Brickonicle- My Element Ideas [Characters]

Hello there!
For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jon Blue Fire.
I’ve discussed my thoughts on TTV’s G3 pitch, quite heavily I think, and feel that it is now necessary to put those ideas into action (in a way).
I just want to make sure that everyone knows this is my personal opinion. You are completely open to whatever thoughts you have, but do not direct hate towards me. Thank you.

The Number of Toa
I’m going to start off basic.
I 100% feel that there should be 6 toa on each team, and 6 toa as the main protagonists. We’ve scene this done right on several occasion (Bionicle, HF, Ninjago), so we know that it works, and can work again.
Another point is that there are, currently on TTV’s pitch, going to be 6 antagonists - remade versions of the dreaded Rahkshi. Considering these enemies and no longer swarm enemies, I feel it in necessary to have an equal amount on both sides of the conflict.

The Toa Mata
So since I stated there are going to keep 6 in a group, I’m starting off with the Six Toa Mata.
Now, I’m not going to lie; the way I colored these is really cringeworthy, but it works. So I don’t want to here criticism on the “artwork.” I want to hear the discussion of ideas.

Starting off, we have Tahu, toa of fire, Lewa Toa of Air, and Kopaka, toa of ice.

Tahu: Everyone’s pretty content with Tahu, so I just left him be. Color Scheme’s red and orange, but I added black (which, obviously, isn’t a necessity)
Lewa: I kept Lewa Air for two reasons. 1) He was originally air, so it’ll be a throwback to G1. 2) The element Air is utilized more in popular culture, rather than Jungle (which I will refer to as Plantlife). I get the reasoning behind keeping Lews the controller of plants, though, which is why I decided to add cyan to his color scheme. I feel it keeps the best of both worlds, and cyan (a blue-ish color) is more connected to Air/the sky than another shade of Green.
Kopaka: People are pretty cool with Kopaka, so I left him in his G2 color scheme white and light blue/clear light blue (Either blue can work)

Next, Pohatu, toa of stone, Gali, toa of water, and Onua, toa of earth

Pohatu: If it’s not evident His color scheme is supposed to be Silver and Brown. Although swapping the brown for dark-orange would work just as well. Now, I kept him as Stone (an issue which I will address with Onua) as I feel it makes sense. Pohatu would just control Rock, boulders, pebbles, etc.
**Gali:**People think Gali’s fine, as do I.
Onua: First, addressing his color scheme, Onua (and I think most people agree) should continue wearing the colors of black and purple. It’s more exciting than Black and gray, but still works for the character. Now onto the element. I personally believe that Earth Toa/Matoran should be associated with controling earth, that is, they should control the ground, the soil, the dust, the dirt, etc. While I realize this completely has no attachment to the color scheme, I don’t really think it matters - knowone really wants another brown character, and the only other thing Onua could control (that makes sense for toa of earth) would be gems and rubies (as evident with the “trans”-purple); however gems aren’t as natural as soil, so I think that straight up dirt would make more sense for an element.

Other Elements:
Here’s another big point of controversy in the topic, and I will do my best to explain my choices here. (Keep in mind, that these are all concept Element designs/colors).

Here are the other elements I would like to see- Iron (which I feel should be called Metal), Lightning, and Plasma (Which I feel should be referred to as Heat)

Metal: This element is pretty self-explanatory; The ability to bend/control ores and purified metal, along with probably alloys. While this may seem a bit overpowered, if the toa have a code (which is yet to be determined) it would allow for some restrictions. Color scheme’s up for debate, but I definitely feel that silver should be the primary color here. The secondary could range from orange, to gold, to copper, to brown… (I’m really not too sure).
Lightning: Most people like this element, so I’ve included it, but to keep it from getting confused with toa of ice, I’ve changed the color scheme to yellow and blue. Nothing much else to say here.
Heat: Here’s another element that underwent a lot of debate, and here’s my reasons why it should exist: Most people feel that plasma is too close to fire. My solution: Make it the element Heat. These beings would absorb and project heat; Fire and ice toa could no longer absorb heat or cool(?), respectively (Vakama absorbed heat when he fought the “dark version of himself” for those who want a canonical example). The color scheme, I feel, should be white with an accent color of trans-orange.

Even More Elements:
There were a lot of elements to choose from in order to get just three. Here’s some more ideas if I was able to include more in the poll.

Here are the elements of Magnetism, Speed (which I will call energy), and Plantlife

Magnetism: Honestly, I mainly just chose this element to fill up the blank space. (which is evident form the funny color scheme of silver, red, and blue). I would, actually, not like this element to be in G3. Magnetism in G1 had a dull color scheme; very close to earth and sound which added more dark and grittyness to the theme in terms of color. If magnetism were to be done again, It might work if the element of Earth was black and purple only. The main problem of this element would be it’s conflicting with the Element of Metal, as both could do the exact same things. One has to be cut, and I feel the brighter one looks nicer anyway.
Energy: Someone first suggested this in the G3 poll topic (I forgot who it was), and the more I think about it the more it would make sense. First of all, I’d be against adding mask powers to G3, for the toa at least. It would make keeping track of powers all the more easier. So now speed could be an official element. Second, since speed is the vibration of particles, the control of the vibrations could work as a power. But calling an Element “Speed” or “Vibrations” sounds wierd, so Toa of Energy came to be. (Plus speed deals with kinetic energy and all that).For the color scheme, I chose Red and Yellow, which, I was told by my 8th grade art teacher, make people uncomfortable and want to hurry up and leave. I’m not to sure if that’s true, but the Flash has those colors, so they must deal with Speed in one way or another.
Plant-Life: Calling and Element “Jungle”, or “The Green” sounds weird, so Toa of Plant-life it is. I tried making the color schemes different enough from that of Air; this element has more darker shades of green, but no blue.

The elements I’m not working with:
Magnetism: ^stated above.^
Sonics: Sound can’t exist without some medium to vibrate particles in- Air, or some other gas. And since we already have Air and Energy as elements (which are both brighter colors) this one should not exist.
**Gravity:**Gravity doesn’t really have a color scheme. And since other toa can lift/move their respective elements anyway, that only leaves gravitation pull to be altered, something vary close to magnetism, and other toa’s abilities.
Psionics: I’m kind of okay with this elements, but telekinesis is the lifting of anything (done by other toa with their element) , and telepathy isn’t an element, so I’m not working with this one.

Toa Kaita brought back:
I’m exhausted from typing so much, so I’ll just Copy and past what I posted on the G3 poll.
“Well, I believe someone of these Message Boards suggested it already, what if we could do this again, but have them in pairs? Or, better yet, make them not limited to only merging with select elements/individuals?
For example, Gali merges with Onua to create a Toa who controls Mud (like how Gali controls mud in '08, but it actually makes sense)
Gali could also merge with Tahu to create a Toa who controls Steam/Water Vapor.”

I forgot to say this above but I’m good with not having gender-specific elements

So, yeah. Those are my overly-thought out ideas. I hope that you consider them and don’t just neglect them immediately!
Thanks to those who actually read all of this!

Post 82, where I further flesh out my Ideas for the Toa Mata:
So I had an idea yesterday and put it into table format today:

So first I’ll explain the more interesting categories listed here.

Year One Colors is supposed to be the first seen colors of the toa-heroes; essentially, their main colors.
Year One Powers are what each toa controls upon them having these powers.
Year Two Added Colors are the colors added to them after their upgrade. Now, I know this upgrade is still being debated, but if it were to happen, these are colors that I would like to see added to the toa’s main colors, possibly in the form of prints and other small accent applications.
Year Two Added Powers are the powers added to the toa after their upgrade (if this will occur). They still have their main powers, but, as they have now gained strength, wisdom, etc., they now have added control over some, more obscure ranges of manipulation of their respective elements.

So, Now I’m going to go in depth on each individual.

**Tahu:**I’m pretty sure everyone agrees on Year One’s Powers and Colors. For year Two’s Powers, It’d just based on the fact that really really hot fire is blue, so Tahu now has control over hotter fire. Blue is also the reason the Dark Azure is in there for Year Two Colors.
Gali: Mata Blue and Metru Blue, shades of Blue for Year One. Powers consist of Water control. Year two is the addition of Orange to her color scheme (G2 had it, and orange complements blue in terms of color), as well as the added ability to control water currents. While I know this is more about physical force, than elemental manipulation well, not really, it does provide Gali with more control over her element, as she has now gained more experience with it.
**Kopaka:**I’m keeping him as Ice as I feel it appeals to the fandom, is different enough from water to differentiate the two, and adds a whole deal of character and personality to the main toa. 'Nuff said. So, in Year One, Kopaka literally controls Ice; he has no power over the cold or stopping raging blizzards. His Year One Colors are White and Dark Azzure. Now, Year Two gives Kopaka the ability to make the Temperature Cold Around Him and the manipulation over snow (so the added powers of a Toa of Frost, per-say). Year Two would also give him Yellow (to please those Kopaka lightning fans and @Political_Slime who wants one of the main characters to have yellow. Everyone’s happy) Metru Blue could be added instead, but it’s up for debate.
Lewa: As in my drawing above, Lewa’s Year One Colors will be Cyan and Light Green to represent Air as an element (Not Jungle Plant-Life). He could control the wind and glide on air currents if he wanted to (if he couldn’t just straight up fly). Year Two would give him White additions to his Color Scheme (to please the followers of @IllustriousVar 's white and green design), as well as the ability to control Air Pressure, which was a pretty cool concept stated by @Sepublic22 on the main debate topic for TTV’s G3 Elements. And Air pressure does make a lot of sense for a toa of Air, as an extended power.
**Onua:**So I’m just sticking with my thought’s over Onua controlling Topsoil for Year One. It’s literally what Earth is. A demonstration of such powers, thought of by @Matanui606, would be the, essentially, ‘flow’ of the soil by the Toa of Earth, as a Toa of Water would move Water. Beginning Colors would be Black and Purple (Brown is kind of an ugly color, and Lego has limited it highly, especially in Bionicle). While Purple has nothing to do with Dirt, it’s a cool Color, so why not include it. Year Two would see Onua expanding his connection with Dirt, with different types of ‘Soil.’ Yes, Clay isn’t exatly Dirt, but it isn’t exactly Stone, either, so I’d say it fits within Onua Powers. A more fitting extra ability, I think would be Decay; essentially the ability to make live plant matter Compost, and then control that COmpost (which is more like Dirt than Plants).
Pohatu: I’m keeping Pohatu Stone (Sorry Iron/Metal/Plant-life/Nature/Sand fans). Year One, we would see Pohatu controlling rocks, boulders, stones, etc. He would be Gray (to represent gray rocks) and Brunt Orange (to represent more sandstone colored rocks). Now, Year Two Pohatu could control Sand (So, actually, I’m not disappointing Sand fans), but it’s because Sand is really tiny rocks (which, in my opinion, makes more sense than having Sand as an actual element). Also in Year Two, Pohatu would add Tan to his color scheme (so, more Sand reference).


I really like the idea of magnetism and how it was used.


These are absolutely perfect. Well done, my good sir.

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My biggest issue with heat isn’t the element itself, it’s how people mistake plasma for “better fire.” Plasma is a real thing; it’s the fourth fundamental state of matter even, so yeah, not fire. If anything, lighting should be removed, as it is a form of plasma.


I would just stick Fire (stays Tahu), Water (stays Gali), Air (make it Pohatus element), Earth (Stays Onua), Metal (make it for Kopaka), and Wood (for Lewa). (its a nice blend of Western and Eastern elements)

Or we can just have Earth, Air, Water, and Lightning (or Plasma), that would be fun as well.


@BBricks Thank you! whether or not Magnetism is actually used in TTV’s G3 and despite my personal opinions, it definitely need some sort of color change!
@JediTimeLord824 Thank you very much!
@SammySpartan I addressed the same issue myself in the G3 poll topic. THe main reason I changed it to Heat would be that the other states of matter are not included. We have water, a liquid, as well as solids, ice and stone, but for some reason we don’t have a Toa of gas. And at the same time, we do have Toa of Plasma?
The main reason I changed it is so that it will avoid that “better fire” stereotype that Plasma has. Hopefully with Heat people will see more of a difference. IDK. In my opinion, it might work better, but who knows.
@TeslaEffect Your ideas for elements are your opinions, as are mine. It’s a pretty unique arrangement of elements which could be effective for a team, though it obviously depends on how well it’s handled. I’m just going to stick with the main elements as it’s comfortable and we’ve scene it work before. Interesting ideas, though!

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Keep the suggestions and different views coming!

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I like the idea of a Toa of Energy, especially if it was kinetic energy in general. It could kinda scoop up sound as well as having general kinetic abilities.

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Glad to see the Flash is participating in crossovers…


Breathing in that solid air alright?


@jayzor17 That’s what I was thinking as well!:grinning:
@Joe What can I say, it’s an unique power that makes sense as an element!
@Payinku Shoot. I guess I forgot that Air’s a gas.:stuck_out_tongue: (either way, there still aren’t the elements of liquid, solids, and gas, but we do have the fourth state of matter as an element. Hopefully changing Plasma to Heat will get rid of this little error)

Fun fact: you can’t quote spoiler text on mobile.

Changing plasma to heat won’t solve this problem for a number of reasons. For starters: unlike other states of matter, plasma isn’t generally differentiated by what element it is. Argon plasma and Hydrogen plasma are both just called “plasma.” Also, heat is a much broader term being that temperature is determined by the amount of kinetic energy in particals making “heat” effectively the same as “speed.”


This is the reason why I want to six with the original six elements.

I can’t really say anything here as a rebuttal, so I’m not going to even try.
Maybe it would work better changing “Speed/Energy” to “Motion” or perhaps “Kinetic Energy”?

I really don’t know. Obscure elements give me a headache.:disappointed:

@Matanui606 If it works better (You, @SammySpartan and @Payinku all seem as you know more about this type of science than I) Plasma could stay Plasma, and then, to include Lightning as well, have a Toa of Plasma merge with a Toa of Speed to create a Toa of Lightning to incorporate the Toa Kaita function.



I’d say make lightning and plasma the same, because lightning is plasma, and just choose one of them to be the name. I don’t understand why we are adding speed as an element. There is nothing elemental about speed, it’s a force. You could say the same about magnetism but there are elements that are naturally magnetic so it kinda works. Sorta. Ish. Speed was never an element in G1 or G2, it was however an established mask powers, which it works well as. I would suggest leaving it at that rather than trying to expand it into an element in it’s own right.

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Hmm rather like Gravity and Magnetism now that you bring it up

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Perhaps making Lightning Electricity, as it was done in Ninjago?
The main reason people, including myself, want to keep it is that it is a unique power. People usually don’t associate lightning and plasma together, even if they are the same. It’s evident in the difference that they are 2 separate elements in G1 (which is the Bionicle Team’s fault).
The reason I made Energy an element was 1) I’m against having mask powers in G3 as it makes keeping track of powers easier and it’s hard to have “mask searches” in minifigure scaled sets (especially with so many masks) and 2) If they have Energy as an element o=in Ninjago (Lloyd) they can have it in Bionicle as well.

Because recent Lego themes don’t have individually powered collectables.

Because recent Lego themes don’t have collectable quests.

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I know, that’s why I don’t want mask powers for G3

Nexo Knights year one- the books
Nexo Knights year two- the forbidden powers

Collectibles (Nuva Symbols, for example) could work for G3, but I just don’t want 42 masks to collect.

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Iiiiii think that was sarcasm.


But no “/s” was used.
(and either way, 42 masks is insane)