Umarak the Hunter (G1 Bomohku)

Ancient tales of the Bomohku of the Vezohi Jungle tell of a legendary huntsman who had no equal in beast or Oropi - Umarak the Hunter.

It is said his marksmanship was so great, he could shoot down a mighty Rakauya in mid-flight, each of the segments of his antler crown fashioned from the bones of such a terrifying beast. An unparalleled feat before and after him.
It is also said he faced the terrifying Nynturas and survived, and that the Sleepers talked to him as they only did to the shamans.

But Umarak was not content with his achievements, striving for more, to become a god among mortals. And so he left the jungle and his people, taking up service with the Makuta of Balrapahi who taught him how to channel his ambition as mighty Shadow powers. The Makuta also granted him a cloak which allowed him to travel between the shadows in an area. As the Makuta’s huntsman, Umarak traveled the lands, bringing doom to any who opposed his master.

But as his ambitions grew further, he eventually sought to cut the leash binding him to the Makuta, to become his own master and to carve out a position for himself in the universe. This became his downfall.

His betrayal was not taken kindly, and the Makuta’s retribution was swift and cruel - he was turned into a great beast like those he once hunted, a monstrous thing whose only desire was to destroy. This beast, it is said, roams Balrapahi’s lowlands to this day, awaiting the hunter who finally will be able to release it from its fate.

Size comparison and arm poseability:

And a group shot, now that all 6 are finished. Though I suppose I still need to take pictures of my current Lariska.

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Which one’s your favorite?

I certainly had a lot of fun doing variations of this build. Umarak here turned out pretty neat, I think, though all those points of articulation can make posing difficult. Compared to all the other Bomohku (minus the Captain) he has a very different torso build, too - including broader shoulders so I could give him those shoulder plates. Those are attached with rubber pieces so that the shoulders are still pretty poseable.

Now that I have a group shot of all of them, time to take most apart again, however. Far too many good pieces in there. All of these together use over 90 balljoints :sweat_smile:.

But feel free to give C&C. Otherwise, enjoy!


This moc looks quite good. I really like the antlers and the backstory.

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very cool!!!


This one is the best one yet. i love the head design!


Overall the build is pretty good, but the bow and that head are awesome!


great build, the Bomohku frame works quite well for a revamp of umarak

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That bow is so simple yet incredibly effective.