Self-MOC: Farathorn Worldcrusher, Toa of Death

Here he is, the Toa of Death himself!

Farathorn is the main character of my upcoming web-literature series, Spherus-Kal.
He originated as a ta-matoran on Metru Nui who left when he realised that Toa Lhikan's team was being picked off one by one. He wandered for a short while, nearly dying countless times, until he was given a toa stone and became a toa of fire.

He remains a toa of fire, but has been given the title 'Toa of Death' because of his violent tendencies and his dangerous weaponry.

Normally, he's calm and collected, with a sense of humour, but extremely honest.
However, if provoked enough, he has an incredibly violent temper, and often makes morally dubious choices when angry. He has been known to severely maim or even kill enemies who threaten those important to him.

He builds weapons as a hobby, and his most impressive construction is his own rifle.
In general, he prefers to make long-distance, strategic strikes against his enemies, but is quite capable with his pistol and katana as well. His katana is called Justice's Glory, named for his high regard for retribution against evil.

As you can see, he has opposable fingers, inspired by those used by LittleBrotherhoodStudios in their film Project Toa.

Each palm has a peg in it, used for holding his weapons, like so:

Here's a closer look at the torso design:

So, let me know what you think, constructive criticism is welcome!


The color scheme is a bit bland, Hau is bland, and he looks very simple, he has Metru red and Mata red, limbs look a tad bit weird.

Uh... Too OP!


either way I'd guess it's alright. Sorta dunno about the color, or some of the other things.

I won't comment anymore past that

I know people don't like mata and metru reds mixing, but I actually like the look of it, so it's not changing. :/
Could you expand on what you mean about the limbs, too?

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In my opinion they just look strange, like, really skinny for the hands and feet; especially with the Metru armor being used. Remember it could just be me


As @Booster_Gold said, he has incredibly skinny limbs when compared to his torso. Try thickening them up.


Just going to be honest here:
It is Ssoo bboorriinngg
Seriously. The plain Inika torso is an eye soar and the proportions seem weird.

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Hau can you say that?


I like him! Simple, but he gets the character across. Perhaps you should give him an ammo belt or something like that to drive home the militant appeal...

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Thanks! I'm working on some additional clothing/armoury pieces to give him.

"I was, designed to save the world. Matoran would look at me and see... hope... I'll take that from them first."

The first thing that came to my mind.

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What is that off of?

Age of Ultron Trailer, I think it's the second one or the global trailer.

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