Transformers: Salvation

GateCrasher gave a sigh of relief. He crawled out the hole. He then transformed and renewed his assault on the cables.

Zepar looks for the mechanisms for the tractor beam, his goal to permanently disable the system.

One machine seems particularly well-preserved and active- a conical device adorned with green cyberglyphs and surrounded by floating rings of grey metal.

Gronius destroys a vital cable feeding power to the gravity drive. Artificial gravity in the derelict shuts off.

Another launch point flies apart, and its cable is detached from the derelict.

Seeing that Alterion was standing still, the artificial gravity does not affect him, as he remained stuck on the floor. Gronius, however, that was still walking, starts to float. Alterion looks unimpressed at his Autobot subordinate.
“Sorry…” Gronius sais as he sstarts floating towards him.

A red fighter spaceship flies after salvation

Soon, the bridge could be seen in the distance.
“Come on, Aridocara! We’re almost there!”

Zepar flies over to the tractor beam device and tries to access it to enable its destruction.

Shadowraker and Zepar’s CLUTCH drone flew around the room, getting a good look at the stuff while awaiting orders.

“One more to go!” shouts Gatecrasher. He trundles into range of the last cable and opens fire.

A flickering holo-screen materializes as Zepar approaches.

The launch point is blown apart. All five anchor cables had now been dispatched, and the tractor beam was surely soon to fall. The bridge crew cheers as the reports come in.

“I sense we’ll be making our exit soon,” ■■■■■■■■■■■■ comments.

Topside nods.

“Yep,” he agrees. “Let’s get the hell out of here!”

“One step ahead of ya, captains!” Flyby announces, beginning to input coordinates into the transwarp drive’s controls.

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Zepar tries to completely turn it off.

“We’ll need to book it back to the ship immediately once this is off.” Zepar told the others.

Zepar is successful! The tractor beam deactivates, and Salvation begins to turn away from her pursuers.

“And we’re out!” Flyby excitedly reports.

“Impeccable timing,” Greasemonkey says over the comms. “It just so happens that the transwarp drive is ninety-three percent charged.”

“Ninety-three will have to do!” Topside decides.

“Pilot!” he and ■■■■■■■■■■■■ simultaneously call to Flyby, “Full speed ahead; engage transwarp jump!”

Realizing what they had just done, the two captains abruptly fall silent and exchange awkward glances.

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Zepar immediately has his group (storing Shadowraker and his drone on his person) try to reach the Salvation before it, no doubt, goes into Transwarp.

OOC: Hopefully, Gatecrasher makes it with us or we are stuck on a derelict, Dark Energon and Terrorcon infested Knight ship with Bludgeon’s fleet and either being his prisoner or getting burned in the star as they fall to it.

Aridocara arrived at the bridge

“It’s what I’m here for.”

A red fighter boards the Salvation

Actaeon calls out,
He was very confused on why he was here and who put him here.

Outside the derelict, Salvation could be seen beginning to gather speed as she cut through the void, retreating from the Twenty-sixth fleet. A few of the loose anchor cables dangle off her side as she flies, and smoke and debris drifts from multiple injuries she’d sustained in the prolonged skirmish. Already, a shimmering haze was beginning to surround the Fleetcarrier as her transwarp drive kicked into action. Crackling blue blots of reality-rending energies shoot out from the haze at random, one striking the starboard side of the derelict and severing one of the cruiser’s arms.

And just in time, too. The window that any outbound heroes had to return to Salvation was quickly closing.

The two captains turn their heads.

The Decepticon nods.

“Well… I suppose so,” she awkwardly agrees.

Deck 1’s medical bay was packed with wounded bots- Autobots, Decepticons, and neutrals. The medics were all busy, however a tiny diagnostic drone hovers over.

“I’m sorry,” it says in a synthesized, feminine voice, “but all personnel in the Deck 1 medical facility are currently preoccupied. May I be of assistance?”

It subtly bobs up and down in midair, waiting for a response.

The fighter shifts and turns, clicks and clanks, it stretches its joints and extends its limbs, it’s no jet…

“‘Sup, I’m Alpha!” The figure calls out, he sees no one, so he starts beatboxing

“Go! Go! Go!!!” Zepar yelled to the others as he tried to move as fast as he possibly could to the ship.

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Actaeon looks at the drone,
“Yes you can be a help. Here’s a list of thing I want to know. Who brought me here? How long have I been here? How long until I recover? What happened? Can my mounted weapons be restored? are all the terrorcons off the ship? Is there anything I can do once I’m healed?”