The Relationship Topic

Well, at least you can now find a different person who sees more value in both you and the relationship. Don’t be bummed! You may be stumbling, but at least you’re stumbling in a good direction!


Bro you can do it!

Man, I wish I had a prom to ask a girl out to.


She really did want and like me it just wouldn’t have worked out in the big picture.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, friend.

I’ll definitely try.


Yo guys, this isn’t the original owner of this account. He’s passed it on to me, as he lost interest.

You’re off to a poor start. Don’t recommend attempting to discuss content of that nature here. -Eljay

Well apparently a friend told her mom that my other friend and i were together, and then said mom told my mom and the other friends mom lol. I asked the friend what made her think that and she said she didn’t know how to respond. I hope I didn’t lead anyone on that’d suck

The only girls I ever want or have in my life are Nokama, Gali, Roodaka, Hahli, Macku, and Gorast.

I’m sure you guys feel the same…

Or not…


Bug lady is best waifu.

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Sorry, but A). Love isn’t Canon, and B). Macku would be taken, as she the closest we’ve ever seen to someone feeling anything for another Matoran.

Considering that String Theory has a place in BIONICLE canon, it is inevitable that there exists a universe where love is canon. :wink:


Its inevitable, yet he only mentioned canon chacracters from the core universe.

Well glatorian love is already canon without multi universe theory. So Kina is always an option.


Maybe it’s a highly specific universe where everything is consistent with established canon except for love, which is the changed variable. Always a man, always a girl, always a city, always a lighthouse. Everything gets crazy when multiverses are involved. Some of us might even be married to one our exes in a parallel universe. That’s a disturbing thought…

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Well, I don’t have any ex-s to get married to. I’ve been rejected every time and its starting to get to a point where I’m just done trying.

Guys guys

Sometimes being friends is better

My friend knew this girl, she was the cutest, smartest and nicest by a long shot, (in his opinion) he liked her for forever, and they showed clear signs of a close friendship, if he’d asked her then she’d have probably said yes, I’ve met many girls in my life, some are nice some aren’t so

KEY TIP: looks aren’t everything

But why?
Because he eventually distracted himself by talking to someone else, she was a total [word] and to this day I don’t know what he saw in her, but my old friend stood by him no matter what

We spoke to her one day about it and the more we talk

The more we honestly just prefer being friends


Update: Still haven’t asked the girl to prom, which is now just over a month away. I’m planning on doing it tomorrow.

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The sooner you do so the better. Just a tidbit of advice.

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I know, that’s why I’m doing it tomorrow.

Can’t do it tonight since…well, it just seems like the kind of thing I should do in person, you know?

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If you don’t do it tomorrow, I will write you an exceedingly long disappointed Dad lecture.

Exactly, therefore everyone here is automatically friendzoned by me. You’re all very welcome.

(Joking aside, I really do have a bad track record for friendzoning girls that like me…)


Don’t worry then.

Or do. I don’t know. I’ll have a few chances to talk to her tomorrow, so it’s a decent chance. I can do this.