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(shrugs) I honestly am not sure what the best approach is to this situation.

Well, where is the fun if we always duck and hide? I mean, no risk, no fun eh? And why aren’t you guys using the weapons of the recon ship? I’m sure there are some…

I’ll play off of whatever y’all decide to do. Your characters are the protagonists; they’re the ones driving the story (most of the time, anyway). I just wanted to establish the setting (part of it, anyway…) and throw a quick combat encounter at y’all. Terrorcons are always fun, right??


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Well, I replied so we can keep this going!

We need to leave or the scouting party is going to be killed. Get reinforcements and regroup to blast through the Terrorcon hordes.

Also, Chrome, would Zepar be starting to sense the waking Terrorcons by now?

Yeah, I’d say so. About twenty of them woke up to chase the dropship, some more are after Starchaser and Broadwing. That’s all probably enough to get Zepar’s attention.

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If Epsilon is outside and Scorchlock takes off - wouldn’t Epsilon be left behind? Or is he a seeker?

If Epsilon secures himself to the hull of the transport, he should be fine…but he does need to be warned that the craft is gonna be moving.

Fun fact: I originally came up with this location to use in TOTGA. I didn’t include it in that game because I couldn’t work it into the story, but when I started working on Salvation, I decided to try and fit it in here.


@MaximusPrimal, where are Starchaser and Broadwing?

OOC: That… makes his earlier story about Shockwave very confusing now…

Forgive me, I’m trying to incorporate Darkside’s backstory in a way that makes sense with the universe’s lore. Velocitron won’t become a colony until a long time after this RP, but when you made a character that spent some time there, I figured I could retcon things a little and say the Autobots had a research outpost there before that happened.

Racing was probably a way for the researchers there to test new equipment back then, as well as a pastime (which could explain how it became so ingrained in the culture later down the line). As for how Shockwave was involved, maybe he wasn’t publicly a Decepticon at the time- like Darkside, he could’ve kept a low profile and briefly infiltrated Velocitron, until later in the war when he started to work directly under Megatron.

Out in the debris field, close to the planet.

Except… the story was about the race gambling… if it’s just a research station, who’s racing?

Like I said, the people at the outpost probably raced in their spare time. It also could’ve had a small civilian population back then, I dunno.

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It’s Velocitron…racing is their very culture in a nutshell. Got a dispute or conflict? Race over it.

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