The Void, its inhabitants, and further explanations

##A brief description of the Void itself and its functioning
The Void itself is a natural existence despite it’s seemingly unnatural design. It is both in itself a unique universe, and an interconnected… side dimension that holds connection to every other alternate-universe, pocket dimension, temporary temporal, and/similar occurrence in existence.

The Void itself is an innate aspect to every universe. It exists both within, around, and over every universe and the planetary (and non-planetary) masses within, yet at the same time has no material, immaterial, nor existent presence that can be detected beyond one aspect that is innate to every universe. Space itself. While it is not truly the Void, it is a void.
A sort of… greatly lessened version of the Void, only that which is in some way a part of it can truly live within it, and it in itself is an empty nothingness, planets, stars, and such are but masses of ‘something’ that act to displace said nothingness. It is also the only thing that comes close to matching what the Void itself looks like in physical appearance.

It is currently theorized the Void is that which was there before. The emptiness, the nothingness, the Void from which all universes start. Only when the big bang came to ‘fill’ it in, erase its nothingness, it held on. It refused.
Instead it merged itself with the new reality around itself. But nothingness can never truly be reality, and thus while it did change, grow, adapt and gain its form of ‘reality’ and ‘existence’, it can never truly merge, combine, exist alongside this newfound existence of reality.

This leaves the two in permanent conflict, one aimed towards existing, and the other towards the removemal of said existence.

Fortunately both can never naturally interact, and thus there is no fear of the Void ever merging with reality, interacting with existence to either devour, or convert it. Unfortunately this has no standing on the outside forces that can cause such to happen. And while both are of matching strength, the Void cannot last in reality before being ‘filled in’, and reality cannot last in the Void without being devoured, the Void came first, and using it, breaking the barriers between to allow interaction from outside, is much easier than it is within, but this does not mean it cannot happen.
And much that happens in reality works to weaken these barriers, from multiversal travel, black holes (which fortunately in truth act as one way, near always fatal paths), to the sudden erasal of pieces of reality itself, and those more ‘natural’ dimensions, powers, planes, and otherwise of similar form (in anyway) to the Void that surpasses that of space and its void.

And once an area is weakened enough those within are sure to exploit it.
Tearing through these weak-spots to emerge into the existence they cannot have, and once outside returning, opening more tears inbetween for them is an easy task. For as reality wishes to return to reality, the Void wishes to return to itself, it’s just more naturally built for said task.

The best way to describe the Void’s presence in a way that can be… pictured is to see the Void as a dimension that exists around the entire multiverse, and at the same time below it, and the surface of each layer of reality (separate planes of existence, connected dimensions, etc) in that universe, yet acts undetectable due to its classification as nothingness.

Think of it as a bowl of tomato and vegetable soup, the vegetables are the infinite universes, while the Void itself is somehow at the same time both the tomato broth surrounding the vegetables, and that disgusting film of tomato sauce grease you’ll later find across every dish you soak in the same water as the bowl, yet the bowl itself holds… chicken broth, not tomato broth as you’d expect. The tomato broth, and its… ‘grease’ that coated each vegetable never existed, it was only the… possibility, the… memory of it which you saw, not the true existence. And it’s an existence that could exist, for how can you have a bowl of tomato soup that has both been uneaten, and fully consumed, yet somehow leaving the vegetables to remain floating as if broth still surrounded them, at the same time?
That’s just it, you can’t, and that’s what the Void is. An impossible, nonexistent existence.


It is the antithesis of presence, of being, of existence itself, and everything but the emptiness, nothingness of everything but the Void itself.

The… interior of Void though is a different matter. Within there it can be considered similar to a… stomach in certain ways. Breaking down, near-digesting anything that enters it without at least a touch of Voidal energy/presence to itself, and for that which does, well… it corrodes, corrupts the remaining until all that is left is the Void in replacement.
Another way to put is as an… antibody of sorts. An antibody tuned towards reality, existence, that which is not the Void to consider as the germ it needs to eradicate, the bacteria it needs to remove, or in its case, absorb, or convert into more antibodies (Void-beings.)

Cataclysm is quite likely the closest, and only entity you’d find of truly similar comparability to the Void, and its denizens.

##Terrain/mass found within the Void and how it occurs
Despite this there are still material existences within the Void, they have just been changed into an existence of similar enough state to register as the Void enough that it does not ‘consume’ them. This is achieved through either the main way of such’s transportation/appearance within the Void, or, if it has some level of Voidal similarities to itself, a gradual corruption/replacement of that which does not carry said Voidal similarities until it is at an ‘acceptable’ level of… Void.

Such naturally occurring materials are rarely of impressive size, and far less the average size of a human.
Chunks of planet, random masses of some form of material with mass, or an assortment of random (and sometimes quite interesting) weapons are what typically fall under this type of category, but there have been occurrences of near-continent, and sometimes full planetary sized (if not a planet itself) objects appearing/being transported into the Void.

The only other masses such as these are those found in ‘Territories’, and they are not of truly natural occurrence.

##‘The existence of the Void and its laws of 'reality’

The Void itself can also act as physical terrain, this itself is dependent on a number of factors. Such as the beings level of Voidal energy, its own mental will to have said terrain, and if the Void is feeling cooperative. And even then it isn’t always an easy task.
There is no true gravity, an emulation of it yes, one that can kill you should you push it, but it gets confusing either way.

While to said being its walk could register as a perfectly straight line, to another viewing them they could see them walking straight up, doing loops, even as if traversing one of those roller coaster tracks where the cart is constantly rotating you between upside down, and not due to the curvature of its track, and yet still see you arrive at the destination you were headed even though it appeared you never should have.
It’s even worse when the being itself registers these motions

Within the Void all natural laws of reality are… warped. At times walking a simple blocks worth of distance could take you millennia, yet would only register as a day outside, and at others can traverse kilometers in seconds, yet register as years of time outside the Void.
And this registered time can be both present, and past, but never future. The Void has no access to that.

In truth the Void actually cannot connect to the present, instead it’s a decimal place of 1 behind such an innumerable, immeasurable amount of zeros that it honestly doesn’t matter that it’s not the present itself.
This is due to the Void being composed of, and gaining only that which is nonexistent. Passed time is such a concept. Once a second is gone it no longer exists, and so it becomes the Void, this is why it has access to the past, and not the future. The future, while non-existent in form, is existent in concept, fate, coming reality. If it can happen, it will somewhere given time, but until it has happened, and passed, the Void cannot have it.

But this does not mean the Void can change the past, in fact it’s very, very rare for Void-beings to leave the Void at any time-point that is not the ‘present’, and even when they do enter the past, it is a pre-recorded event in history. It cannot change history, for it has already happened, it can only follow it. And if that means it devoured a universe, than that universe wouldn’t have existed at the present anyways… not even an alternate where they didn’t, for the alternate version of nothingness is still nothingness.
Time itself within the Void is practically non-existent, things do not age properly, at least not physically, mentally it’s fairly standard, and the only way to properly tell is by how much Voidal energy/presence they’ve naturally gained. (There is a distinct difference between the naturally gained energy all Void-beings gather, and that which they gain by consuming/absorbing other Void-beings, and pieces of reality.)

The lack of any form of day-night cycle, in fact any true light at all (whatever it is replacing it in the Void allows those within to see as if it was broad-daylight, but at the same time doesn’t interfere when trying to sleep, and you sure as the pit won’t get a tan from it) certainly doesn’t help in these time issues.

Basically if asked, Bio himself registers as 17/18-20 years old, 73.5 millennia, and exactly 23.57 seconds old at once (each of these can differ by a touch (of which going by the Void’s standards can be quite a lot) but the first one tends to rarely change that much), but in terms of mental age he’s, well, around the first one, and by Voidal-age he’s a young/just stabilized (if surprisingly powerful) Void Lord.

(Said information was all provided by Cortex and his calculations.)

Let’s just leave this as, ‘time-travel is confusing, the Void is confusing, and when you combine the two it becomes even more-so’.

Fortunately unless you have no Voidal presence (or form of such) at all it is rare to have such events as this happen. The Void tends to work with itself, and the stronger said entity is in terms of accumulated Voidal presence, the further pull they have on actually manipulating these laws of reality as they want.

##Living entities within the Void
There is only one thing that has been found to near always successfully transfer through, carry the needed Voidal similarities to be converted, and differ from the typical limits of size.

Living entities.
Specifically those of the sapient variety.

While they will undergo the same Voidal corruption everything else goes under, they will always appear with some level of Voidal presence, if not fully converted outright.
Along with this, they are the only being with some level of control over the Void… so long as certain specifications have been met.

New Lords
Upon initial introduction to the Void if they arrived without a state of full corruption they can still think, reason, and carry a level of control over the Void’s energy they now find themselves immersed in. Such as these are considered young-new Void Lords, the only ‘natural species’ of the Void with any level of intelligence, the presence to control its other denizens, and that can access, consume (certain kinds), and store the Void’s energy to grow in strength.
This stage rarely lasts long for the New Lords, or at least long in terms of the Void and its laws of reality. Quickly leading to the second, and sometimes first, stage of any Void beings existence, the Voidling stage.

Voidlings themselves are not intelligent until they become Void Lords, they’re beasts of instinct. They hunger, so they consume that which counts as food (i.e. each other (unless they’re under a Void Lords rule in which case they’re kept from fighting amongst themselves, or at least a tamper is attempted to be placed on controlling such behaviors), or ‘reality’. I.e. that which is not the Void.)

They see existence (i.e. that which is not the Void) as pleasure, something to want, something to keep, so they try and take it. Unfortunately the Void doesn’t like existence/reality/that which is not it so it consumes it/converts it, thus leaving them to try and take more.

This stage of a denizen of the void’s life is typically the longest lasting. Taking, at times, up to what would amount towards multiple millennia in the average universe, (the lack of a proper Sun, and, well, any day-night cycle certainly does not help with the Void’s already confusing enough relation with time once again) but upon its end leads to the beginning of their final, most powerful, and most dangerous stage of existence. The Void Lord. When their body fully stabilizes to the Void’s changes.

Void Lords
Void Lords on the other hand are sapient, typically quite intelligent due to their age, and oftentimes cruel.

They are the same in terms of hunger, only they are knowing in their acts, and they will consume both Voidlings under their command, those not, and Void Lords they beat in combat.

They understand existence/reality/you get it something they can’t truly have, and so they want it.

They’re greedy, especially those who are not of ‘natural re-birth’ (i.e. emerged as New Lords and not Voidlings, or did not arrive converted) to the Void and were instead converted into Voidlings later, and some have even found ways to make it so they can… keep small portions of existence. Little trophies. Both those inanimate, and animate.

And they want power, both gained through age, consumption of other Void Lords/beings, and consumption of reality.


That is why they try to leave the Void and attack everything outside of it. Both to gain ‘treasures’, power, and to destroy that which they can’t truly have. For if they cannot have ‘reality’ beyond the small pieces they might have, why should the rest exist? Why should others have what they can’t have? Experience what they want to experience?
The answer’s simple, they shouldn’t.

Of course you can sometimes find ones who aren’t like this, but it’s rarer, and not always a lasting/perfect temperament. The Void tends to quickly ‘break them out of that phase’.
Madness, born of corruption, want, and/or just standard mental break-down is an easy thing to experience in a place as wrong as the Void

A Void Lord, and not a New Lord, is a very, very dangerous entity, but also luckily one with a typically small population of (currently) existing species. This is in part due to how long the average Void Lord takes to stabilize, and how often they outright murder each other, being able to absorb their defeated foes energy and further increase their own, thus allowing the ability to hold more Voidlings under their command, and for expansion of their ‘Territory’.

A minor update: For some odd reason the population of Voidlings has been… well, booming recently, and Void Lords have been popping up more often along with them. There’s more than enough energy to… spare/go around in further quickening their mental stabilization to the needed levels. Along with this is also the amount of Voidal-mass that’s been showing up. Hell, more than a few dozen galaxies worth of planets, intact ones mind you, have been showing up, and that is odd. Typically seeing a single, semi-intact planet is rare.

Oh certainly, many of them are being quickly absorbed, both by Void-beings hungry for reality, or being a good bit decayed during their conversion, but it’s still odd. It would take an entire universes worth of existence being erased at once to equal even a portion of the amount of entities that have been showing up, and more, much, much more than a few dozen universes to equal what has, and still is showing up…. It has not, and will continue to remain a not very fun time for Bio until a large portion of these new Voidlings have been eradicated.

##An explanation of a Void Lords Territory and its functioning

Territories as previously stated are the only other form of stable, physical, non-sentient existence that can be found within the Void, but are not a naturally appearing, nor forming occurrence.
A Territory can only come about upon a Void Lord’s initial ‘awakening’. During this awakening a Void Lord gains its connection to the Voidal energy composing their realm, and in doing so causes large fluctuations of energy centered around themselves as the energy adapts, and settles to this new connection, and the Void Lord’s body change to be able to retain their now highly increased, and ever growing energy capacity.

The energy flux itself is mainly caused by the sudden overflow of energy passing through them, and being released back into the Void to be reabsorbed.

During this time this sudden growth of energy acts similar to… high, high pressure gravity in a loose sense of the law. It begins attracting… particles. Leftover, near microscopic pieces of those masses that are dragged into the Void and either fully broken down, or arrived in such a state.

These particles then begin clumping together, physically fusing together due to the energy flowing throughout the area. They also change, becoming the… ‘perfect’ territory for the new Void Lord by use of their subconscious desires, and instinctive needs/understanding of what would make for the best environment to live in.
They may hold no current control over the energy flowing through them, but the Void has always acted strangely, and those who becomes a part of it are just as same. It only makes sense that the Void will always have some level of control over itself, it’s just a bit of a different way when it has some level of sentient/sapient make.

These Territories are held together by their Void Lord’s existence, they grow in size the greater their Lord grows, and should they fall they shall quickly follow. A Territory is always a Void Lord’s home, they can live nowhere else, stay no place for long without feeling the need to return, and at home is where they are always their strongest. So it becomes quite helpful that going by the Void’s laws of existence their ‘homes’ have no true location, and that by properly following said laws, that means they can bring their land with them wherever they go within the Void.

There have actually been many battles between Void Lord’s that involved using their Territories as a mix of moving fortress, troop transport, and ramming ‘vehicle’ all tied into one. These battles, if ever witnessed (and recorded) by other would be ones that would go down in history as events of legend, awe, and catastrophic might.

Fortunately Territories cannot be taken out of the Void, the Voidal energy needed to keep one from ‘having its blank space filled in by reality’ is much, much greater than any (currently) existing Void Lord can control.

In fact doing such would more likely than not kill the Territories Void Lord along with it as it is dispersed by reality’s need to ‘always have something instead of nothing’.

##How the Void interacts with/is affected by events in the multiverse

Common interaction/ways existence ends up in the Void
The Void can interact with the reality of any, and every universe in multiple ways, and with this interaction comes the transferal of pieces of existence to the Void to further feed it/become a part of it.

The most common way comes from black holes, a one way passage that always assures a fatal trip, and full destruction of any mass dragged within leaving it just to be absorbed as energy/Voidal-material (that which the Void, and its odd form of physical anything, from the… ‘terrain’ to parts/a majority of a Territory’s mass is formed off).

Another, and the second most common way which mass/Void beings arrive requires the instantaneous (or close enough) erasal/destruction of a physical existence, such as small meteors hitting atmosphere only to disintegrate upon initial contact (these actually make up the majority of ‘natural’ masses you (used to) typically find in the Void). This can be achieved through certain devices, powers, and just odd natural occurrences.

The third of them requires the Void initiating the interaction, i.e. whenever a Voidling/Void Lord successfully rips through a weak-spot and begins an attack on reality, and these attacks can allow for the consumption of entire universes if not properly handled. This is also one of the only events where Void Lords willingly cooperate and do not battle each other.

During an attack Voidlings frequently tear rips back into the Void, thus creating more holes within the Void for Void beings to escape, as they drag chunks of existence back into the Void with them due to their want of it, of existence. Unfortunately this way of ‘travel’ always ensures the mass carries no Voidal signature and is thus fully absorbed, be it animate, inanimate, and/or sapient.

Void Lords on the other hand, well, they can successfully… mask small portions of existence with their own Voidal presence to give them enough of a false Voidal signature that they won’t be converted, that they will remain a small piece of reality, the existence they can’t truly have to own as prize and trophy. Both inanimate, and animate.

Of course not all Void Lord’s can do this, in fact many don’t understand how, or even realize they can. Bio is actually passively using this ability every second of his existence, allowing him to gift anyone, and anything with said needed Voidal masking to keep from being converted… so long as they remain in semi-regular contact/close interaction with him of course.
Basically, don’t end up getting separated from him in the Void for multiple days, or else by the time he finds you, you probably won’t still be yourself.

What Voidal weak-spots are, and how they’re formed
Weak-spots are areas in the Void where reality has reached a level of… familiarity to the Void’s own that the barriers between the two begin to weaken. Luckily these weak-spots are typically easily fixed so long as said ‘familiar’ area is removed, remedied, and/or otherwise changed to not be familiar.

Familiar areas can be locations where reality has been warped, specific uses/after effects of power, and certain planes of reality/additional/pocket dimensions. An example of such could be the stranger things pocket dimension, that multiversal highway-esque void Chameleo utilizes (though one that is much to strong for any (average) Void Lord to tear into), that negative zone (though once again another dimension no (average) Void being can end up getting its claws into.)

Weak spots are also formed by multiversal travel, specifically constant multiversal travel between two points of similar location. This travel weakens the barrier between universes, and when done in such a constant, repetitive manner, forms a weak spot similar enough to the standard Voidal weak spot that the denizens of the Void, the area between/around/etc these universes through which the tube of interconnecting realities this type of travel forms, and then disperses, can use it just as any other.

In fact many a Void Lord specifically keeps constant watch on any area that these tubes of multiversal connection are witnessed in just for the hope to catch the weak-spot in time to tear through it before reality strengthens itself.
Another hope is that they can latch onto, and tear into said ‘tube’ itself, a rare, typically fatal, and near impossible task, but one which when accomplished allows instantaneous connection to both of the connected universes to invade

Voidal attacks
Void beings, particularly Lord’s, are on the constant look-out for weak-spots to exploit, and gain access to ‘reality’ so-as to launch an attack against it.

These attacks can typically be split into a small handful of stages.

  1. The discovery
  2. Entry
  3. Minor expansion of Voidal connections, and elimination of opposition
  4. Further/planet-wide expansion of Voidal connections
  5. Galaxy wide, inter-planetary expansion of Voidal connections, and elimination of opposition
  6. Full galaxy expansion of Voidal connections
  7. So forth until they are either ‘defeated’, or tear apart the universes reality enough that the Void becomes stronger than it/is provided enough of a connection/access to it, and devours it in entirety.

The discovery happens when either a Void Lord, or one of his controlled Voidlings happens upon a weak-spot of viable ‘weakness’ to begin tearing through.

Entry happens upon the discovered weak-spot being successfully (i.e. area/event causing the weakness is not remedied in time/beforehand) weakened to a point that the Void’s similarity overpowers reality’s own and tears through. This allows the initial wave of Voidlings to escape.

Minor expansion of Voidal connections, and elimination of opposition is achieved by Voidlings tearing back into the Void with the pieces of ‘existence’ they’ve grabbed, which can be said opposition, and instinctively retaliating against those who attack them.

The expansion is then furthered the more of the planet the Voidlings strip/encompass, and thus the more areas for them to tear through, eventually leading to full planetary coverage.
During this time at least two other Void Lord’s will have typically joined the attack, and would’ve begun stabilizing the pre-existing ‘Void-portals’ so as to ensure they are more permanent in existence, and/or reality does not collapse them.

Due to the level of Voidal-energy/signature now interacting with the universe due to a planet wide tear in reality, and spaces own Voidal-esque signature, more weak-spots begin forming throughout the a galaxy wide area.

Galaxy wide planetary expansion then begins as the current, and other Void Lord’s begin tearing through these weak-spots to repeat the original process on each planet, this further increases the range of which the Voidal energy spreads, and thus further forming the ever-increasing number of weak-spots, and their level of severity.

Upon conquering the galaxy the Void armies the begin forming it in its entirety into a Voidal-tear, their lack of a need for true air (despite their realm somehow providing such to those who need it), allowing them to survive in spaces own Void to create tears where needed, and its familiarity to the Void allowing it to be quickly converted/torn through once the planets themselves are fully encompassed, and the level of Voidal leakage skyrockets.

This is typically when the point of no return is reached. Just the single galaxy’s worth of a tear is enough to weaken the reality of any number of galaxies near it, the distance between (which the can survive in) thus forming even more areas for Void beings to begin their attack. And with space’s own weakness towards Voidal conversion, well, come the conversion of a second galaxy equals that entire distance’s worth of space made a tear.
And once the level of Voidal leakage reaches a point where the Void Lord’s can bring their Territories out without fear of death/dispersal of it/replacement by reality? Well, at that point their victory is practically assured.

And so they continue until enough of the universe has been Voidally replaced/connected that the just the level of Voidal leakage is enough to keep the conversion going, and the Void becomes the stronger of the two, and thus able to consume this reality, this existence, this ‘something’ which is not its own.

##The Voidal King

The Voidal King is a legend known by all the ancient Void Lords, those of near immeasurable power compared to the other denizens of the Void.

The legend speaks of a Voidal being of such power it out measures even the strongest of them.

Of a being from the Void who could bend it to their will. Tear through it on a whim, who would lead them in their true conquest of the entire multiverse, and the destruction of all existence, and reality’s return to the Void, and just the Void.

Legend states the Voidal King once lived, lead them on a conquest of immeasurable universes, dimensions, planes of existence, but was somehow defeated. Some being, some hero managing to get their hands on a weapon that slew him.

It also states that one day their Ruler will return, be it as King or Queen. All that is waited for is the Crown of the Void to choose its heir, and for said heir to reclaim the kings hammer, the Reality Shatterer/Voidal Rule.

For all our sakes, one should pray this is all but myth, and if not, that his return will never happen.



Now then, as you can see here I have just written out this friggin’ massive… profile? Description? Eh, you all get what I mean, for this odd… thing known as the Void.

For anyone asking what for, why for Bio Venture of course! Hey, I’m planning to go places with his series, and what a better way to start with an example of just how nutty it’ll go with a description of his home plane!.. Even if he didn’t originally come from it/isn’t a proper Void entity in any way!

And boy-oh-boy, this is going to get weird fast


Once again I must give massive thanks to @ThatchMac for his amazing series which, well, was literally the entire cause behind why I made Bio Venture!
Particular thanks to his character Cataclysm and what she does (as is… kind of obvious), Chameleo and his warping, those two dimensions of his I mentioned (and what he uses one of them for), and Aferia!.. For reasons I will not at this time be discussing!

Also, big thanks to Krexa Productions for his Alterations teaser which actually ended up, well, somehow setting off the inspiration for the Void and its craziness, and gave me the idea for the original basis behind Bio’s character/origins!

So yet again, thank you guys so, so much for what you’ve done! And just wait and see what else I can put up for Bio now that I have the context for it put up!
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Try explaining a fictional universe’s structure without getting into detail of the different realms and history of said universe…despite the fact that those things are integral to the universe’s structure…yeah I have the same pain, when explaining my own fictional universe, props to what you came up with, it’s a pretty awesome read.


Ey! Thanks mate! Glad to hear I successfully wrote this well enough for it to be a good read for at least someone!

To be honest I like the Silmarillion, so long reads are that much of a pain for me…though I do encourage anyone who hasn’t read the Silmarillion to read the book. I think it’s a awesome addition to the Middle Earth lore and story, it does explain a few things, which may not have been major questions, but… it does explain how wizards came to the world and what they are really are. So that’s cool.

That said I love reading intricate creations that people have put their thought into.