#3: Fenra, Toa of Iron (Biowave Project)

#The Biowave Project: The Toa Takha Rebuilt

Revived and upgraded, the Toa Takha have been tasked with retrieving the legendary Mask of Life, which once again poses an imminent threat to the Matoran. But a new Toa team shares the same mission, and neither one is willing to hand it over - not without a fight.

#Part 3: Fenra, Toa of Iron

Fenra: perhaps the last living Toa of Iron, but almost undeniably the strongest. With the power to transform his body into unbreakable steel, punching through walls comes as easily to him as beating down his enemies. Fenra is also a skilled crafter, and was responsible for rebuilding his fellow Toa following the destruction of Metru Nui.

See Fenra’s original build here.


The Toa Takha return in the latest installment in the Biowave Project’s series of sets. With more polished builds and distinct themes, these new Toa aim to improve upon the project’s original Toa building system.

Name: Fenra
Element: Iron
Theme: The Gunslinger / the Boxer
Weapons: Steelbolt Launcher, Fists of Steel
Main Adversary: Hafu
Approximate Parts Count: 315
Functions: Punching arms, rotating launcher
Acknowledgements: Promotional poster by @Xeros610

###Hafu vs. Fenra: Who Wins?

  • Fenra
  • Hafu
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Fenra is a strong and brutal fighter, and so takes on the theme of the Gunslinger / the Boxer. He uses his massive fists and custom Cordak blaster to quickly topple even the largest of foes.

Fenra can alternate between his two fist forms: namely his default fists (orange) and protosteel fists (gunmetal). The latter are his primary weapon.

Weapon Stored:

Check out the video below to see the set being built:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, music by @Cazapar


Fenra features two functions: punching arms and a rotating cannon.

Check out the video below to see these functions in action:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, music by @Cazapar

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###Favourite Toa So Far?

  • Avani, Toa of Light
  • Voli, Toa of Lightning
  • Fenra, Toa of Iron
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I really like this, but more brown would improve the colour scheme imo

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I think the arms should be a little bulkier. It just looks a little odd with the huge hands on the smaller Vahki legs. Also for the poll I just had to vote for Hafu. Can’t beat the ancient carvers.

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I love how goofy the weapon is

Maybe paint his shoulders and chest, but otherwise I think he’s perfect!

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This guy is epic, I love the amount of characters added with the exaggerated bulk. My biggest concern with bulky MOCs is their tendency to look clunky, but that’s thankfully not the case here. Everything flows nicely and feels consistent across- albeit the spiky feet do look a tad out of place for some reason.

The paint job looks a lot less glossy than prior, which works with the overall texturing.

Overall this is my favorite of the Toa Takha thus far.

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I really like this moc as it pulls off both the brute and mechanical look

:heart_eyes_cat:i love these mocs soon much

I would like to see him have more of a hunchback look. It was lost in the transition from mata version to this version. Otherwise, it looks pretty great.

I really like this, but I feel that he could have more orange. Also, somehow, the head almost seems too large for the body, which is strange. Regardless, good moc, can’t wait to see a group-shot.

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I am farely new to this Biowave thing, by OMG this is so cool! I like this whole thing and I want to get more into it!