Who should have a canon contest?

Woah there. I mean, I agree that there shouldn’t be a rule demanding the Toa Mangai to have Metru builds, but are you saying there should be a rule disallowing them to have Metru builds? Because if so, that’s just ridiculous.


I am not saying it should be there. All I mean if one of those were to happen, it would be the latter.
Do not misread please.

I don’t see why the latter would happen though. Like, ever.


TTV would only enforce metru builds for the Toa Mangai if enough of the community could get behind that, which is extremely unlikely. Banning metru builds is flat out impossible. Besides, I’m sure at least one metru build will do quite well in the Toa Mangai contests.

This is comparing apples and oranges and both will never happen. End of story.


Everyone’s talking about characters but I wouldn’t mind contents for other things such as the Staff of Artakha or art contests for other islands.

I’m mixed on characters with alternate forms, such as Turaga Jovan, Toa Dume, etc. It’s something the fandom has always wondered about, but then again, these alternate forms aren’t really important to the story, except maybe the Barraki.

got you covered fam


Honestly, I’d rather have contests for various creatures and artifacts than certain characters. The Staff of Artakha would be a good start, and I wish I thought of that earlier. I can see the Bota Magnan Vorox’s blasters getting canonized if there’s a contest for Kabrua, although I’ve almost always viewed them as these since they’re based on the same tech as the force blasters but not the same.
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I always like to headcanon that the differences in head shape are because some of them wear Doom Viper skulls as helmets. Reasoning:

  • We know that in-canon (thanks to Tobduk’s staff) that Doom Vipers have skulls.
  • We don’t know the island of origin for Doom Vipers, and it seems like a good pick for such a species
  • TSO has that same piece integrated in his armour. Of the four, Conjurer is the only one who doesn’t wear any, and he’s also the most oddball of the bunch in-story, so kind of makes sense.

I don’t think they’re too different to class as a single species. They’re no more diverse than, say, Toa are.

Metallic Hot-Pink Pouks incoming. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d actually be on board with this.

I’m kind of against this. By the metric of “did they appear in the story” - many didn’t. We know they must of had other forms, but the whole point of giving visual depictions to characters is to better visualise them in-context. WHen all we have from them is word-of-mouth tales for other characters, it doesn’t make sense that we should get those designs (at least, the way I see it).

There’s these things (basically Thornax launchers, but still) in the Core War panel for Mata-Nui sage that I always imagined being Force Blasters.

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I’m still waiting for all 35 of the remaining Rahskhi to get appearances :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Regarding Tren Krom, I thought the point of his appearance was that he was too horrifying to look without going insane, which is an eldritch quality that makes it fun to interpretate. Giving an actual appearance would sort of water him down because the moc won’t actually make us insane. Unless we’re going for a censored version of him.


Then I probably shouldn’t post my custom Tren Krom, since I went insane while building him :stuck_out_tongue:


And the award for funniest post I’ve heard all day goes to…


Matoran went insane after looking at Tren Krom because he is organical. They get sick when somebody eats using mouth you know. Also, when Brutaka and others saw him they haven’t went insane, so he is not that horrifying. But such a MOC should be something with eldritch/another-word-with-same-meaning-but-not-referimg-to-Kthulhu motives.


Please. I unironically want this.

And then maybe orange for Gakki, green for Kualus, and that metallic blue for Bomonga. But purple/pink Pouks is the important part.

The key is that the metallic colour cannot be a normal colour for that element. Like how gold is not a usual colour for Toa of Air.


I disagree. Imho, if Kualus doesn’t have metallic blue armour, or a neutral colored armour like silver or gunmetal, he won’t look like a toa of ice, but instead, a toa of air. Similarly, I think that Bomonga would look like a toa of water. Black and white are pretty neutral colors, so if their metallic armour color is of a color associated with a different element, I think that the character as a whole will look like a toa of that element.

Y’know, I actually won’t argue. I’d kind of like it too. :stuck_out_tongue:

For team metallic combos, I’d be happy to see:

  • All being either silver or gold (so 3 silver, 3 gold)
  • Bronze being introduced (making 2 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze)
  • Anything goes, as long as there are no double-ups (so they all get a unique colour, no silver and gold. Bonus points if one is bronze, but not really a deal breaker if they’re all wild colours)

I do think we’ll need to be a bit more careful with these two, because white/black are going to be easily affected by whatever other colour you pick and mixing the wrong thing could mislead the element more than some of the others. So that’s a good point.

Tbh that’s another argument for pink Pouks - he would look a bit like a walking geode. :stuck_out_tongue:
(oh no what have I done :stuck_out_tongue:)

We can probably get away with anything on Gaaki that doesn’t make her look like a toa of Psonics/Lightning.

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I guess I see what you’re saying about Bomonga, but I disagree about Kualus. I can’t see white as a filler colour. There is not a single set ever released with white as a filler colour. (I think? Any corrections?)

Whereas black has often been used as a filler colour, such as on the Toa Mata.

Still though, Bomonga will be primarily black. I, personally, couldn’t see that as a Toa of Water. Though the concern is there.

The thing with earth is that so many bright colours are already associated with it: Purple, orange, and tan are already Earth colours. Even green is already a fairly “Earthy” colour, so blue is really all that’s left.

EDIT: I’m stupid, red is a colour. Between Kualus and Bomonga, we still have blue, green, and red. Kulaus can’t have blue, or else he would just look like a standard Toa of Ice, and Bomonga should avoid green, since Toa of Earth already have green eyes. So maybe green for Kualus and red for Bomonga?

SECOND EDIT: Is red too similar to pink/purple?

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Well, Hahli Inika used white as her secondary color, but I’m not sure if that counts.

Yeah, that was intended to be a secondary colour.

(Which is stupid in its own right, but that’s a discussion for another time.)

I look at it this way: If you were to draw the character, freeing you from the limitations of physical part colours, would you include the colour?

Drawing Hahli Inika, the white would be included.

And, honestly, I’m not even sure anymore that black is a filler colour on the Toa Mata. I think it was an intentional tertiary colour.

Black axles would be a filler colour, but I think their black shoulders and hips are an actual colour choice. If I were to draw the Toa Mata, I would include those black shoulders and hips.

The problem with rainbow-metal rmor is that it needed to be paimted. Though there is no much gold in Bionicle G1 either.

I think that canonization contest for Morbuzakh and Karzahni (plant) would be cool. But, since they sre, well, plants, it would be quite hard (and interesting) to create them. So it might be just Art contests. In that case, Morbuzakh already has an art, and only Karzahni needs one.

I’d argue that the Hagah’s armour color is about as prominent as their “main” color, especially if they are using the metrutoran torso armour piece.

Assuming that Bomonga will follow the soft rules established by Iruini and Norik, he would look something like this:
I think that it’s too much blue

EDIT: August 2021: yeeaahh, I’ve changed my mound about this. I’ve changed my mind about a lot of things pertaining to the Hagah, actually. Bluemonga looks pretty good.

Matau had red eyes, whereas Iruini had orange eyes, so I don’t think that the Toa Hagah need to have matching eye colors with the Toa Metru. I personally don’t like how so many ice characters are given light blue eyes, while everyone else get’s unique contrasting eye colors.

btw, this is getting a little off-topic. Maybe we should discuss further on the g1 canon contest discussion topic?