BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First, Part 2 (Art) - By DSS-ForgeMasterCreations The "Kanohi Whakaaro" (outdated)

Hey guys, this is my submission for the art portion of the
Toa Helryx canonization contest, I started work on this mask
and custom Mace & Shield along with an bonus Short Sword
the moment I heard that the contest had been first announced,
I made a number of modifications to @TheUnderscoredDouble’s
build to better suit the mask such as increasing her height slightly and
along with that, giving her a straighter posture.

I have no idea if this build would even stay together without falling apart in real life so if any of you guys have more experience in that field, please do let me know.

As for the mask itself I tried to go for something that looks somewhat organic without veering to far to the side of the Toa Inika’s organic masks, as well as something that befits a Toa of water along with what looks closest to what a Mask of Psycometry might look like.

The actual model of the Mask looks slightly better than the one pictured here as I had to lower the model’s resolution so that would recognize it as a part.

With that I posit a name for the mask, The “Kanohi Whakaaro”, derived from the Maori word for mind, I’m open to suggestions for an alternative name if you guys have any but if not I’ll stick with this.

With all of that out of the way here below is an alternate build with weapons built similarly as to how Double would have made his.

You can see more photos in these Imgur galleries linked below.

Toa Helryx From Most Angles (With Action Poses)

Toa Helryx in Extra Action Poses (With my own Custom Shield & Mace + Extra Short Sword)

Toa Helryx’s Kanohi Whakaaro (Mask of Psycometry)

And below are the links to my mask, mace parts, and shield and short sword.

And below is the link to the model file for

This is the Version with weapons that closer resemble Double’s weapons.

And Below here is the version with my custom weapons, along with the model file below that will be the file for my parts which you can then import into your own program.


This looks really good, especially the mask. It looks like a shell I would find on the side of the beach.

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Thank you for entering. Unfortunately, we can not accept this entry as it:

  • Modifies the original creation to a noticeable extent.
  • Is simply a render, which is expressly disallowed in the rules of the art contest.
  • Uses more than the allowable amount of 3D printed pieces.

As it stands, this entry has been entirely disqualified.

We hope you understand, but please do not let this discourage you from entering in the future. Please re-read the contest rules before hand.

Thank you,



If I change it promptly, would it help?

I’d be more than happy to change them to something else

I didn’t see a rule in the art contest for 3d pieces needing to be less than 3.

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Ah, yup, my bad. Disregard that part.

Unfortunately, however, the other two rules still stand. In order to qualify, you would need to completely re-enter with something else. You won’t be able to just modify this, as it’s still a render and you’ve made significant modifications to the base design.


Ok will do.

Also just for future reference, does this mean that using for any of the art contests in future will not be allowed in any shape or form, and if so what would someone who isn’t very experienced in drawing at all do if they want to enter into the contest?

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I believe there is the option of also 3D modelling the entire entry (Like Galva’s entry, for example).
What would someone who isn’t very experienced do? Try to gain experience. As also stands with the Moc part of the contest, or any contest or creative work, etc. you only get good by doing. You just have to keep trying. Is it going to be the world’s masterpiece from the get-go? Doubtful, but everyone starts somewhere.
The only way to gain experience is to do it regardless of how much experience you have.


Hello Eljay
I’m DSS-ForgeMasterCreations mom
At this final stage of contest, please allow me to share with you, my son is Special Needs, never been to school. Entering this contest during the COVID-19 lockdown in our country was a great Feat for him. I’m not posting this to get sympathy votes. We, his parents have been reading your rules and regulations from Day 1, and guiding him. We have no 3D knowledge on designing. He did it all on his own from scratch. He entered the Mask, Mace & Shield according to the stipulated deadline. Then the designing of the Bionicle Helryx body, and submitted on time too. At this stage, when your good self should be viewing the Mask, Mace & Shield, you inform that my son is disqualified?
Please explain clearly what needs to be done, bcos your instructions seem to be ambiguous. It’s like he has to go back to the drawing board to redraw his Mask, Mace and Shield? Please say it’s not so…
My son has been a great follower of Greg Farshtey and he was so excited to be entering this contest, and the following contests to come.
Please guide us…are you saying at this stage, his figure, mask ,mace & shield need to be in outline form( drawing)?

Hi Carol! I’m Eljay’s partner in running this contest, and I helped create our rules and guidelines. I can do my best to explain the situation and provide some clarity.

First and foremost, your son deserves nothing but praise and encouragement for doing what he’s done. I completely understand the struggles of dealing with daily life during the COVID-19 lockdown, let alone having fun and pursuing creative projects like your son has done. You’ve done an exemplary job guiding him towards building a wonderful submission with some clever modifications to the winning creation, alongside some excellent custom weapons and a very creative mask. I’d like to apologize for any confusion that has resulted from the rules and I don’t want to let it discourage your son (or you, for that matter) from continuing on and participating in these contests with us.

In truth, I think the source of the confusion lies with the program. Back on June 22nd, your son posted his initial submission of his own unique MoC for this contest. That stage of the contest, where he was tasked with creating his own version of the Helryx character, was the only stage where the program can be used. Creating artwork based on the winning entry cannot be done in, and as such, that’s the primary reason why this entry has to unfortunately be disqualified. Additionally, the piece he uses to extend the neck of the figure, the gray pieces used on the shoulder, and the choice of gray tubing used on his model constitute significant structural alterations from the design of the winning entry, and as such, contribute to the issues.

Using to create original characters and enter the MoC portion of the contests that we hold is encouraged, and your son is welcome to continue to do that as he did before on June 22nd for all future characters! We love to see his creativity and self expression. However, if we wishes to enter artwork based on the winning entry of a MoC contest, that must be either artwork drawn as a physical sketch in real life, digital artwork drawn in an art program, or an entirely custom 3D model similar to how he modeled his mask and weapons.

An example of this would be this model, created by a user on these message boards named Galva. In this model, while the design of the winning MoC is used as a template, it is an entirely custom piece of artwork that was 3D modeled entirely from scratch. It isn’t the winning entry replicated in with the custom pieces attached, but rather a piece of artwork that stylizes and adapts the appearance of the winning entry into a unique form. If your son wishes to fully 3D rmodel and render the entire character, with some visual changes to the pieces similar to what Galva has done in order to change the appearance without changing the design, he is more than welcome to do that in the future!

Once again I’d like to apologize for the confusion, and I’d like to say that just because your son’s entry doesn’t follow the rules of the contest, that doesn’t mean it’s not really fantastic in its own right. To @DSS-ForgeMasterCreations, I want to tell you that this is really cool, and I love how you were able to adapt Double’s build into and add in your own custom pieces. It’s really awesome, and the creativity that you’ve put into your mask and weapons is exactly what the spirit of this contest is all about. I know it must be disappointing that this entry can’t be submitted, but please don’t stop creating, because your spirit is helping to keep BIONICLE alive. I look forward to seeing your entries in our next contests! :smiley:


Thank you for responding
I’ve a few questions…
1)has the results of the Mask, Mace and Shield been determined yet? If it has been determined, then he wouldnt need to incorporate his mace & shield.
2)The winning body of Helryx and the 3 items ( mask, mace & shield) has already been finalised?
3) if the way I see it from other entries, my son just needs to draw/ illustrate the winning Helryx body together with DSS creation of Mask, Mace & Shield…am I correct? As if its printed in the Bionicles comics ?
4) from my son’s understanding n interpretation ( n mine) was that at this final stage, he keeps as close to the winning entry but was allowed creative liberties…so now he cannot do any alterations, am I correct?
5) is he too late in submitting a corrected revised entry 'drawing/ illustration ’ ?
Thank you!

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As of now, the design of Helryx’s mask not yet been determined; only the character’s overall appearance (body) has been. DSS is free to use his own custom mask design in whatever piece of art he would like to create and resubmit.

As far as the mace and shield are concerned, it would be for the best if they followed the design of the winning creation rather than his custom pieces. If the winning model had used their own custom 3D modeled weapon and shield, he would be allowed to substitute his own custom designs. Since the winning model used weapons built out of existing LEGO pieces, however, he isn’t able to change them out for the art portion. I hope that makes sense.

You are correct in your interpretation; he needs to draw/illustrate the Helryx body combined with his mask as if it was from a comic, or just an art piece in general. There are many different styles people use, ranging from sketches, to colored drawings, to digital artwork. You can use other entries as a framework guide.

Both of your interpretations about creative liberties are correct; however, things such as adding pieces to the neck/shoulder area as your son did in the artwork entry are too significant of changes. For an example of what creative liberties are allowed, take a look at Galva’s entry that I linked in my previous reply, or for an example that references the more comic-like approach you’re speaking of, look at the following three entry links:




As you can see, these pieces of artwork don’t noticeably alter the structure of the winning body in any significant way, but they still allow for a plethora of artistic expression and creative liberties as far as alterations go. Your son is encouraged to use those entries as well as the other submissions as a point of inspiration for how to stay true to the winning model while still drawing parts differently to express his own interpretation of the character. Alternatively, in the future, if he wishes to create his art in the form of a 3D model like his custom mask and weapon designs, he can do that as well, and once again, you can use Galva’s entry (linked in my previous post) as an idea as to how you stay accurate to the base model while still being creative with the design of the pieces.

If your son would like to submit a corrected and revised entry, he is more than welcome to! The entry period does, however, close at 11:59 PM EDT.


Thank you
Will try to draw it out however best he can.
Strange…I thought initially your rules asked for Mask, Mace & Shield design. Unless we interpreted it wrongly. When in actual fact, your team doesnt seem to look into the Mace & shield design at all.
We thought you had asked for 2 portions in this Helryx contest 1st part - Mask, Mace & Shield Creation
2nd part - Helryx Body incorporating the 3 items.
Anyway…its okay (sigh)
Will see whether he can complete it in time

Btw is this acceptable or it need to be drawn too?



I’m sorry that there was so much confusion about the contest rules, I hope things will be made more clear for the upcoming contests.

For what it’s worth though, I think the pieces he made are very impressive :slightly_smiling_face:


I look forward to seeing what he comes up with! And yes, for clarification, the mask is the only thing that the art contest is permitted to change drastically from the base model. Weapons should remain consistent unless the creator of the winning MoC uses custom 3D printed pieces like your son’s. In that case, the artist would be allowed to swap them out for his own weapons in the artwork portion. Does that make sense?

Your son’s mask is also perfectly acceptable, and he’s more than welcome to still use that model to demonstrate the side and back views.


Thank you
Its 4.50am our time, DSS still wanted to submit, even though he knows his pales in comparison to others. His take is, it’s better his mask loses out on the fact that others are better, rather than it not be judged at all due to disqualification.


That’s definitely the right attitude! It’s attitudes like your son’s that keep this community alive and thriving. At the end of the day, the only reason we do these contests it to encourage creativity and expression. Everybody submitting creations and artwork, giving it their best efforts… it’s the whole reason we do this. So thank you to your whole family for participating and helping us keep BIONICLE alive. :smiley:

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:+1:thank you

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Hollywood-grade VFX artists constantly reuse models made by others, and the art is called kitbashing. I sense that some people, even on these forums maybe?, see it as kind of a “lazy” thing, but I personally think it gets too bad of a rap. is a little different, I admit, because you are literally replacing the pieces with other pieces sometimes. But I don’t understand why it shouldn’t be allowed to recreate the MOC completely, and then change the model with sculpting or modelling or something else. And adding details.

Much thanks to you guys for the encouragements and advice,I shall keep them in mind.

Thank you @Mesonak for taking the time to clarify things, much appreciated. :+1:

And I made a new revised post linked right below, do check it out. :+1:


Thank you LukasExamplar
This has been a totally new platform for my son DSS.
Appreciate your support n comments.
We as his parents, didnt want to discourage him when he first told us about this Bionicle creation contest. Although we didnt have much confidence that he could pull it off. He created everything from Zero knowledge. Through this contest, we saw a whole new other side of him. We were initially shocked then disappointed at first when we heard he was disqualified. But am glad to see my son springing forward and to complete the Race. Considering he has special needs and never really drew anything in his life before this. Haha I might have thrown in the towel.