Sokoda's weekly builds

[SWB 104] 2020 [SWB 104] 2020

Another year has passed for this project!

This year was very exciting for the project, especially with the 100th build and I want to once again thank you all for sticking with it and supporting it.

Some of you have already asked if I’d continue in 2021, and I wasn’t sure back then.
Over the last couple of weeks I started figureing some stuff out and getting a little bit of a head start on the next builds.
So I have decided that I will try to continue the project in 2021

For 2021 I will stick with as a building program, but I will change the way I do the lighting in my renders around a bit. But overall the changes for the 2021 builds aren’t that substantial.

Like last year I’d love to hear which builds were your favorites and I hope I’ll be able to share some cool builds in 2021 with all of you!



Another exceptional build, and I’m glad you’re continuing it

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it’s been two years already? Gosh


Hey @Sokoda, could for your next build(if you do one) could you try and build a key that unlocks the codrex in the mistika ad? I’ve been wondering how, and if you do then could you also add the instructions? Thanks


Hi! Yes I am building more models here. It definitely wouldn’t be the next one, because I always build ahead a bit, but that sounds interesting.

Would you want it to just be a brick built version of that shape from the ad?


[SWB 105] Mini Tower of Toa

New year new weekly builds!
A lot of people asked me to, so I built another Mini Bionicle playset, this time the Tower of Toa! Integrating the mask here was a bit more challenging then the last time, because of the way it’s in the real set, but here’s how it turned out: [SWB 105] Mini Tower of Toa

The build has one part from the Bionicle parts pack you can find here Please read their PDF about the parts if you want to use them.


Nice job, love the use of the original mask piece. I remember that this bad boy was basically my introduction to Bionicle. Hard to believe it’s been over 15 years since then


I never had this one, but a relative of mine had it and it looked so cool. The building techniques are very dated nowadays, but back then this set was extremely cool imo, LEGO improved a lot over the last 15 years


Yeah, the figures in the set felt more like board game pieces then actual minifigures. Would be interesting to see them redone in the '06/'07 style


Awesome build, Sokoda! :smiley: A great one to start the year.

I got the original Tower of Toa set back at Brickfair New England 2015. It’s a great set, and I’m excited to see it represented in your project. (I was especially excited to get a Brutaka gold Mask of Shadows :stuck_out_tongue: )


this is a nice build to kick off the new year, well done Sokoda!
I actually have one of these that I picked up for half price at a goodwill. the box was damaged, and one of the bags was open, but the others were sealed. (I did open and build it due to the poor quality of the box and one bag)
I really like the technique you used for connecting the top to the balcony below it.

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About the thing I wanted, Byron the ad is cool. Thanks

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I know you’ve probably got a hundred ideas in your backlog, but I was wondering if you could do good old Good Guy himself. Just an idea, y’know?


Good idea, I’ll put it on my list, I have quite a lot of Bionicle requests recently and because I don’t want all of these builds to be Bionicle it might take quite a while till I can get to all of them and try to do something with them.


[SWB 106] The Garma-bike

A request on Twitter, a bike for Garmadon. Of cause it has two handlebars :smile:
All pieces used come in these colors! [SWB 106] The Garma-bike


Happy Ninjago Day!


Yes happy anniversary!


@Sokoda Obviously I am overjoyed by your rendition of the Tower of Toa! :smiley:

…have you received any requests to do something based on…



Haven’t received any rock raiders requests yet, but it’s a fantastic idea, I love rock raiders


[SWB 107] Hero Factory

This build was requested by @LegoDavid, all pieces used come in these colors, but it has a couple of custom decals. [SWB 107] Hero Factory