The Experiment RP sign up

Well, time to try my hand at being a RP host, after being in too many dead RPs…

Intro story blurb

You character wakes up in a clearing in a forest, surrounded by several other people. You may recognize a few of them, however you don’t know them well. You are able to remember everything from your past life, however the past 24 hours you pull up a blank. the others around are soon awake, and thus the RP begins…

Rules and what-not

Basic Board rules apply (of course)

This is set in the bionicle esque universe in terms of you characters, and it will mostly be kept to Lego characters in general. there is some leeway, but try to keep it around the size of a Toa, aka don’t say you’re a mile long sea serpent

Characters will be approved by me, and try to stray from OPness.

no killing without premission, however harming other characters is permitted to a degree. (i.e. you can cut a character, but not chop off a limb, unless permitted by owner, or me) also, no spam dodging, be willing to get hurt every so often.

2 characters at a time, if you want a new character, the previous character should either die, or leave, depending on the situation, ask me.

I am allowed to break all of these rules but seriously, I will for story reasons. however, my main character for the RP won’t break these rules

Other things of importance

There is going to be a plot, but it’ll also be free roam, however, that doesn’t mean go and leave everyone else alone, and do your own thing.

Characters will be allowed to have Stands, but they will be limited, such as all characters can see them, and that the Stand power can’t be OP. This is done for my pleasure, since I’m a weeb. This is not required. it’ll be a sub topic for your powers abilities.

Character sheets:

*Important nicknames:
**Stand+Stats and power:
Appearance: (Picture optional)
**Very Optional

I’ll post my characters later on.

I’m looking for maybe 5-10 people minimum.

If you have any questions ask, and if you have any tips, suggest them. This is a first time hosting a RP




A lot of people have them already

so shush

Name: Runa, Bringer of Death.

Species: Kaiko (formerly known as Reaper)

Powers/abilities: flight, super speed, regeneration, decay, energy manipulation. (All powers are limited to useless if the crystal in his chest is cracked.)

Weapons: scythe, claw gauntlet.

Personality: kind, playful, and fun, somewhat wise, although prefers to keep so hidden. Hard to make angry, but if you do, be prepared for a bad time.


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Eh, I might do this

I’ll probably do Destrucus or create another character.


Oh, forgot about this

go ahead

I have the perfect character, but I need a 'lil time to prepare my character sheet…

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yay. As for a name, how does “Lost Heroes” sound?

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aight this seems good

Name: Sukeru
Important nicknames: none
species: unknown
Gender: male
Weapons: none
Powers/abilities: Stand user
Stand+Stats and power:
stand: Drift Punk
Destructive power: A
Speed: B
Range: B
Durability: A
Precision: D
Development potential: C
Every time Drft punk hits something,the hit is ‘‘doubled’’ so the thing gets hit two times

**Personality:**he’s kind of serious most of the time but he’s still an arrogant scrub

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Glad that my character won’t be the only stand user. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Name: xXProMakootsXx
Important Nicknames: Makoots
Species: Nu OC.
Weapons: Shotgun thing and a red ball that glows.
Powers/Abilities: Razors edge: Do not touch him, you’ll get cut , True form: his tripple jointed legs extend, and he gets taller.
Personality: He is dark, and edgy, and hates everyone.

Even though I think it’s a joke, most of it works out… Just the name and ‘species’ are a bit too far out there…

Could he be called Terry Dacks? And be some kinda unspecified shadow creature?

species: unknown
Gender: maybe male?
Weapons:bladed whips
Powers/abilities: can’t die( conventionally) extreme luck(not always good)
Personality: insane( except when In pain) psychopathic

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you’re killing me…

Sure accepted.

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Might as well try this out.

Name: Ranaki Pakewa
Important Nicknames: Renki, Raniki, Toa of Hot Air, etc
Species: Toa
Gender: Attack Helicopter
Weapons: Twin Shortblades, Kanohi Miru
Powers/Abilities: Elemental Fire and Air, but only at full strength when used together; generally used for localized explosions, starting fires, blowing things over, and corroding objects. Can use Miru, shortblades, and elemental powers together for limited flight.
Personality: Generally flamboyant, quick to quip a joke, but also a bit headstrong.

Stand: Bad Moon Rising (typically just referred to as Moon)
Destructive power: B
Speed: B
Range: B
Durability: A
Precision: B
Development potential: D
Abilities: Can channel the emanate bad luck of his surroundings onto a target, causing random effects, including but not limited to confusion, clumsiness, and a short-term aptitude for failure.
Appearance: Ranaki at front, Bad Moon Rising at back.


Just Terry?

Yes, that works.



That makes 5.

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*Important nicknames:
species: Glatorian
Gender: Male
Weapons: Pool Brush
Powers/abilities: ability to summon the Stand; Simple Man
Stand stats:
Destructive Power: C
Speed: C
Range: D
Durability/Staying: D
Precision: C
Development Potential: A+
(Reason for stats, and lack of a power, is that Erikku hasn’t ever had a reason to use his Stand, therefore never worried about developing it.
Personality: Easy going, won’t get into fights intentionally

RIP Kartava the Boxer. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So, how does everyone feel about starting tonight or tomorrow?