Toa Nao (Self-Moc)

“If I’m the last of my kind, then I stand for us all.”
-Toa Nao talking of Toa

Name: Nao
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Abilities: Toa of Air, Mutation
Allegiance: White Claw

Toa Nao belongs to a universe known as “Withering”. A once large and vastly populated world, Withering is under a plague epidemic known as “Darkness”. Darkness spreads across the land, infecting all living inside of its borders. Being in the Darkness has many effects, and it is unknown why some can live longer than others in it. Typically with plants, the Darkness kills them instantly, or mutates them into hostile beasts. With sentient species, the Darkness will mutate them, or turn them into barbaric savages. Sometimes, it may take control of their minds, making them servants. Toa Nao was a Toa of Air who is able to survive long times in the Darkness before being mutated again. He fights the savages and the minions of the Darkness with his friends and allies while constantly searching for new safe areas. He is armed with two electric claw blades, a flail trap, and a repeater pulse rifle. He is also blind in one eye.

Darkness Nao

In the Darkness, living things glow with unnatural light.

This is my first moc using actual pieces that I’ve shared, and I’m personally pretty proud of the way it turned out, considering I don’t even know how to tell what a bad moc is. The lower legs are very weird with the Hordika necks (you can’t really see them in the photos), I know, but the build kind of makes him look mutated. I also have a lack of parts, most of these coming from Umarak the Hunter and Onua Master, and the head and weapons from Ehlek. While he does have waist articulation, the gears in the gear box are just for show. Tips for future mocs are much appreciated! Have a nice one!


I like the dead eye

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3,000/10 Ehlek parts are my favorite. Also the moc does look pretty good I like the colors a lot even though they are pretty unusual

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Yep, here’s basically what happened: I wanted my self moc to have an Ehlek head, so I had to have green. Then I realized that I had purple shells from Onua, so I HAD to have those. And then I thought it’d be cool if he had armor, so I added silver. And then I realized there were a lot of red and blue pins, and I know people don’t like those, so I tried to justify it by keeping a blue eye and adding red spikes, and that’s the color scheme.

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I was just about to comment on this, kinda smart thing to do.

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The back and the waist could use a bit of a touch up. Other than that I don’t see any other problems.

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