Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

Huh. That is rather surprising.

Well, if you’re wondering, I wasn’t exactly intending for the attack to be lethal. The injury would be serious, but perhaps not immediately life-threatening.

alright good to know, I was kinda thinking a semi-deep cut to the abdomen would be reasonable

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Heads up: I’m going to be largely inactive from about 4:30 until… I don’t know, actually. A few hours.


Yo, Pixel about to die, fellas

where is he? Maybe one of my guys can help.


I just realized that the mysterious woman Zepar and Co. talked to on the Savant was Corona. :tuma:

He’s in a hallway near hangar thirty-one, if memory serves.

That’s good. Gatecrasher can help.

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Yes, that’s likely the case.

Yes, he probably could, once he and Sidewinder get out of harm’s way themselves.

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Shouldn’t some of Savant’s weapons systems be operational by now?

No, I’m afraid not. That ship’s weapons and dark matter drive were beyond repair.

Sorry for the late reply.

Aw dang.

I’m gonna be gone for a bit; but I should be able to be pretty active this weekend.

How’s mys first attempt at more dynamic environments going so far, guys?

scary… very scary… Shudders

thinks about bringing Actaeon in for a Deus ex Machina, but laments that it make little since, unless Sprocket found him.

Will keep that option open, tho. For all we know Actaeon is… walking around in a hallway.

So far, so good.

Just so we’re on the same page: Zepar’s plan is to basically nuke the jelly with a really big crate of decimators and the desired result is that it either lets go in pain and is see rely injured or the thing gets killed by the big explosion.

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Thrift only has the one decimator, unfortunately, and even then it’s broken. It might still have a chance of working, but it also has a chance of… well, not.

Go ahead and try and give it a go, however, all the same.


so manual detonation via blaster cannon might work?

I might start drawing some stuff- just quick little sketches to give a better idea of how certain places/things in the RP look or are laid out. I’m not much of an artist though, so don’t expect quality artwork by any means. Just something to add to my descriptions of things in the game.



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Yeah; a couple of you have asked for that sort of thing before, if memory serves.

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