Toa Hagah (BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard, part 2)

Let me present you my entry for the contest. Mixed media.

For the masks, I’ve decided to keep Kualus’s mask, a Photok Kakama for Pouks, a regular Faxon for Bomonga, and a Great Ruru for Gaaki (based on Idris’s mask).

The initial picture is sketched in graphite, and painted in grayscale with acrylic, then colored in PS.

I know my skills are not up to some of the artist participating, but it was a nice test of skill nonetheless.

WIP images:

Entry list: Honor Guard: Entry List


Cool. I like how the other Toa are on and around Bomonga.

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Nice! Even though it was done in grayscale, it really looks like it was done with colored paints. I guess the texture helps a lot.

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What masks are used

Nice art!

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Thank you so much for entering! Unfortunately, we’ve detected two issues regarding adherence to the contest rules. Firstly, Kualus’ eye color is the wrong shade of green. Secondly, you used the official Faxon mold for Bomonga while the winning inspiration MOC locked a custom version of this mask. It’s been decided that this is not an acceptable change. If you could please correct Kualus’ eyes and Bomonga’s mask within the next three days, your entry will be fully accepted and move on to the polls!


Thanks for replying. While I would gladly fix Kualus’ eye color, I’m not okay with using Double’s choice of Faxon. Feel free to dq if you will.


We appreciate you being upfront with us about your decision. That being the case, unfortunately we will have to disqualify your entry. Thank you for your time and we hope you will participate in the future.