Transformers: Dawn of a New Age

Nova nodded, visibly a bit relieved.
“Alright then. So what do you wanna know?”
She asked.

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“I was curious about your mech,” Overgrowth replies. “Are you the one who modified it so?”

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“Dude, you have got to visit sometime. Sure the locals can be a bit hostile, but they’re not all too bad. And the views are breathtaking. Like, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a sunset on Eukaris.”
Low-Tide eagerly replied.

Nova firmly placed her hands on her hips and put on a proud and confident smile.

“As a matter of fact I am!”
She said proudly.

"The machine you see here used to be just a standard issue Orion class combat mech. A mass produced piece of military hardware commonly deployed within the Neo Germanic Alliance. They’ve got plenty of firepower, and are durable enough. But they also aren’t all too maneuverable. All together they’re better than any grunt suit you’ll see, but nowhere near as fancy or well equipped as the custom rigs commanders get to have.

"But now, she’s my Gungnir. My pride and joy. I’ve tricked her out with a full body custom paint job, a new primary engine to give her some extra muscle, tuned up her sensor array and navigation system, gave her an improved motor and servo package for better input response, reflexes, and more fluid movement. I tweaked the main cannons to make them more energy efficient, installed a personalized heads up display in the cockpit, put in an adjustable voice filter for the external speakers, and replaced the old drive seat with something way more comfortable. And I even built in a deployable drill in each arm, able to fold out and replace either hand with just the pull of a level. And on top of all that, I’ve been thinking about getting her a spear. Only problem is 1, I’m not sure where I’d get a spear that big. And 2, I don’t know where I’d store it. And that’s not even getting into the detachable home pod on the back. Fit with a slip drive, state of the art A.G, and all the comforts of home I could ever need. Making her perfect for long range and long term space travel.

“She may have stared out as an old unit, no different than thousands of others like her. But I’ve really made her into something all my own.”
The girl proudly boasted.


“Please do so ma’am. Now, might I have her keys?”


Ivory winked at her, and transformed. His body shrunk and contorted, and peices of leather emerged from within and sewed themselves together. It was like watching something simultaneously implode and explode. When he finished, ivory, or rather, the Shinging Shroud stood in his place, clad in his signature trench coat, ascot and fedora. He smuled at the shipwrite.

“Let’s just say I have a good disguise.”


The Junkion woman takes the vessel’s command key from a compartment in her thigh and hands them to LD-L1. “I’m thrilled to be doing my part,” she says.

Her ship is an older model that, like many Junkion ships, has been heavily modified from its original design. It is a squat, boxy thing, with huge engines sandwiching the craft’s main body. A laser cannon is mounted on the right side, probably used mainly for cutting up space debris.

“Now ain’t that somethin’!” Riveter laughs, amazed. “I mean, you really do look human!”

“That you have,” Overgrowth says kindly. “You may wish to visit the armorers of Primogenitum some time- they work they do is not dissimilar to your own.”

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Oh my god, the song from that one cartoon was telling the truth all along. Chicks really do dig giant robots!
Niko eagerly thought to himself.
Okay, okay. Calm down. You gotta play it cool, or you’re gonna blow it. I know it’s hard to get over how awesome she is, but you can’t let that trip you up.

Nova responded curiously. She had to carefully sound out the word when repeating it, as not to risk completely butchering the pronunciation all together.
“I’ve never heard of it. What’s it like?”
She asked.