Tales of Glory and Valour: Lore Zone The Armada

Hey all this is some of the background information and Lore on the Summer Armada part of my World I’ve written called ToGaV. This will be the Lore and information used for my RP’s so I hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions feel free to ask
Without further adieu

Far in the distant past, when humanity was young. Four sons of a powerful emperor struck out in four directions, each determined to find what they believed to be God. However, each found a different Deity that warned them of the others, labeling them and their followers enemies. Striking East, the Eldest brother found a land totally devoid of sanity, and a god to match. The second eldest struck out due west, and came to a heavily forested region on the other side of the globe. The God there was fair, and beautiful. The Second youngest, and by far the most rash, headed due north, determined to find the top of the world. He found a god as harsh and unforgiving as a Winter storm. The youngest coasted south, where he found an archipelago and a god who offered sweet promises of power. With the pawns thus set, the game was underway. Brutal warfare struck up between the brothers. Massive conflicts which decimated the lands on which they lived, and was the crucible in which four new empires were forged. To the North, the Winter Legion. To the West, the Dominion of Life. To the South, the Summer Armada. And finally, to the East, the Death Empire. These Four civilizations warred for millennia, never able to eliminate each other, only keep feeding the conflict

Summer Armada

The Summer Armada was founded on the 3rd year of the new Age. The first King Summer, son of the Emperor, built a home for his followers atop an archipelago in the south west of the world, the nature of their home quickly turned them into a culture that relied on the Sea. For trade, transport, fishing, and even Defense.

It was their newfound respect of the Sea that first brought the mysterious Halinth people up from the depths once more. This proud race had been driven under the waves by constant warring with the armies of the First Empire, but in the Armada, they found a tentative ally. Despite this uneasy alliance many members of both species were unable to put aside their distrust of each other. Contact remained limited with only pocket groups of Halinth wishing to return to the surface. Many enjoyed their new life on the Seabed.

The Armada began to strengthen it’s hold on the Archipelago and built 5 great fleets to defend their home. These fleets were so vast they were almost nations onto themselves, United under the banner of the King.

The Armada worships the God of Fire, and any attendant Minor gods who follow under it. As such the most powerful organization under the King is the Hearthtemple. Where aspiring mages could go to learn the secrets of Fire Magic. The Hearthtemple retains this strength, by holding a near monopoly on the Caelin Cadres.

Caelin are ship based sorcerers, they are primarily priests, offering spiritual counsel to Armada Sailors. They are also adept in combat, launching devastating waves of fire magics at enemy ships, while keeping their own ships from burning. Being such a vital asset, Admirals in the Armada usually do well to keep on friendly terms with the Hearthtemple, in order to ensure their Caelin Cadres continue to provide the crucial support.

One other thing that keeps the Hearthtemple in such power is that their God literally resides in their grand Temple, as with each of the Celestial Gods, it made its home there after a Cataclysmic event forced it from the Heavens. Such undeniable proof that their God was indeed real also served to strengthen their position.

Despite all this strength the Armada has wilted in recent years, with the last Queen Summer dead at the hands of Emperor Death. The Armada has been missing the guiding and often mediating hand of the monarch. Because of this the various faction leaders have been maneuvering for political power over each other hoping to fill the vacuum left behind by the lack of the monarch. One man was tired of it all, he decided something needed to be done, a new monarch crowned. He prayed at the Grand Temple for 4 days and 4 nights and was granted a vision. Their new King was out there, far to the north, deep within Winter Legion Territory.

People’s outside the Armada

The Halinth are a Race of highly evolved crustaceans. They are covered head to tow in a thick shell. Each Halinth boasts incredible strength, when compared to that of a human, and they are much quicker than the average human as well. The Halinth are amphibious, able to breathe air just as well as water, and used to be just as Populus above the waves as below. Not much is known of the deep sea Halinth except that some of their number will occasionally ambush ships on their trade routes. The Surface Halinth however are more known, the sun gives their shells a pleasant reddish colouring. These Halinth are most concerned with leisure, keeping mostly to themselves they can often be seen sunning themselves in the Shallows, or sailing on wide flat boats. Still cautious around humans they usually either disappear when humans near or prepare for a fight.

The Legion
The Winter Legion the fiercest enemies of the Armada. Followers of the God of Ice, who are most concerned with strength and knowledge. To the Armada’s eyes they come across as dry and humorless. Miserable all. Even their battle ideologies are at odds, with the Legion preferring slow but dependable formations of Heavy infantry over the Armada’s Lighting warfare. They are ever a constant threat to the North, and their recent resurgence in troop numbers and even warships, has left many in the Armada concerned an attack is imminent.

These hive based intelligent insects can be found on most continents and try to maintain a positive relationship with the humans. The Armada is no exception the Gred Maintain a Hive in the Archipelago occasionally working with the humans to ensure their protection

These insectile people being more inclined to borrowing are far less common in the Armada, as they are unable to establish a proper network on the collection of islands. Nonetheless some stubborn sects do try and have succeeded in establishing all colonies on some of the less populated Islands


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Tharos was, understandably in a rush, given that death was almost literally snapping at his heels. In the form of several other ship’s crew members he’d insulted, for not ranking worthy of one of the Mysterious letters. Now, understandably of course, they wanted to kill him.

He cursed himself, “Why do I ever try and engage in conversation? I just can’t keep my mouth shut can I?” He turned a corner and sent a bright blast of light behind him.

Pausing to catch his breath against a wall, he cursed again. If they caught him using his magic in that manner back home… no that doesn’t bear thinking about does it? He sighed, content that at least it had been unaspected, one blast of fire magic in this part of town, and the priests would be the least of his worries.

Also, on the bright side, he’d killed the only one of them who knew his name. Suitably cheered, Tharos pushed himself off the wall and took off at a run. “let’s see, left at Winter’s downfall, right at Life’s end, straight past Death’s misery… who named this place?” Tharos mutters to himself as he recounts the directions to his goal.

After a while he notices, or rather fails to notice, his pursuers. Finally, the relative safety of the Temple District. He slows down as carefully as possible, not wishing to draw attention to himself, brushing his Caelin robes in what was most likely a futile effort. Head bowed slightly, and he was just another countless acolyte. The perfect cover.

Tharos couldn’t help but avert his gaze abashed from the majesty of the Hearthtemple, as he approached. Somewhere in that daunting edifice his god judged him, and rightly so. He’d done a rather poor job of his religious duties of late, but that was all going to change. He just needed the right act of penance, and this job offer seemed the perfect place to find it.

Tharos frowned, why was he so certain redemption waited in this letter? He must have received hundreds in his career, a Caelin never got much rest it seemed, why this one with so little information? He didn’t know, and beyond a mild curiosity, he decided he didn’t care.

He stopped short as he reached his destination. “You have got to be kidding me” he said, staring at the old building. It was an absolute shamble of an Inn, literally leaning on the Hearthtemple for support. He took the building in, the windows were merely scraps of wood slapped together in an approximation of shutters, the door looked like a good wind would knock it in, and on the stoop by the door, was a pile of Crumpled Letters. “That can not be good” for that many people to so formally reject the Letter of Mark. It must be dangerous. A worthy penance mused a soft voice in his head.

Tharos nodded in agreement and started forward On the other hand spoke another voice, this one harder, colder. The employer might be crazy Tharos stopped engaged in a brief but intense debate. The soft voice won out, however. Tharos stepped onto the porch and kicked the mud off his boots.

Judging by the state of the porch, it was newer than most of the building. A fair few of its timbers were still strong and solid. He went to look at the door, when a slight movement caught his eye. Turning his head quickly back he saw nothing but a fresh looking board, with a clump of dirt from his boot. Odd, he could have sworn that that specific plank had been a rotten scrap. Tharos shook his head, and pushed open the door.

The first thing he noticed was the dust. A genuine carpet of it, only disturbed by a few single boot prints. Only left boot prints, what’s with that? He thought to himself.

Perhaps people generally take the first step over the threshold with their left foot? Mused the soft voice

Or the floor is home to a Daemon that eats right feet mused the hard voice.

Why only the right foot? replied the soft voice curious

Well it’s generally agreed to be the better tasting foot

Among who?

Foot devouring daemons, of course.

Will both of you quiet down Tharos thought hard, feeling slightly relieved when he felt 2 pangs showing his message was received.

Tharos looked into the bar once more, at a booth on the right hand side, sat 4 old men, wearing ragged old jackets, they appeared to not have moved in years. Thick matted hair surrounded their faces. Each stared deep into what appeared to be empty tankards. Against the far wall a 5th man stood behind the bar, absently wiping the same glass over, and over.

Just as he came to the obvious conclusion that they were corpses. One turned to the others and spoke. “Say, did I ever tell you all how I defeated that Swordmaster, Hillthiar the Quick?”

Satisfied that this was not some sick abattoir to lure him in, Tharos went to step forward when another of the group spoke up and dispelled his other assumption, they were not all men, one of them, no two of them were women. “No Edrin, how’d you manage that?” One of the Women chimed in. “Yeah tell us” chimed the second one.

Tharos stepped over the threshold with his left foot, and two things happened simultaneously. A great cloud of dust rose up in front of him, and he felt an Intense surge of magic. Eyes widening as he prepared for an attack. None came, but he found the wind knocked out of him just the same.

The bar was no longer a Dark and Dingy ruin. It looked to be a lively Inn, four young duelists in exquisite jackets sat in the booth. Laughing as one in their number demonstrated complicated thrusts and cuts. From behind a magnificent Oak bar, a tall young man with a seemingly constant smile lifted four foaming tankards as he seemed to glide towards the Duelists “Another round then? To your victory Edrin!” He laughed, clapping the man on the shoulder as he described the apex of his duel.

Tharos stared, every surface gleamed, every light seemed merry, a massive contrast to the previous scene. He clutched his head as another rush of Magic buffeted him like a storm. The Bar was changed again, now the four figures in the booth were shrouded by heavy cloaks, and the Barkeep was nowhere to be seen.

Slowly, Tharos creeped in. As his right foot touched the floor, all four figures looked up at him in unison. He nearly screamed and for good reason. Four rotting corpses seemed to stare right into his soul. Tharos went to leave, but as he did a hand grabbed his shoulder. Shivering uncontrollably, Tharos turned to face whoever was touching him. The dead face of the Barkeep stared right back at him. “You go now, you’ll find no easy road to redemption. You’ll find no solace when this becomes reality lad.”

Tharos couldn’t help himself, he screamed, and ran, with a quick glance back through the swinging door, he saw the scene as he’d first glimpsed it from outside again. Tharos ripped the letter from his pocket, crumpled it and tossed it onto the pile. One more glance back made Tharos stop. No longer was the Inn leaning on the Temple, somehow, it now stood on it’s own, but barely. Carried to him by the wind as the door slowly started to swing back to closed. Tharos could just hear a set of chilling words “Say, did I ever tell you all how I defeated that Swordmaster, Hillthiar the Quick?”


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Lemme just pop this in here before I forget.

Magic and how it works

Magic is at it’s base form, the Essence of creation. Pure divine energy channeled through a conduit. Usually that Conduit is a Person, called a Mage. To use Magic a Mage would tap into this Energy, how to do this varies from mage to mage, and shape it to the task at hand.

This base, or unaspected, magic is very nearly limitless in what it can do. In fact with the exception of Destruction, or killing. There is very little it can’t do. If one wished to destroy something, they’d need to first filter their magic through their aspect.

The most common aspects, are Fire, Ice, Death, and Life. Once aspected Magic loses some versatility but gains an incredible amount of power. Most mages are unable to do much but basic tasks with Base Magic, but could preform rather more advanced magic through their aspect.

A mage Gains an aspect through a variety of different means. These vary from, Worship of a God, Being from a specific geographical area, or intense study. With but a handful of exceptions a Mage can only learn one aspect.

Finally and most importantly, a Mage should be careful not to use too much magic, for the flow of energy through the body takes it’s toll. Try and channel too much, and one would find themselves at a very painful end.


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The oceans of the west are absolutely teeming with life. Unfortunately most of it is big scary and wants to eat you. Here we will tell you everything to watch out for if you venture past the Picket Ships.

Starting with the least harmful there are the Kingwhales. These friendly giants genuinely seem to like humans, as their presence keeps away predators. Unfortunately, they have been known to display this affection in the same manner they do for their own kind. By flipping the other party over into the water. One is recommended to skirt the edge of their pod, this will give the whales the impression you’re warding off a predator, they will leave you to it. The average adult Kingwale can grow to approximately 50m in length, they’re identified at night by their distinctive Whalesong, and Bioluminescence.

Secondly there are the Embershrimp, these small creatures are extremely plentiful, when they gather it is in uncountable groups. They average .05 m long, and are mostly harmless, although they have been known to eat corpses that fall under the waves.

next is the Herthfin, this creature is only about 2m in length, and is known for it’s colouration, a soft red mottled with black. Extremely wary of humans but will attack if they feel threatened. Be wary of their position if in a Launch. If in a Ship best course is to ignore them. If a person were to fall overboard, their best course of action is to swim slowly but steadily away from any schools of Hearthfin, if the Fish follow they are not feeling threatened and you may resume travel in whichever direction you need to go. One should watch out for their teeth.

Into the more Dangerous territory is the Thauin Squid. These monstrous creatures occasionally attack sailing vessels reaching a max of 12.5m in length they wrap their tentacles around vessels to drag them to the depths. If under attack, cut the tentacles, or put fire in it’s eye.

The most Dangerous Monster in the water is arguably the Gargantuan Serpent. This Sea Snake waits in the depths for ships to pass whereby it will launch itself to the surface, and make off with Screaming Sailors. If you see a lack of all marine life, get your crew below decks, and make full speed ahead.

The rarest creature in the Oceans around the southern isles, is so rare most people believe they are only Myths, Legends, or long dead. This is the Sea Drake. This Sea Dragon is so large many eyewitness accounts say they originally mistook it for an Island. Their maximum size is unknown.


The waters of Securis are also home to some strange Creatures. If one is in this area one should look out for these

The Bastion Turtle. These colossus can reach 20m in length, they are mostly docile, but one should be careful going for a swim, as you never know if one is hungry.

The Siegefish. These creatures are possibly the least intelligent in the entire ocean, if a ship enters their territory, they will sound a screech and attempt to ram it. One should brace if they hear that sound in Legion Waters. They reach 3m in length, and are notable for their large and Flat heads. If sufficiently roused, these fish will literally beat themselves to death against the hull of ships. It should be noted the Legion deals with this problem simply by covering all parts of the boat below trim with Steel. Armada Ships will be less resilient to their attacks.

Finally and possibly most horrendous are the Corpsespawn Seahounds. These creatures plague both waters, and are the result of selective breeding. The Death Empire originally bred them out of the Corpsespawn family of beasts… (For a more thorough look at this I’d recommend the unfinished “Beasts of the East” by Hexios Farstrider, it is a rather comprehensive guide of the larger creatures of the Empire, and more was added every month. Until Hexio’s untimely demise, he published it 6 years later in it’s unfinished state.) …for naval warfare. They turned out to be completely uncontrollable. These beasts resemble the land based Corpsespawn Hounds, with none of the hounds docile nature. They are quadrupeds, propelled through the water by webbed feet. They are known to climb up the side of ships to eat their crew. These hideous beats can reach a respectable size of 10m in length. Kill on Sight.



The lands of the Armada, known as “The Refuge”

An Archipelago made up of many islands clumped relatively close together in the sea. Pictured here is but the north half.

A mere 150 nautical miles north lies Securis one of the largest landmasses in the world, making up an estimated 25% of the world.

Pictured here is the Southern half. Securis is the home of the Winter legion, a Union of different nations bound in service to one Lord. The Ancestral Enemy of the Summer Armada.


Here’s a rough sketch of Mariner’s map with the symbols roughly laid out (I’m no artist I apologize)




A favoured pass time among military sailors in the armada is called Fleet. The game is played with a deck of cards comprised of:
32 sailor cards;
16 captain cards;
8 adjutant cards;
4 admiral cards;
2 barkeeps (High and Low);
2 Mariners (High and Low);
2 Queens (High and Low); and
2 Kings (High and Low).

Sailor is the lowest, King (High) is the highest.

With the exception of Face Cards each card is assigned a Fleet:
South; and

Each player is likewise assigned a Fleet, with dealer starting as North, and continuing clockwise.

Each player is dealt 5 cards, and may play as many as they wish before game begins. However they cannot draw any additional cards before their turn.

On a players turn, they will draw a card, if this card is a face card it is immediately placed face down and it’s effects take place. (See below) otherwise the card is placed in their hand. A player may place as many cards as they wish in their turn.

A player may also discard a card to force a player to discard any card of equal or lesser value

Each card on the table is worth 1 pt
Each “ship” (2 Sailors and a captain) is worth 5 points
Each “Battle Group” (2 “ships” and an adjutant) is worth 15 pts
Each “Squadron” (2 “battle groups” and an Admiral) is worth 50 pts
A Fleet (A “Squadron” where every card belongs to the same fleet) is worth 75 pts, or an automatic victory If no face cards are affecting it’s value. (see below)

Face Cards

Barkeep (Low) if this card comes into play the player who drew the card must halve the value of their pts (rounding up) this only effects cards currently in play.
Barkeep (High) if this card comes into play the player who drew the card doubles the value of their pts. This only effects cards currently in play.
Mariner (Low) all players must discard half the cards they have in play. (Their choice)
Mariner (High) the player who draws this card chooses a player to discard half the cards they have in play.
Queen (Low) the player who drew this card must discard one of their 3 highest cards (Their choice)
Queen (High) this card may be used to count 2 cards in play, to play as if they were another fleet.
King (Low) all players must discard one of their 3 highest cards (Their choice)
King (High) this card may be played as any card, but can never be counted as being part of a Fleet.

If a player has a face card in their hand, it can be played on an opponent (or themselves) to make them feel the effects as if they’d drawn the card


So would this have a maximum of four players?


Yes, 4 players play the game it’d get ridiculous with more fleets.