Gringat's Chibi Self-MOC Project #1

Rockho, self-MOC of @Rockho, suggested by @Cocoa and @Hafynx !
This guy’s the first of the next wave. Sorry it’s taken so long!
Rockho’s the first to have a launcher, and has a vahki mechanism built in for good measure.

Don’t forget you can still nominate new self-MOCs to enter into the hat to be built later. How much later I can’t say - this has been going on for a good long while now after all. Just remember you can’t nominate your own self-MOC. It has to be someone else from the community (not necessarily here on TTV) who I haven’t built yet as part of this project.


Jeez you scared me I almost thought that I got made… but anyways this is real nice :ok_hand:


I’m sure he’ll turn up eventually. :slight_smile:

I’ll hold you to that :smirk:

@Saxton and @jayfa need tributes

I’m familiar with Psithur and Jayfa, but for the sake of page layout thingies, putting them here too. Thanks!

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Do Echo @BrokenAxels self-moc could be cool.

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@UnJaguk @Tarkur @Toa_Vladin @Guymontag

Can’t do any of those without links or images or names, guys!


Oh sorry. Mine is Un’Jaguk, @Toa_Vladin’s is Toa Vladin, and @Guymontag’s is Aeron (the a and e in Aeron are merged, I just haven’t figured out how to do that with text).

@UnJaguk @Tarkur @Toa_Vladin @Guymontag

That’s not quite what I mean. Take a look at the rules up top;

EDIT: Didn’t mean to sound so severe here, but without keeping to these it’s gonna be absolute chaos. We’ve managed it for the best part of two years already.

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I just told you the name of mine because I was speaking for the three of us (@Guymontag, @Toa_Vladin, and myself) I’m sorry, and I will provide pictures of mine shortly

All right. I am sorry. I’ll try to get the links.

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This isn’t the best pictures of @BrokenAxels self moc but they were the only ones I found on the boards


@Tarkur’s Tarkur


@KAI_BORG’s self moc Tekan
Tekan - Toa of Shadow, unofficial (and reluctant) leader of the Misfits/Toa-Unknown


Posting your own versions isn’t cool either, and you can’t just assume I’ll know what you’re talking about.

The links and pictures are needed so I won’t have to deep search through the boards when the draw finally comes up, and so that other readers know what’s going on.

@Toa_Vladin Is this the right one? Toa Vladin, Toa Epsilon of Fire V1
And @UnJaguk I’m assuming this is the right version of yours? Un’Jugak V8, Toa Of Metal, and Yevzsinlok, Greatbeast of Xoriezeghia


Yes. That is my Vladin.

Actually @Guymontag provided the right version of mine. On behalf of all three of us (especially myself and @Guymontag as we’ve done the worst), I’m very sorry for all of this trouble sir, @Guymontag and @Toa_Vladin and I didn’t plan this well enough. Once again I’m sorry.


'tis fine, now it’s sorted. Though @UnJaguk @Toa_Vladin I still don’t have the entries you wanted to put in. Long as there’s a link to (or at least a picture of) the original, it should all work out.


Tekan, self-MOC of @KAI_BORG , suggested by @ItsFrostbyte and @Tarkur !
Tricky one, to get all the spikes and bits into a smaller form, though those giant hands of his were a great excuse to give a chibi fingers for once :wink:
Missing the actual mask of course, since I don’t paint parts.


Yes sir

Edit: here are the images you requested

@Guymontag’s Self M.O.C Aeron


@Toa_Vladin’s Self M.O.C Vladin

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