Station of Names (RP Topic)

“So what?”

"You simply can't choose a name for someone like that. That wouldn't sit well" He tips over due to his undistributed weight and somewhat lack of control

"Sit well with who? Let me know so I can give them a couple ideas on a better way to run this place," Ehlek asks, practicing his usual superhero flare.

"Uh. I doubt that would work. Thats not how it works."

Ehlek's face becomes very confused. "Then how does it work?"

No.7 thinks about and looks for something like a market. He's been around a few markets before, but a life of a clone doesn't present too many opportunities.

(assuming he'd landed) Runa walks lightly towards it, curiously watching. "What are you, little guy?" He looks around, trying to figure out where he ended up.

"I doubt you could beat whoever made this place. It works pretty well on its own. Too well. You can't disturb the balance so easily like that."

He sees that the main market is empty with the shop stalls empty.

The creature waves "Hello. They bothering you too?"

"Yup." He says. "Well, they were trying."

He looks around town for something similar.

"You should move out of the way. I'm gonna get rid of them real quick."

He doesn't seem to see what he's looking for but he could easily just loot as much as he can so he could sell it.

"Okay." He said as he stepped back.

The sharpened stone enlarged, starting to crack the area around them. The nameless attempting to get in were either hurt or unable to get back in with the amount of people trying at once.

"We good."

Runa nods. "Good." He said. "Who might you be?" He asks.

"I'm Jen." It sighs at stating it's own name.

No.7 types into his cellular device and writes:
Mission Objectives: 1: Gain access to a syringe and DNA testing equipment. 2: If possible gain access to an A.I.P and use it to help with DNA testing and finding a suitable biosource. 3: Find access to a device which creates copies of biological matter. 4: Use device to create new biological matter before deterioration. 5: Find and capture a new biosource for the aforementioned machine.
He looks up and searches for anything that meets his mission parameters.

"Runa." The boy replies with his own. He looks around at his surroundings, trying to see where he jumped into.

He finds a lot of weapons and medication of sorts but nothing specifically fitting his parameters except a dirty syringe that was in a disposal bin

It appeared to be a chasm made of a myriad of glowing gemstones.

No.7 grabs the dirty syringe in the trash binge. He looks for some soap and water. There might be the possibility that it could be used again, but he could be wring.

Runa tried using Project: Keeneyen to scan one of the gems to see what it was. He seemed to be mostly focusing on the green ones. "I wonder if there's any here..." He mutters.