a yes or a no? I need to know weather or not I should put you on the list.

Its a maybe.



Alright then. You’re on the list.

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Would the MOC have to be from the show?
I probably will enter either way but still

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Like I said. No pre-existing characters.

I’ll be sure to put you on the list.

Alright, I’ll start it tomorrow.

and I will actually make it this time

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Good to hear. I like the enthusiasm!

(I started mine today…oops…)

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I wonder how many cheetor transformations you’re gonna get.

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Hey. Cheetor transformations still means there’s stuff going on in the upper body. :slight_smile:

I’m in

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Great! You’re on the list.



Due to resent events, the video compilation of all of the entries will be relieved significantly later after the contest’s end. This is because of a scout camp that I am going to, that was planned for the same weekend. The contest will still end on the 18th.

My entry is done, I just keep forgetting to take pictures.
I should do that now.


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