The Captain

With the Bomohku (Lariska’s species) from the deserts of Asonara frequently coming into contact with other species and cultures, it was only a matter of time before some individuals left their home region in pursuit of riches, adventure - or both.

The individual now simply known as “The Captain” originally was a member of the Bomohku clans Barraki Mantax granted land in South Avohi, and who subsequently became loyal subjects of his kingdom of Ruangu.

For the Captain, abandoning his nomadic roots and settling down was unsatisfactory, however, and rather than fight his brethren who still lived in the desert over their new Avohi possessions, he desired fame and conquest.

In short, aspirations that matched the criteria Mantax was looking for in soldiers. The Captain thus joined Ruangu’s military, working his way up from the bottom and past Bomohku prejudices such as their savagery and tendency to ignore orders until he became captain of an entire company.

Stationed in South Avohi when the Brotherhood of Makuta defeated the Barraki, the Captain at first stayed loyal to Mantax’s successors during the Prosecution, the war that would liberate the universe from Barraki influence. As the kingdom of Ruangu fell apart in the power struggles between its political and military leaders, the Captain eventually abandoned it, however, taking those soldiers loyal to him and forming a mercenary company. Alternatingly fighting on both sides, they survived the war, and to this day continue to be active on the Southern Contient.

As promised in the topic from my last Bomohku - this one can stand on his toes.

Next and for now last Bomohku. I have one more, though, that still needs some parts. With the last one you’ll get a group shot :wink: .

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Dark red and dark grey are actually a pretty neat colour scheme, it turned out. Only unfortunate thing is the lack of armor parts in either colour. So since I couldn’t figure out something for the back of the torso, I decided to cover it with a cloak :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also tried out a battle-scarred head, one side of which would have had been reconstructed (also a good excuse to use a broken liftarm I had lying around (though an intact liftarm would also work, this is just for the aesthetic)).

And well, otherwise feel free to give C&C. Enjoy!


Gilahu, you’ve done it again. i love this one possibly even more than all the others!


ooh very good
The general look of the species is really cool.
also nice moc.

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This looks great, though at this point that’s pretty par for the course with your mocs, also battle damage which looks good, I have immense respect for that.

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I really like the head build here. Good job.


That’s quite a unique sword design!