Transformers: Salvation

There were, in fact, a few bots in this hangar. Requiem-IX had journeyed here to try and escape, but now they saw that they were too late. They stare curiously at the Autobot, unsure of what to do.

A harsh buzzing sound emanates from the drone.

“Error: too many queries,” it says in its pleasant tone. “Please ask one question at a time.”

Actaeon chuckles, though coughs in pain,
“I guess first…who brought me here?”

“You were brought here by five Decepticons,” the drone answers. “I’m sorry, but I cannot identify them from the Salvation’s crew manifest at this time.”

Actaeon eyes widen,
“Then I know who they were. Next question: How long have I been here?”

“You have been in stasis lock for nearly an hour,” the drone reports.

“What’s the estimate time until I recover?”
Actaeon seemed more than willing to do something.

“While you were in stasis,” the drone reports, “the damages to your systems sustained from Dark Energon exposure were treated, and you were decontaminated in a critical repair chamber. Your burns and damaged weapons have yet to be repaired, however. I can begin the necessary procedures now, if you’d like.”

Actaeon nods,
“Are all the terrorcons off this ship?”

“Accessing shipwide datanet…”

“…Reports indicate that the Salvation has broken free from the derelict Knight ship’s tractor beam and is currently retreating. The terrorcon and hostile Decepticon threats aboard the vessel have been largely neutralized.”

“Alert: the Cybertronian Fleetcarrier Salvation will be jumping to transwarp in approximately ten seconds. Brace yourself.”

Actaeon retorts sarcastically,
“Like I am able to. Last question, once I’m healed is there any recommended action that I can do in the mean time until further orders?”

GateCrasher transformes, and launches himself off of the hull of the ship towards the Salvation’s airlock,

The drone answers as best it could:

“The mission statement of the Cybertronian Fleetcarrier Salvation is: to recover the Omega Lock and save the life of Primus, delivering Autobots and Decepticons alike from oblivion.”

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Once all our heroes were aboard, Salvation peels out of orbit, the blue starlight slipping off her sandy hull as the haze around her intensifies. Bludgeon’s warships unleash a barrage of fire in a vain attempt to stop her, but the salvos are vaporized by the transwarp distortions. A bright white light flares from Salvation’s six engines, and in less than a second she accelerates to superluminal speeds, piercing through the fabric of reality and into transwarp space. The crew would feel a slight jolt, even as the inertial dampeners kick in to try and nullify the impact of the extreme force, and the jump produces a shockwave that rips the derelict Knight ship apart.

Salvation and her heroes had escaped yet again.


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Gatecrash walks into Facelift’s shop. “I need some help” he growls.

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Actaeon chuckles.
“Your cute, what I meant was an activity that I could do to help along the way. In a sense I was merely asking how I could be of service.”

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Zepar looked extremely exhausted and, immediately, went home to get some sleep and recharge his very depleted Energon levels.

Shadowraker found herself rather facinated by the orbital mandala of the 13 Primes on Zepar’s desk and just poked at it now and then as she watched the smaller spheres orbiting the larger central one.

The CLUTCH drone was plugged into a convenient wall port in Zepar’s apartment where it charged its systems from the wild adventure of the derelict.

Epsilon seemed to visibly relax when he felt the jolt that heralded their jump into Transwarp.

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SideStep sighed in relief as he walked into the Antillian Sunrise.
He slumped down in an open seat.

Facelift turns, and his singular eye lights up.

“Well!” he cheerfully exclaims, “Help is what I’m here for! A bit of profit-making and escape from unsavory characters, too, but mostly helping!”

“Professional recommendations suggest plenty of rest and avoidance of strenuous activities- such as heavy lifting or combat- for a minimum of four days,” the drone says. It was mainly programmed to assist in medical matters, and so Actaeon might have been asking questions that were somewhat beyond its function.

Grommet helps Sprocket to his feet- the two were likely going to sickbay to treat their wounds.

“I must go,” Shockwave says. “I will oversee the disposal of the Dark Energon and terrorcon remains.”

Little Iacon had suffered little new damage in the terrorcon/heretic attack. Indeed, efforts were still underway to repair the buildings damaged in the insecticon attack a few days earlier. Autobots, Decepticons, and neutrals wander about, some doing their part to assist in the repairs, while others went on other errands.

Halfrunner steps inside the Antillian Sunrise, a shallow cut scratched into his left shoulder. He and SideStep were the only ones in the bar, currently.

“Hey!” he says with a friendly wave. “Can I get you something?”

“Nah, just getting a breather.” SideStep replied.

Ooc: would there still be any effects of the dark energon?

Halfrunner nods.

“I get that,” he says. “That was a helluva fight we just went through.”

SideStep would still feel the effects of his Dark Energon contamination- he wasn’t getting any worse, but he wouldn’t be getting any better without a quick trip to sickbay.

SideStep chuckled and nodded.
“Man, that Dark Energon stuff really took a toll on me.” He said. He stood up. “Should probably get checked out. See you around.”