Toa Hagah Bomonga

Hero of Legend, Toa Hagah Bomonga. I finally got around to making some Toa Hagah, as well as painting them, so I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to post them on the message boards. The mask was made by the Red Star Forge. Links to the mask and Flickr are down below. Enjoy!

I didn’t get around to painting Bomonga’s photos before I took the pictures above. However, I finally got around to painting a spare Hagah shield recently so here is a picture.


Flickr album (4K):


What a bulky boi


@Ahkmou Thank you Ahkmou. You’re one of my favorite matoran.


Thats some strait up 4chan content right there.

This is one of many example of a basic build can look good from afar. The rugged armor help give it character.


Looks awesome! Was the mask a different color in the photos? It fits his character pretty well.

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The build is not bad, but that photography is FABULOUS!


@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister Thank you! I’m glad that you like the usage of the mask. Fortunately the mask was already painted by the time I took the photos. I painted two layers of paint on the mask before I took the photos. I wish that the paint was closer but I guess being really close is better than nothing. :slight_smile:
@EmperorDuckie Thank you! I don’t consider moc-making to be my strong suit but I appreciate you liking the photos. I hope to get even better as time passes.

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Yeah, the paint looks a little shinier in the outdoors photos…

very good bomonga boi, gamer


I really like how this looks, all the armor different piece’s just flow together so well.

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Legs could be a tad longer but overall I like it

At last, the 30 year old boomonga.


That mask… beaut

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This dude is awesome! I never thought of him being so bulky, but that’s really good! The hewiki masks look so cool as shoulder armor

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@HewksDKowlihad Thank you, fellow gamer
@TheMOCingbird Thank you!
@Zero sips I remember the raid on Destral.
@Antroz2007 Thank you! I was hesitant on the idea of him being bulky at first but I decided to just go for it, especially since he can be bulky as well as stealthy. Speaking of hewkii masks, I got the idea of the shoulders from this other version of him posted in '09. I didn’t care for the green part of the inika head being exposed so I eventually changed it to the nuva shoulders and proceeded to fill it up. I’m glad that you like the usage of them.


I only just started to think about how you could have placed the shoulder armor like that. I still have no answers.

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@jayzor17 Here’s how I did it. I hope this helps you.

Due to the large gap caused by using nuva shoulders I solved it by adding this.

I based this on idea both on what this person made as well as Grimlock’s shoulders.