#1: Storm Thrall (Biowave Project)

The Biowave Project: The Elemental Thralls

Hostile forces begin to stir on Valda Nui as powerful elemental creatures rise from the dark corners of the island, relentlessly and aggressively defending mysterious crystal obelisks.

Part 1: Storm Thrall

Concept art by @Ragdoll and Atlasavion

Prowling on the open oceans west of Valda Nui, the serpentine Storm Thrall preys on boats intruding on its territory, drawing power from the waters to generate devastating storms.

Story details will be highlighted in bold.


The Elemental Thralls take inspiration from the most iconic design features of both generations of Bionicle, especially from those of the 2001 Rahi, using unique aesthetics and functions while also providing a more clean and cohesive aesthetic.

Element: Water
Theme: Sea serpent
Main Adversary: Vhisola
Approximate Parts Count: 285 (not including stands)
Functions: Swinging tail segments, snapping jaw
Inspiration: Cahdok (head design)
Acknowledgements: Preliminary head design by @Gilahu


The Storm Thrall consists of repeating segments using Carapar shells, with fins attached to some.


The Storm Thrall features two functions: two swinging tail segments and a snapping jaw.

Check out the video below to see these functions in action:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, intro music by @Cazapar

Behind the Scenes

Click here for more behind the scenes images, including LDD models of the set.

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Next Time: The Wind Thrall

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this is like really cool, looking forward to seeing more

This looks fantastic!
But how many of those blue Carapar shells do you have?
I'm pretty sure they only came in one set.

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The Storm Thrall has eighteen of them in total.
They're pretty rare on Bricklink and altogether cost about 7 EUR :persevere:

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I really like functions and the overall design

It reminds me of this

Some parts are wonderfully well designed, but it becomes repetitive and boring the more you look at it.

Whet can I buy this? Colors are amazing. The cohesion is great too!

Ascetic seems to go very well, the small function works fine and hold some poses without the stand.

Nice to see more from this project. The shaping here is wonderfully executed, making nice use of the Carapar armor piece and those wings. It's head especially is well designed, flowing with the rest of the model aesthetically and sporting a function that prevents if from looking clunky.

I suspect if the blue Carapar shells weren't so rare and expensive, it would be pretty easy to build :stuck_out_tongue:

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Reminds me of the dragons from BotW. I like it.

Hey, it's a swim snake :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time: green fly bug :grinning:

Cool and good

I've been waiting for an update to this project. Was not disappointed. Good job!

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is beatifull!!! <3

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Finally! Looks right out of 2001. Really emits the feel of Bionicle. Not many Mocs can do that.

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Next one's up: http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/2-wind-thrall-biowave-project/36461

Out of all of them I’d argue this one look’s the least 2001y because of the large prefab armor pieces (That mold came out in 07 I believe)

Still a cool Rahi by it’s own merit however.