Pouks, Hagah of Stone

One of the Makuta’s Toa guardians from a time long gone.

The Toa Hagah have gotten relevant recently thanks to the canon contest going on, so I’m decided to do my own take on Pouks. Hope you guys like it!


Very nice build though I don’t see a toa I see an assassin droid that would fit right into star wars.

After thinking it over submit him for Marendar when the contest come around! Great being assassin toa killing robot… I mean your MOC screams the description!


Fantastic build, love the building techniques in the torso especially! can’t wait for it to be canon :+1:


I have a feeling this is gonna win…


I think this is a great moc, and in any other circumstances it would definitely win, but because of the violations, it’ll most likely be DQd


This is a fantastic MOC, but it isn’t compliant with the rules at all.


This MOC is sick!

But it will be DQ’ed because as far as I know, there isn’t a Metru torso or a Metru waist in this MOC…

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yeah, really good, but really non-compliant


Oh dear, poor sir. There’s no Metru torso, no metallic armor on his upper legs, there is metallic armor on his shins, and he’s undoubtedly taller than Iruini.

A wonderful, excellent MOC, but for all the above reasons, I fear this will be swiftly disqualified.


It’s like you intentionally tried to defy almost every rule in the book with this entry. :joy:

I still really like how he looks, a bit too Plague Mech-esque for my taste personally but I agree with the colors and the design’s all around pretty dope.


As Pouks: I can’t really see it, especially because it lacks a metru torso.
As a MOC: That is one sick looking robot assassin thing.

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Ah, I found it.

This is better than any other entry. If it gets DQ’d, that proves that the moderators only want their version of canon.

/s… Or am i?


This is a great looking moc but I don’t really see this as Pouks.

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I’d like this to be canon, while a standard hagah pouks is the canon model for 2005. Sorta akin to how Tahu Mata in 2001, is the same character as Tahu from 2010, just looks different.

This looks like if Lego started making professional model kits for bionicle though, great job!

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Silvak mate, I follow you on other platforms; you’re a great moccist, but… Did you just not read the rules? Or are you trying to break every single one of them on purpose? xD


Yes. ⠀⠀


While this is quite impressive, it violates almost every rule, except for:

That being said, I genuinely like this MOC. And I agree with @cynic1987; this would be perfect for the Marendar contest!


Good as a MOC but bad as an entry. The metallic placement is everywhere, the metrutorso is missing, hes to big, idk is the staff is even a staff it looks like a fancy sword and there arent even breakdown pictures also the shield is held wrong and brown is barely there. the burnt orange shells arent even burnt orange but edited to look like they were, and to me they look more likr copper

I hope you really meant that sarcastic like you said. But if it gets DQ’d it will be due to defieing what Greg said being them being Metru builds first and the rest second.

But the moc is good, it fits your style, i like the pink eyes.

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Very good MOC, but breaks most of the rules.

I feel super bad agreeing that this can’t be canon let alone a valid entry.

This is officially my favorite interpretation of Pouks going around the community, but I’d bet on this design representing the Hagah Post-Reformation, wandering the world without duty. I see this Pouks variation standing alongside the likes of buttloaf_build’s Norik and brick_diamond’s Iruini.

You’re a flippin amazing builder, and don’t you dare let anyone in this contest tell you otherwise, even if you did intentionally break the rules to enter this :joy:


It’s certainly more interesting than anything else we’ve got