A Few More Makuta

I’ve been sort of fixated on Makuta lately, to the point of making a catalogue so I can keep track of all the ones I’ve made so far. I’m not sure if I’ll ever make all 100, but I’m not ruling it out yet. In the meantime, here are a few more that I’ve made.

Makuta Taszeid

Gender: Male
Species: Makuta
Kanohi: Midnex, Great Mask of Psychokinesis
Pieces: 180

Makuta Taszeid was an opportunist. His actions were solely dictated by whatever he could get out of it. Of course, this meant that when Teridax called the convocation that forced the Brotherhood to choose between himself and Miserix, Taszeid chose Teridax. Though not one of the five treasonous Loyalists, Teridax knew from experience that Taszeid would not support the Plan and would gladly sabotage it if given the right motivation, so the new Leader of the Brotherhood attacked Taszeid and did things to his body and mind that makes the Loyalists’ deaths look merciful by comparison. With a garbled mind and difficulty simply standing up anymore, Teridax let Taszeid go free.

Now Taszeid wanders the world like a wounded animal, usually only acting on instinct. In fact, if it weren’t for the Makuta species’s recent evolution into antidermis gas–thus precluding them from the need to eat, sleep, or even breathe–Taszeid would’ve succumbed a long time ago. Rumor has it that he sometimes has fleeting moments of sanity in which he screams to the heavens calling for revenge on the Brotherhood Leader.

“Toa Asha”

Gender: Female
Species: Makuta (disguised as Toa of Lightning)
Kanohi: Huna, Great Mask of Concealment
Pieces: 93

“Toa Asha” has a reputation for being an…excitable Toa, to say the very least. She tends to charge into fights with reckless abandon and little regard for her own safety, sometimes producing a bigger-than-one-would-normally-like number of casualties but always producing amazing results, even against Consul R and her notorious Troop 11. Ask her publicly why she seems to go into every fight with a death wish and she’ll tell you she does it for the thrill of the hunt.

In truth, “Toa Asha” is just the disguise of Makuta Prevosa, one of the five Loyalists who sided with Miserix during the convocation in which Teridax declared himself the ruler. How she survived her torture and execution is a mystery, even to her. Could it have been a mistake on Teridax’s part? Some punishment of his, as if she’d been worse than the other Loyalists? Some divine mercy? Or just some dumb luck? However she did it, she considers her survival a curse. Every day, she lives in terrible pain and seeks conflict hoping an opponent can finally give her a good death.

Makuta Kalex

Gender: Male
Species: Makuta
Kanohi: Foren, Great Mask of Fusion (shapeshifted)
Pieces: 136

This a bit of an anticlimactic note to end on as I don’t actually have a story for Makuta Kalex. In my defense, there are supposed to be 100 of these guys, and that’s before any Neo-Makuta such as W. Oh well, better luck next time.


  • Taszeid’s build and character was inspired by Darth Maul during his rebirth in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Pre-altercation, he was probably like DJ from The Last Jedi.
  • The reason Teridax let Taszeid go instead of killing him as he does most loose ends is because during their altercation, the latter was practically left in a vegetative state. As far as Teridax was concerned, the threat had been removed. Why waste the effort?
  • Prevosa and her Toa alter ego are inspired by Ashera from Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Even the Toa’s name is just Ashera’s minus a couple letters.
  • I’m not sure I’ll create Prevosa’s original Makuta form, as it would be unwise to reveal herself where Teridax’s traitors could spot her.
  • Kalex’s build was originally going to take after the Zillo Beast from TCW, but that didn’t work out so well. Now I imagine him being sort of like General Grievous.

ah neat, the stories are all cool, i like the toa asha’s design, and i like the more bestial look of taszeid!


Taszeid looks really cool, the multi legged look is really unique.


Oh man, I really like Taszeid. The beastial look is really interesting because you don’t really see much Makuta that incorporate it effectively.

The other makuta are also decent too. A bit simple, yes, but still decent in their own rights.


Taszied is my favorite. He’s spoder


Makuta disguise as a toa. Interesting.


This is an idea I’ve used before with Makuta Minyak. Of course, Minyak disguises himself to make his job easier (and more interesting) while Provera disguises herself to protect herself.