The Collapse of an Empire | RP Topic

Envarus’s wings wrap around him, deflecting the beam. He scoffs. “Light is the center of a Paladino’s magic.” He says. He then sends a rain of the magic-wind bursts at Geal’s head. Although not deadly they should be enough to distract so another could land a heavy blow.

Candall attempts to stab at Xaio. If this succeeds, he will use his druidic magic to have roots wrap around the sword and enter the man’s body to painfully dig into him. (Much like the spear gae-bulg in Celtic myth.)

Reyna looks at her. “Sounds like something I’d like to try.” She said.

“My apologies,” Xaio said apologetically. “You didn’t state in the beginning that we weren’t allowed to use our abilities, so anything goes from both parties.” Xaio would slowly approach Candall, now the Starwalker put the Isotixian in place.

The song wouldn’t have quite the effect Valerie would hope, his chi would act as sort of a counter and since Xaio mastered his body, with his enlightenment. He’s certainly detached from the necessities of his body but it did manage to make him blink a few times. Shaking his head. “Strange…” He muttered.

It wouldn’t succeed as Xaio parries the sword with his left as his fist charged up again with his chi, Candall was holding his sword with his two hands. Certainly, that punch was aimed at Candall’s chest, if his fist alone managed to punch a hole through the shield…Candall would be very lucky to walk unscathed…that is if the punch connected, but it was to be known that his punches were fast, precise and devastating upon impact.

Geal moved his head out of the way and Ernesto would receive a sharp claw swinging towards Ernesto’s jaw.

Geal chuckled for a brief moment. “They say a lot of things, your Kings that is.” He mentions. “They would do about anything to indoctrinate their people, you Paladin’s are not the founders of light. We dragons are!” He fires a fireball at the magic wind burst, engulfing it and rendering it futile.

“Founder of light? Ha! You are little more than a tool,” Ernesto sneered as he turned to wrestle with the appendage.

Valerie notices the spell fails. So, she looks to her husband, and tries to inspire him with her relentless music. Candall begins to feel strange, like his confidence is greater than ever before.

Listen to me, your Elven fair.
Swift be your step, your sword with flare.
Ignore that throbbing, the feeling of numb!
Your hour of doom has not come.

Candall raises himself, with a ferocity within his eyes. Even if it was his final hour, he would not let this man beat him. He had to prove there was honor to the men of Isotix, for the prize of Tir na Nog.

With the punch made, Candall swings his wide sword to the side, trying to cut off the arm of Xaio. If that fails, he is going to use the sword to block any other punches.

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Siansa hands Reyna the bow, “Don’t break it, it comes from my people and likely my ancestors.”

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Reyna takes it and starts trying to get a feel for the bow. “Do I use my own arrows and they turn into lightning, or do I just…draw back and fire?” She asks.

Envarus seems taken aback, barely dodging the fireball. “I can’t believe you can put so many falsehoods in a statement that short.” He says, then darts in for another strike at the left wing. “First, I have no king. Second, I didn’t claim that the paladin founded light.” He darts to strike at the other wing. “And about you dragons founding the light,” starlight coalesces around his blades, “the stars bet to differ!” He shouts as he tries to plunge the blades into the wing.

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“Just put your will on the bow and focus.”
Siansa shrugs,
“There’s not exactly a user manual for it, but just do what’s natural for you.”

“Do what’s natural. Got it.” She said, drawing an arrow and knocking it, steadying her aim onto the foe, preparing to fire.

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As their paws were wrestling Geal brought his tail and swung it towards Ernesto’s face, while using his breath of ice upon his head. If the tail got in the way, there wasn’t a problem as Geal was immune to ice and cold.

“How annoying…” Geal didn’t feel touched or shooked by Envarus’ words. He will soon learn the sad truth about the Kings of the Holy Dynasty. As Envarus strikes his left-wing, he wouldn’t have been as lucky to strike the other and plunge his blades as his back freezes itself and fires ice spikes at Envarus while Will was looking at the opportune moment.

Candall didn’t manage to cut Xaio’s arm but what he did manage, was to block a deadly blow that would have likely killed him. Though he was putting his sword in danger, while it took most of the impact, he would feel a force trying to push him just like with the shield. “You fight with bravery, Isotixian.” He said. “I never expected less, but still…I cannot lose here, not to the likes of you. It will bring disgrace to my name and the Starwalkers…” Something changed into Xaio, as Valerie was trying to use her music to encourage Candall.

Xaio was using his own will, determination, years of patience, devotion, and mastering of oneself. His body would emit an aura of gold, he was using the purest form of Chi, the Pure Chi, which is only able to be used by naturally good people. Xaio wanted a future for the Starwalkers and Candall was in his way.

“But I’d rather die than lose against you!!” His voice echoed, as he got faster and stronger. With one leap he charged towards Candall’s right side and swung his blade towards his left thigh.

Suddenly, Reyna would feel an electrical surge, as the power of the Starwalker Ancestors would flow through her veins. Thunder and Lightning were crackling on the sky as the bow was charging up, lightning the arrow up, creating and shaping it into a bolt. She would get a clear view at Geal…

Instead of attempting to dodge the tail, Ernesto twisted his long neck so that he might bite down onto the appendage with great force.

She would loose the arrow, aiming right for his stomach.

“Your death is not my goal here,” Candall says. He blocks Xaio’s blade, and with an unexpected attack, he punches Xaio into the face. “This battle is to protect my friends.”

The unexpected punch would do nothing but stagger his head back, before bringing it back. He suddenly lets go of his sword and grabs Candall’s hand with a tight grip, twisting it around before thrusting his forearm into his elbow, in an attempt to break his arm, it was to be noted that with his pure chi was was stronger, so he would use his strength, power and force to see it through that it would break.

With the combined efforts of Ernesto, Envarus, Will, and Reyna the lightning bolt arrow would be just as fast as lightning as when Geal turned his head to see it coming. It was already too late as it penetrated his stomach and suddenly a large and strong bolt of lightning would come down crushing, electricity would be running and flowing through his body. Though it wasn’t enough to kill him, it definitely put him out of commission.

Seeing this, Reyna drew another arrow and aimed, now turning towards Xaio. She waited for a clear shot, and for Candall to be far enough away for her to make sure he wasn’t hit.

Siansa watches her father fall. Her face showing her fear for his death. She bolts off flying towards Geal, “no no no no no no no…”

She lands near Geal resting her hand on his stomach, beginning what she could to heal her father.

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Candall feels his arm get crushed, knowing full and well it was broken. Yet he does not cry out. Why should he? He trained for years, being able to handle the pain. So, with adrenaline pumping, Candall still fights.

The Green Knight grunts and breaths heavily, as roots and thorned plants begin to wrap around his hand and starts to enter into the finger nails of Xaio. Digging deeply into his skin, looking for a place to enter his blood stream to end all of this.

Candall hopes this trick works, so the pain can come to Xaio and he can stab this man in the heart. He did not want to kill his opponent, but he now had no choice. This was a duel to the death, a doom he had accepted. It was either the Starwalkers continue their glory under Lord Bloodfang, or Isotix once again triumphs in destroying these people.

It was a thought Candall did not like. Versing was wrong to destroy these people, and Xaio was fighting to support his people. But then, Candall thought, was his opponent better than Versing? He was a pawn to Bloodfang, a growing evil. Xaio would soil the legacy of his people if he prevailed. They would be not better than Isotix. No, Candall had to stop the Starwalkers from becoming the very evil that once destroyed them. He had to defeat Xaio.

It becomes too much for Valerie to watch, as she starts running toward Xaio with her short sword, to stab him from behind. “GET AWAY FROM HIM!”

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Envarus, seeing that Gael is down, turns his attention to Xaio. He flies over to the other fight. As he does so, the light seems to dissipate from around him.