Transformers: Salvation

In the medbay, Actaeon lies unconscious on a temporary bed that he was placed on. He does not stir, though he seems troubled…
[Dream Sequence]
…A grenade shot behind his cover and beeping with a flickering red light. He yelled out as he dove behind a broken wall. The grenade blew up, exploding with a fiery red explosion. Actaeon had survived. He looked around gripping his left shoulder, he only saw autobot bodies lies as he was forced back by the decepticons as the enemy gained ground. They were losing and he knew that the frontline was only going to last a few moments. Actaeon had no choice, except retreat. He gave cover fire as the few living autobots ran and retreated from their position. Now it was his turn, Actaeon dove into fire shot off his ion cannon and landed on the hard metal. The war was tearing this planet apart and he had forgotten when it began…

Sightline accepts the handshake.

“Thanks for the help,” she says.

Two terrorcons are obliterated, however the other two evade the shots. One leaps at him head-on, while another takes off to Gatecrasher’s right.

Gatecrasher swings a massive fist at the Terrorcon,

While his drone fires Heat-seeking missiles at the other.

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After a great deal of grumbling and mumbling under his breath, he accepted.

[ Dream Sequence]

…It was when he was still a rookie. Actaeon had hit the ground hard enough to break the servos in his hands. Without his hands he couldn’t shoot his Ion Cannon. He was glad when he was able to get the shoulder strap around his neck to run off with his gun. Actaeon ran until he could see reinforcements. He collapsed before them and was brought to the nearest medic. Where his hands were treated and restored to a working state. Due to this experience, Actaeon requested the local mechanic to add weapons to him that he would always have. The mechanic did so and this is how Actaeon gained his subsonic repeaters mounted on to the chest, although the story of how he gained his alt-form might be even more interesting…

Arion turned to plane mode, followed by Gronius with his dragon mode.

Zepar tried to see if he could locate the tractor beam systems on a map of the derelict.

The terrorcon is caught right in the jaw. The side of its head caves in and shatters, and the zombie tumbles away in the zero-gravity.

The terrorcon is hit and explodes, sending ribbons of liquid Dark Energon flying in all directions.

Suddenly, the metal beneath Gatecrasher erupts as another terrorcon reaches up to grab him through the hull. There is a rush of air from the resulting depressurization of the chamber below.

The tractor beam mechanisms could be found, conveniently, underneath the bridge.

Zepar decides to make a path and starts tearing through the floor to try and get to the tractor beam mechanisms.

In a panic, He aims his cannons and shoots into the hole

“Need help, bro?” Gronius offered.

“That would be appreciated, Alterion.” Zepar said.

[Dream Sequence]

…Actaeon was in a different battle this time. His hands needed to be treated constantly as he would find some “excuse” to break them in battle. Actaeon found himself a good friend in the medic and he loved to spend time with him. This did not last long. The war would only allow any happiness to last for a moment before its spark was erased…

…Actaeon was in deep in the red zone, occupied territory. He was on a reconnaissance mission and he was due to watch the enemy’s movements and report them to his superior. His enemies made a move a seeker squadron flew by above the mark where he was stationed. Command was warned and Actaeon knew the best were on guard that day. If only the best was better…

…Actaeon ran back to base, his comms were ringing with the battle at the base. The seekers were able to bomb one of the defenses and now decepticons unveiled themselves and were attacking the base. He made it to the base, however he was too late. Actaeon saw a seeker blast a cabin apart and let blow up, with whatever autobot was inside of it. He felt an anger lit inside of him. The decepticons left nothing standing and soon transformed and left…

…Actaeon dug at the ashes and saw his friend. He swore he would take revenge for the atrocity that had taken place. He began his hunt to take down that seeker and
planned to destroy him…

Actaeon opened his optics and looked around wondering where he was. The last thing he remembered was in the hanger and he had just sent a scrap-load of terrorcons into space. He tried to sit up and swore audibly,
He wasn’t standing straight anytime soon.

Gronius and Alterion looked at each others, confused.

This action proves dangerously effective. The entire floor of the bridge begins to give way, revealing a smaller chamber below.

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One terrorcon is obliterated, but another reaches up from the hole, trying to seize Gatecrasher’s leg.

A terrorcon grabs Gatecrasher and pulls him in the hole, He stands up to see himself surrounded, he open fires and screams for someone, anyone to help him.

Zepar jumped down, landing very gently in the room.

Gronius and Alterion followed in, now in robot modes.

Fortunately, help would not be required. The few terrorcons in the room are obliterated.

This room was cluttered with ancient, ruined machinery. Some displayed faint signs of life- flickering lights, moving components, and soft hums.

Alterion goes on to try to study them. Gronius didn’t seem to care that much, as he stomps around, not really caring about what he could step on.