Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

More-or-less, honestly.


Come on man, don’t do Banzitron like that lol.

Steppin on the beach - SEPHIROTH
Steppin on the beach - SEPHIROTH

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Oof, I guess, I have to improvise.

E P I C O scene has been posted.


Everything Below is Out of Character Information


ALTMODE: Wendigo

The TOSB are a set of numerous blades on Llun’s body, two found in his arms, two in his legs, and two in his torso. These blades have the ability to transform, and thus grow in size, double in size compared to the standard built-in energon blade.
Normally the TOSB appear as small blade-like spikes on his person, but when they transform, they extend and grow in size. The two on his torso, extend from his back and act like sub arms with two blades attached,
The blades, when active, coat themselves in energon. This allows them to cut as efficiently as the regular energon blades.

Radar: Llun also comes with a built in radar that activates when he is in his alt mode. The radar thermal and sound based. using sound to give an idea of the direction of moving targets and thermal to see beyond obstacles like a wall or door, although if the wall is thick enough the image is blurry, and/or if there’s another wall he would not see past a second wall.

Altmode Appearance:
Credit to @Bramsley for the amazing work he did drawing Llun’s altmode

Alright here’s my character. That purple text character sheet is my attempt at making an in-universe information form, so say your character looks him up on a terminal, all they would see is what would be on that form. Anything in the Out of Character Information section, your character would not know natively.

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Hey, remember those predacon clones Bludgeon was forcing Shockwave to make waaaaaay back in Part 1?


uhhh… please don’t tell me they cloned Asrar… actually fighting a clone of Asrar would be fun… feel free to use an Asrar clone then. lol

actually now that I think about you could do that and still have it fit the character’s overall lore

also when is a good time to join in?

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Maximus’ new character, Fortress, is in the middle of making his debut right now, as it happens. Maybe he and Llun could meet up while Fortress is getting ready to go rescue some folks.

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Despite my massive absence, this I surprisingly remember.

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that could work
I’ll just need to find a good time to post tomorrow

Also, I want to clarify something, based on what Topside said. Does he want Fortress to come help on the ground with everyone else, or in the colony ship?

Even if you didn’t, you’d be reminded soon enough…

Topside’s asking for some help at the colony ship. He needs help getting himself and everybody else out of there and back to the real action.

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Not sure how I’m supposed to get a massive transport tanker from one ship to another but hey I’ll do my best.

Hey, before I decide on whether or not I’m reengaging, is there anything I should know? Anything major happen to the party or anything minor to my characters?

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Well, nothing’s happened specifically pertaining to your characters, but the party is in tbe middle of a big battle with the New Decepticons right now, and some of them are close to getting the next Omega Key.

The battle’s taking place around a fortress in which the Key’s hidden in.


I know how Bludgeon survived my attack…plot armor. :joy:

@Flux Need any help getting Llun introduced?

that would be great, not sure where i want to start

Well, it sounds like @MaximusPrimal’s character, Fortress, is in one of Salvation’s hangars. Llun could just so happen to be in there with him.