The Entire Toa Outcast Team

Here is the entire Outcast Team.
Piejeska, Vergalas, and Roak have their background stories in the original linked posts. (Ill work on the backgrounds for Xaia, and Luchtna and update/create their original post with them)

First member and Leader (current Zaria Moc) Toa of Iron, Zaria: The Last
New Toa Zaria WIP

Second Toa of Magnetism, Xaia: The Transgressor
Toa Xaia, Toa of Magnetism

Third Toa of Sand, Piejeska: The Exile
Piejeska the Exile: Toa of Sand

Fourth Toa of Air, Luchtna: The Abandoned

Fifth Toa of Ice, Vergalas: The Cloister
Toa of Ice Vergalas

Sixth Toa of Fire, Roak: The Shunned
Roak: the Shunned, final member of the toa outcast team

Their story has yet to be told, but will Bara Magna see them as hero’s, villain’s, or something else entirely? One thing is certain change is on the horizon.

Thanks for viewing, comments and critics welcome.


They all look really good together.


Nice mocs, they are all excellent. Great job


Zaria is definitely the strongest build on the team imo (especially with that gorgeous pose, gosh that pic looks good). Overall, nice job.


I saw this and was like “what, their a Pokémon?”

Anyway, really excellent Mocs, I love them!

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I agree the first three are by far much more unique in terms of build (Zara being the most custom), but he has had quite the evolution over time. From a massive mess of a titan with bright orange to a slimmed down cohesive version, to his current iteration.

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“It wasn’t my fault!”

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Thank you, I am trying to decide if I want that pose to be his entry pic, but I worry that it hides to much of his design for the contest, I know we have to submit other pics with the entry initially but if that is all someone sees against others im just uncertain.

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Zaria looks very noble. Roak looks villainous. Vergalas has a really nice mask choice, i like it. Luchtna’s toa tools are quite interesting. Piejeska’s Vorox-mask-scythe looks very good. and Xaia’s shoulder armour is very cool.