Ta-Wahi Concept [NEW ART: The Marred Slopes]

Continuing the exploration of Bionicle G3, I'm going to start looking into some of the architectural concepts for the koros, as well as fresh environments.


Look at all those happy little trees.


As always your art is spectacular :+1:
I especially like the dark tone to this


B-E-A-Utiful. I don't like being that guy who just shows up and compliments everything, but you leave me no choice, it's SOOOO GOOD. The castle in the background is a particularly nice touch.


It's always appreciated @Matanui606!

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I'm glad, I would have come to the stream, but I had literally just sat down to watch Doctor Strange for the first time. Here's hoping I can catch the next one! :wink:

No biggie. I hope to do them more often. Good movie though, trippy!

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you better do it justice :gregf:

Ahem, yeah I'm OK with this, looks good, not a fan of how European that castle is, would have gone way more ta-koro personally.


Huh. The castle feels pretty Ta-Koro-y to me, namely its appearance from MNOG. I could be remembering it wrong though.

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Mnog looked completely different, it's closer to mnog2/MoL, and even then ta-koro was only passingly similar to European architecture, this is just a European castle in ta-wahi.

My gosh man.

@Oomatu i hope to see you one day draw your version on how the island should look like. Because so far all of your design for G3 have been amazing.

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Sounds dark. I like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You never cease to amaze. I love all the rock spikes jutting out from the base of the volcano and the castle/fortress/Ta-Koro in the background.


This is stunning. Very well made.

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This is incredibly well made, although this feels a bit more like Mordor than Ta-Wahi.

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I could see that.

I think the medieval aesthetic works well for Ta Wahi's more sullen, intense atmosphere. The volcano is also a nice callback to the Mangai Volcano.


Just brilliant, the spikes add so much atmosphere into the landscape. I like the idea of the medieval architecture carrying into the Koros, I saw a comment that asked for inspiration from other architectures into each element and I think it looks great.


Looks fantastic, great job as always.

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this is beautiful

seems like actual concept art

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