Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age

Two other gestalts, along with hundreds of soldiers from Junkion, Velocitron, and Hecate join him shortly.

“try to keep up,” he told the Gestalts

One deploys a rail cannon from his right forearm. The other draws a massive ax.

“show offs.”

The one with the rail cannon shrugs.

S.Steel chuckles,
“I have better aim than my age would say. Too bad I’m not going to let you guys go so soon. I was going to party and from the sound of things I’m going to need all the party I have.”
The other four stars activate and circle around and the fifth one joins them shortly. He states,
“Why do you think I have five of these?”
He draws his improved variant of a sonic sword. His wing pack extends,
“I’m your appetizer and I plan to fill you before the main course. You better not choke or you’ll be filled quicker than you see.”
Symphony Steel hovers off the ground,
“The last thing I did during that war, was sealing away my old friend. He was a predacon, I pray that he has a better time than what I’m going to have.”
The five stars fly off aiming for all the herald’s heads.

Neo-wreckers take the chance to jump off. For some reason, Asrar was carrying a giant sword. Soundrange goes into helicopter-mode and is ready to lay down support fire.

Windstripe sits in the dropship he was called to.

Stoneflow stays generally quiet and thinks about what to do when he got back to Junkion after the attacks

While Voltex is waiting

Jade was working back at Pax-Tech, working on her new project.
Her new project, is about taking on her brothers armor suit and upgrades it a bit.
And so she dose. She began to create the new suit.

Of course making it out of Nanotechnology and she combines it with a light-strong metal. Which will help him not to get killed by 10 blasters shot at the same time. But its not indestructible. She added a few teaks. 2 Plasma Energy Weapons, which have the ability to shot Semi-Auto Full-Auto and Incapacitate-Mode. And It had the original energy charging feature, which in contact with other beings, will explode into shockwaves. Which had 10 levels of explosion.

2 Energy Blades, 2 Shield, which have to modes, Solid-Mode and Energy-Mode.
Then she made foot busters to fly, and on the back and hands, making the wearer fly. The suit was done, the scientist asked what is the suit going to be called and she said very simple " Mark 2 Scar-Tiger " she made it so that the whole suit was stored in to one necklace, and with a single thought, the suit will appear. Jade was tiered and she sat down on her chair, and letting the computer work on some tweaks here and there, have better calms, left arm option display ect Mostly it was the boring stuff.

Jade: “Phew I am tiered right now, glad I could finish the suit, well almost…” She stopped and thought about her brother, wishing he was here. And she looked at the window and said “Whatever it is Brother, we will go through…together, like always…” She remembered one of there many missions they had together.

Voltex was waiting…and waiting…and waiting…

Haliaetus heads off the bridge, “I believe you can take it from here.”

One star strikes one of Infernocus’ horns, angering the combiner.

Another hits Ramjet, who simply reforms and cackles.

Yet another strikes Megabolt’s helmet, causing no damage.

The one meant for Nemesis disintegrates as the false Prime blocks it with the Dark Star Saber.

“That I can,” Glaive assures him.

He heads towards an opening to the outside

Flying bots were exiting the ship through all airlocks.

He dove out a airlock, transformered, and flies in front of the army before transforming back and pulling out his pike

Zipline yawns. He made up his mind to tell his story over the hundreds of bodies of zombies he would lay down later. “Vector Sigma… sounds like a fraternity home, wouldn’t you think?”

“What’s a fraternity home?” asks Cargo.

“Some Terran thing.”

“How do you know what it is?”

“I watch a lot of Earth shows in my free time, Carg.”

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The army awaits the herald’s arrival.

Sol was waiting in the shuttle with the vector sigma team

Symphony Steel sees that he has at least four bullets left and they did no damage. He spits,
“Well…scrap…that didn’t go over like planned…”
He lifts off the ground to get as much distance as he can.

The heralds turn and begin to sprint at superhuman (or, should I say, super- cybertronian?) speeds towards the Hydrax Plateau. Ramjet and Megabolt transform and take flight.

The cons we’re waiting

A bone-chilling collective shriek could be heard as the terrorcons in Iacon sprang into action, following the heralds. High in the night sky, the glow of the Dark Energon on the sparkchamber greatly increased in intensity.