Onokk, Carver of the Toa Falment

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A simple story for a simple man.

Onokk was a Po-Matoran and a carver of great skill, so good in fact, you might say that he could carve with the wrong end of his chisel. Which he could, and frequently did. You see, Onokk wasn’t the sharpest chisel in the village, in fact, if most Po-Matoran were chisels, he was a hammer. This didn’t bother Onokk though, he enjoyed his carving, he enjoyed his Kohli, he enjoyed his life. But things changed when he became a Toa. His transformation left him discolored, disheveled, and somewhat disfigured. You see, at the time, Onokk wasn’t particularly sure “what” a Toa was, let alone what they looked like. But once again, that doesn’t get him down. He’s happy to be here, even if he isn’t sure where “here” is.

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I honestly love how you made a moc that in some places doesn’t feel like it goes together, and with a quite simplistic backstory made it all totally work. Great job!

very nice!

Can we see his left arm extended? Cuz it looks like it’s supposed to be a tentacle, but I’m not sure if it has a hand or a club or a Toa tool at the end.

Meant to be a noodle arm, with a club akamai style at the end, meant to be the hammer to his chisel. I wasn’t sure if the arm was long enough to effectively get the point across, but I decided it was good enough because I was running out of burnt orange ccbs shells

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