Some mocs you made years ago

Some area to post old mocs you have photos of.

I’ll post mine when I get photos.


I was actually just about to post a topic for an old MOC, but it’s too much work, so I’ll do it here instead.

These three pictures are all of a MOC I made ~three and a half years ago for a contest on Brickset. Easily my biggest MOC ever, and an absolute devil to balance and photograph. I still amaze myself with the head design, though. I have since regressed to building almost exclusively Gafna. =P


Nice that is a nice moc. I really like the color scheme.

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one topic for everyone? Why not several different topics?

ah, guess it’ll work.

@MooCowsRock This feels deserving of its own topic. It’s big and greebly and not quite colored evenly, but the sheer size of this lad makes it easier to see it as a whole design rather than the sum of its parts.


Narmoto alt build is an oldie
and who can forget Bat Romeo
yeah i thought it was funny back then


not me, darn thing’s been standing in the darkest corner of my room when I sleep.

he won’t leave


I’m fairly sure that’s his way of showing affection

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Ah, fine, I’ll get to it. =P Thanks for the compliment.

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Literally Protector of Fire vs. Batman trying to look more positive is matchup of the year

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