Station of Names (RP-Signups)

You wake up at a platform with many other people and creatures. It seems to be a collection of people from all kinds of places and imaginary concepts. Within your sight, you see a gateway with what seems to have a hooded figure guarding it… Wonder what this will lead to? What kind of place will this be? Wonder what kind of fun will happen?

Welcome to the station and all aboard.


  1. Don’t rip characters from other franchises. Concepts, Ideas, and OCs are acceptable. So you guys can have your bonkles too but we won’t be heavily reliant on it so be prepared for your Makuta or big boy of the sort to be nerfed.
  2. Don’t kill or directly manipulate characters characters without permission.
  3. The Role-play will not strictly follow canon of concepts and ideas taken from other franchises.
  4. (Insert Metagaming and the like.)

Character Sheet:

Species (Any kind. Be creative. Let loose.):
Items on hand:
Habits or quirks:
Access to the station (Finding it, being at a low point, or just a desire.):
Universe Background (Be creative with this):

(All Characters have a sheet of paper for them)
Welcome to the Station of Names. Maybe you were taken here at your lowest times? Or maybe you found this place after trying to look for someone? Whatever it is. You can find whatever you want here. Afterall. This station is for discovering dreams.

You are a new “Named” brought here to join the station. You can leave anytime as long as your name isn’t stolen. At this station, whoever wins in a battle can steal the name of the loser and whoever loses their name cannot use it for the rest of their life; the winning person can steal everything the loser owns, as well as their name.Those that lose their name cannot use it until they reclaim it; those that lose their name become the “unnamed” and have to stay on the station forever. This leaves them to fate until they can claim a new name to leave.
There is a specific manner for people to steal another’s name: after subduing your opponent, you simply focus on them (causing a message in the form of a floating scroll to appear saying that “Name Stealing” is beginning) and maintain contact for ten seconds, which allows you to steal their name; an opponent’s name is stolen by default if they are destroyed. Once a name has been stolen, a scroll with the stolen name written on it will be automatically generated. This scroll contains all the names that you have stolen, as well as a list of your ‘servants’.
Servants refer to those who are ruled by the ‘named’. The ‘named’ may bestow a name that they have stolen to an ‘unnamed’ in return for being bestowed a name, the ‘unnamed’ must serve the one who gave them a name as their master. You can do this regardless of the will of the person you are giving a name as long as you do the procedure for capturing a name whilst doing so. Those who have become servants cannot refuse an order from their master, but they are able to create their own servants.

I took a lot of inspiration on how to make this sheet from Runa’s RPs btw if you couldn’t tell. Props to him.

Anyway, this literal whole RP was inspired from one arc of a webcomic called Tower of God. The art is kinda bleh as it starts off but it gets a lot better as it goes.


I see we’ve read the same webcomic, it’s still better than some of the other ones that can be found on the site.

I like it. I just need a good character concept now…let me think. I’ll start with his name.

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Name: Project: Runa
Gender: Male
Species (Any kind. Be creative. Let loose.): Human, but kinda also a cyborg
Items on hand: Not including his robotic implants/enhancements, he has a mask connected to his personal database(data gathered from Project: Caneyen) and a GUI to show them to the user, a laser that can replace his robotic right arm called Project: Judgement(shoots a powerful laser(takes one of my posts to prime, 50 total posts to cool down after.)), Project: Gardna to create an energy shield thing the height of his body and half the width, Project: Caneyen(pronounced canine), which can scan people to learn some of their abilities and other info, Project: Bladearm, which lets him use a retractable armblade, and his robotic right forearm. (Note: all Projects listed except Judgement attach to his upper forearms, and can only use two at a time.)
Habits or quirks: Sarcastic, but very eager to learn and know everything he can. Always looks for more information.
Access to the station (Finding it, being at a low point, or just a desire.): Do random interdimensional rifts work?
Abilities: shoot lasers out of his fingers and palms, retractable wings, thrusters in his feet(one post to prime before use, else face damage), ‘R-Mechanical Overdrive*’, and ‘R-Mechanical Core Discharge*’
Appearance: Tall-ish, slim. Brown hair, mask looks basically like Bull Skull Mask with green accents and red eyes. Metal chestplate with retractable shoulder armor. Green crystal energy source in chest. Green metal armor over the rest of his torso. Metal hands and forearms. Green clothing on upper arms, protected by forcefield same strength as metal. Green metal on lower legs, rest of legs has normal metal colored armor.
Universe Background (Be creative with this): An alternate Earth, in which some people are capable of incredible mental prowess much more than our Earth, such as Project: Runa himself. Due to this, the world is hundreds of years ahead of us in technology.
Bio: This young man(currently 17) built his own enhancements at the age of 14. After creating many projects, he became a vigilante, using his abilities to fight, and often kill, criminals he finds.

R-Mechanical Overdrive

does damage to robotic systems after 25 posts that take place in the scenario he’s in, and damage to his person bits after 50, but doubles(or triples, not sure yet) his laser power, speed, strength, and other physical attributes

R-Mechanical Core Discharge

makes him unable to shoot lasers or use his wings/boosters until he manually repairs them, but fires a huge destructive laser beam.


Name: No.7
Gender: genderless
Species: Human (clone, to be exact a biosource clone (it does matter. All biosource clones essentially share the same weaknesses.)), biologically enhanced soldier.
Items on Hand: A cellular device and a pistol.
Habits or Quirks: He has a bit of a superiority complex and anger issues. Once he sets his mind on something, he will do anything to accomplish that something.
Access to the Station: No.7 stumbled upon it and took quickly to the idea of the power of names.
Abilities: He has immense physical strength and endurance to match that strength. His top running speed was measured at 40 meters per second, or 89.4775 MPH. He has survived a 400ft drop. (He did brace for impact and essentially what a parkour pro does when they land a 40ft drop and rolled. Also he sustained unjuries, his limbs were broken) He went toe to toe with an A.R.M.S unit. (nearly died… a lot.) When injured (With broken limbs) his body acts similar a cast and keeps the bones in place, until he can rest. He can also “see” (sense) “Corrupt Souls”. Corrupt souls are souls which have purposely or have chosen to murder.*
Weaknesses: He has an extremely slow recovery rate and is easily burned. Due to the fact that he is a clone, No.7 cannot naturally heal. He needs the biological matter from someone of a similar DNA makeup in order to heal. He can be temporally healed by other biological matter, from humans however it won’t last long and can cause more damage if he is not careful, because of this most of his injuries are permanent. Poison is effective on him and other clones of this type. He also has a shorter lifespan, the average is about 50 years.

(This is before his body was burned and he is now covered in burns/scars)
He has two horns growing on his elbows (olecranons to be exact) and his limbs have developed tough scales. (Talller than the average human, around 7 foot)
Universe Background: He comes from a different universe, from the country, Union. He is the seventh bio-source clone of the A.R.M.S pilot, Yahel Nale. He was a lab rat to the government research branch, S.P.I.N or Soul Personality Intelligence Network. S.P.I.N had him biologically altered through a machine called S.P.M, Soul Permutation Manifest. This process nearly killed him, but it gave him a devilish appearance and immense physical prowess. The new found power was barely enough to fight A.R.M.S units of towering heights ranging around 90 ft.
Biosource Clones are clones that need biological material from the one that they were cloned from in order for their bodies to heal. After Yahel Nale betrayed S.P.I.N, No.7 became the first clone to survive without their original biosource. They gave No.7 two new biosources of similar DNA makeup.
Bio: No.7 was born a biosource clone on 04|12|36. He passed testing with flying colors. He was enhanced by the S.P.M and a new “soul” entered his body. This soul gave him such immense physical abilities and devilish appearance. Yahel Nale, his biosource, betrayed him by escaping S.P.I.N. No.7 leapt into the air and grabbed onto the A.R.M.S unit’s leg, he slipped while the A.R.M.S unit activated it’s rockets and threw him into a 400ft drop.
No.7 forced the facility workers to put him in the S.P.M again and they did so, afraid of him. This activation of the S.P.M scarred his entire body with burns.
There’s a lot more to his story. Though the S.P.M did with him with one more gift, other than the permanent scars. It left him with ability to “see” “corrupt souls”.

(If you were wondering, this is from one of my fictional universes)

I hope this works.

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Name: Pawn
Gender: Female
Species: Force Wraith (Host is Mandalorian/human)
Items on hand: A full suit of mandalorian armor equipped with all the standard equipment of Mandalorian armor plus some more stuff*. It’s made of Beskar with a cortosis laminate.
Habits or Quirks: Tends to look down upon her enemies
Access to the station: Wormhole
Abilities: Extensive control of the force, Space Wraith abilities
Appearance: Dark Blue colored Mandalorian Armor with the secondary color being black. A gold Pauldron signifies her status as a high ranking Field Marshal.
Universe Background: A space wraith who decided to roam the galaxy again, and possessed a high ranking and rather well off Mandalorian to do so.
Bio: Looks down upon her opponents and thrives in combat. Isn’t friendly and is rather antagonistic. It’s rumored that her species (Space Wraiths) feed off of negative emotions, and Pawn makes a pretty solid case for this.

Standard Equipment of Mandalorian armor plus some more stuff

Mandolorian Supercommando Armor: Includes several armor plates made of a Beskar with a cortosis laminate. Has a digital life support system readout, temperature regulating system, stealth field generators, sound dampeners, and a sound dampening overlay IV. She also wears a black Kama weaved with beskar and that contains several extra hidden pockets for weapons.

Flight Suit: Weaved with the same Beskar/Cortosis allow, and enabled with Energy Field Projectors, Ceramic plates, fire resistance, acid resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, blocks poisons and corrosives, bicep, hip, thigh, and calf pockets, with the calf pockets holding a security spike, survival knife, jetpack maintenance tool, sonic weapon, Field Security Overloader, and is airtight with the armor and allows for survival in space.

Mandolorian Helmet: Made from the stuff as the armor. Equipped with a Targeting rangefinder which can track up to 30 targets, intercept and unscramble comlink and starship comm transmissions, and jam comms and send fake transmissions. A Macrobinocular view plate with a variety of vision modes, magnified vision, infrared scanner which could be magnified up to 50 times and can magnify light up to 100 times or display heat gradations, compensate automatically for low or high light conditions, and record video and play it back. A sophisticated heads-up display with Pineal eye sensor with an internal overlay display that provides tracking information within a 360 degree radius, targeting array gives a 360-degree view, provide info to the user and capable of searching databases or uploading maps, and can scan the holonet and perform tasks that would normally require a desktop. A battle computer that allows the user to control the suit’s systems through verbal commands, and an environmental filtration system which can seal to compensate for pressure changes and hold up to 10 hours of air. It can also link to various weapons that the wearer is using and will adjust the targeting system to provide as best accuracy as possible. Other systems include infrared scanners, sound sensors, motion sensors, advanced penetrating radar, encrypted internal comlinks, lifesign scanners, smoke filters, and Friend or Foe sensors.

Vambraces: Mounted on the lower arm and controlled by commands given through the
helmet. Made of the same stuff as the armor and helmet. They contain various weapons and systems, including Flamethrowers, Guided Wrist Rockets, Kamino Saberdarts, Repulsors, extendable vibro-blades, laser cutter, Shield Emitters, lock overriding system, wrist blaster, dart launcher, sonic weapons, grappling hook, electromagnets, and fibercord whips (20m).

Z-6 Jetpack: Made from the same alloy as the rest of his equipment and includes a targeting computer and flight gyros. The Z-6’s fuel tank held enough fuel for one minute of continuous operation (20 three-second blasts). Each three second blast moved the wearer up to 100 meters horizontally or 70 meters vertically. A user of standard height and weight could reach a top speed of 145 kilometers per hour with a maximum range of two kilometers. Directional thrusters featured gyro-stabilizers to apply counterthrust for maneuvering and landing. Anti-vehicle missile launcher

Knee pads/Boots: Made of the same stuff as the rest of the suit. The knee pads have rocket propelled darth launchers and the boots had magnetic soles with spikes that could be deployed on difficult terrains, as well as two deployable spikes.

Utility Belt: 10 pouches that hold various detonators, a Data breaker capable of hacking 5 billion terabytes of data, a snack bar emergency rations, and glow sticks chemlights, and an entrenching tool that folds up and can be used as a hatchet

General Weapons: custom DC-15A Blaster Rifle with removable tripod (both made of the Beskar/Cortosis alloy), T-6 “Thunderer” heavy blaster pistol, Beskar Imperial Heavy Repeater Slug Thrower, and a Vibrosword made of beskar.

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A little confused by this, but it sound fun, and I need a new role play. I’ll make my character tomorrow! (Wait, so does this mean your character can come from a third-party universe, but has to be an OC? Does Spider-Ehlek count? He’s a splice between two characters, but he’s pretty much his own character, mainly just similar to Ehlek in name and appearance)

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I would assume that would work. Just as long as it isn’t a blatant rip off of an existing character. If you put effort into making it different then I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Okay, colour me intrigued.

But one question before I start thinking of a Character: how free form are you going with this?

Cause I’m all for player driven RPs, I just don’t have the time for one :stuck_out_tongue:

Kinda in that “Please let there be a plot line” mood yanno?


Name: Thiura
Gender: Female
Species: Mini Mayhem
Items on hand: A scyhte
Habits or quirks: Pacifist, trusting most people
Access to the station: Through Keltraz’s Portal with Multi-verse travelling capabilities
Abilities: Can create a force field with limited durability around friends or allies(This ability takes a lot of energi)
Can boost a beings physical strength or heal an being for as long as she keeps the ability active.
Appearance, Bio and Personality: Can be found here: Thiura - Protector of all Life
Universe Background: She’s from a world where toys are alive and have sentience(Like if Toy story took place in real life and some humans were aware of the toys living.)

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Name: Spider-Man (Ehlek Parker)
Gender: Male
Species (Any kind. Be creative. Let loose.): Um… Green Human with Ehlek’s Head?
Items on hand: Webshooters, Claws, Mask That Really Just Covers His Eyes
Habits or quirks: Loves having fun, usually saves the world a lot, is incredibly clumsy, awful at lying
Access to the station (Finding it, being at a low point, or just a desire.): Gets sent there by a cross-dimensional villain
Abilities: Spider-Man’s Powers (Strength, Spidey-Sense, Sticky Hands), Electric Touch, Amphibious Capabilities, Pincers

Please ignore the special effects, he isn’t actually sparkly (though that’d be sweet)
Universe Background (Be creative with this): In a Marvel Universe where every character is spliced with another character from another dimension, heroes and villains face off for control over the flawed world.
Bio: A mutated eel sounds strange, but Ehlek Parker is just your typical student at Aragorn Midwest High School. Living with his aunt, Ehlek lived an average life in an in average world. When on a field trip with his class to Ringcorp, a big business with a shadowy background, a robbery hosted by two criminals found its way to the class. One of the two, armed with a radiation-fueled battery, chucked his prize into the crowd. Countless students were exposed, though very few would be permanently infected. Ehlek, who was stepping on a spider, would gain new, amazing abilities! Becoming the new masked hero Spider-Man, because no one can notice the giant pincers sticking out of the mask, he grew to fight crime in the strangest of forms. Learning to balance his life between his foes (such as Venomhog and the Green Gollum), and his friends (such as Mantax Morales and Mahri Jane Watson [sorry]) always came difficult to the young hero, as he would rather be out fighting with Admiral Ackbarson and the other Avengers than sitting in school, no matter how average his grades were. Whether he’s fighting alien parasites or mutated company owners, Parker will always remember what his late Uncle Pridak taught him: “With great power comes a lot of cool things, like robots and aliens.”
(Sorry if that’s a little too much like Spider-Man, I tried to keep him different without it being pivotal)

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OT you’re making me scared. EU is too stronk.

how free form are you going with this?
I have a general plot thought out with an End Goal event. I had this as a discord rp already once and uh it died due to inactivity so I’m already prepared for minor hiccups that I noticed

I didn’t know this was an R Rated character. :wink:
Accepted @Runa

A little too stronk. Might need a couple nerfs imo. Mainly due to the rest of the cast so far probably not being able to handle what basically is 30 Captain Americas into one.
Otherwise good but needs to be mellowed down

Accepted @Omega_Tahu but I’ll treat Beskars durability to something a tad better than steel because Beskar is too stronk. ill be lenient on the force powers against my better judgement

Accepted @Tarkur

Nah It’s good.
Accepted @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister

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But like, that’s the entire point of Beskar…

How about phrik instead?

But seriously I would like to keep the Legends durability of Beskar. Even though it’s virtually indestructible there’s a lot of ways to work around it, it just takes some creativity.

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I mean you’re coupling that with force powers so uhhhh

Creativity is hard when you also have force powers

I mean, not too hard. Force powers are really only meant to be used one at a time, because of concentration and stuff. Using more than one at a time is generally really taxing on the user if we follow Star Wars logic at least

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I accept it as it is then. Mainly because why not. I realized I have Spider-Man Ehlek



Fun fact: the R stands for Reckless. Can you tell why?

Also you have no idea how tempting it was to try and use Nameless

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Would adding a section of weaknesses help? [quote=“Jcton, post:6, topic:45954”]
he became able to produce his own biological matter and could heal himself
I’m thinking of editing this out and making it so he can’t recover wounds as quickly. I’ll also nerf his abilities.

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What about a heartless or two.

That would be adding a silver bullet but that would help[quote=“Jcton, post:19, topic:45954”]
I’m thinking of editing this out and making it so he can’t recover wounds as quickly. I’ll also nerf his abilities.

Sounds good overall. I’d personally keep him generally within Toa Nuva Strength. I mean you’re all bonkle fans so it makes sense to use Toa as a scaling.

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Name: Ghartix
Gender: Male
Species: Ryhar
Items on hand: Chain
Habits or quirks: Doesn’t talk much.
Access to the station: Teleported there by a higher ranking Ryhar.
Abilities: Can dash forward a bit. It’s not very useful, so Ghartix doesn’t use this often.

Universe Background: Ghartix comes from a world currently inhabited by demons named the Ryhar, but it wasn’t always that way. Originally it was inhabited by another species, but they’ve since gone extinct because of the Ryhar’s takeover.
Bio: Ghartix is a scout for the Ryhar, so he’s often teleported to other planets to see if they can be taken over as well. Even though it may look like the Ryhar only have eyes, they have mouths and ears. The “horns” are actually ears and most Ryhar will keep their mouth hidden unless speaking.

Let me know if I need to change anything.

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Accepted @Toa_Distraxx

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